How to Improving your Written Communication

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How to Improving your Written Communication

How to Improving your Written Communication

Written Communication
Write better and communicate with ease using these tips
to improve your written expression. Most of us would go to
great lengths in school to research material for essays and
find suitable quotations to begin them with. (I personally
remember Photostatting an entire book, which had great
quotes given topic wise, so that I would never have to hunt
for one again.) When was the last time we read anything
that we did not need to?
In the course of our work we read letters, emails, reports,    
proposals, notices, meeting minutes and memos. Who
says we don't read anything. We do. We read a whole lot
of rubbish that we must know, but we don't read anything
that we could relax with. We don't pick up a book of
Robert Frost and decide to read a poem a day to
rejuvenate ourselves. We just about have time to manage
the cartoons in the newspaper!
So when there is no time to read what we would enjoy,  
where is the time to write anything? Again I suggest you
leave aside the business communication that you are
obliged to write and think when was the last time you
wrote a note to a loved one?

Remember those cards that we would fill out with personal
wishes for a friend on his birthday in school? The poem
we wrote for Ma on mother's day? You get my drift...don't
So here's what you can do to connect with your creative
side and improve your written communication.

Tip No # 1 - Maintain A Diary

The minute you start recording your thoughts in a diary
you feel like using different words. You make an effort for
it to be an interesting read. Especially if you plan to share
it with some close people or feel like converting it to your
 regularlymemoirs later in life. It will help you get started writing

Tip No # 2 - Write A Paragraph

It can be on any earthly (or otherwise heavenly) topic that 
interests you. Be as eloquent as you can but restrict
yourself to 300 words. Revise it as many times as you like
till you are satisfied that it conveys what you want to. It will
help you learn to be economical with your expression and
put across just what you mean.

Tip No # 3 - Dialogues for Stories

We hear jokes or anecdotes all the time. Try and pick one 
interesting one and write it out in dialogue form. Sort of
like a script for a skit. You can imagine enacting it out on
stage. This will help you use colloquial words that help you
express yourself better orally..

Tip No # 4 - Write to Your Friends and Family

Now be honest, when was the last time you wrote a good
old fashioned letter and posted it by snail mail  ?Rediscover the magic of hand written letters and
articulate emotions better.reconnect with your dear ones. It will also help you

Tip No # 5 - Write a Review

It can be for anything from a book you read, a restaurant
you visited, a tourist place you went to with the family,
anything at all. Grade the place in terms of how you
enjoyed it and what all could help improve the experience
It will help you think up creative solutions bedsides
improving your turn of phrase. You can also send it to a
magazine to be published.
I guess that's all I have for now. Will keep giving new
material soon enough. In the meanwhile get out those
pens and start writing.