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Pdf global stories - Download 10 best global stories pdf for free


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Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare pdf


Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare pdf William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is considered one of the greatest poets and writers, and one of the most prominent characters in international literature is not the most prominent of them at all. It is difficult to determine his genius with a specific standard from the criteria of literary criticism, even though his ruling that he put in the words of the personalities of his novels is immortal at all times. 

Shakespeare had its great impact on the etiquette of all nations at all, and all writers, poets and writers were influenced by all countries and in all ages, on the European continent and in the Americas and in other continents in the seventeenth century, the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century, especially, and otherwise From the centuries. As for Arabic literature, many writers were influenced by it, and most of his plays were translated, and presented in theater, cinema and radio.




The Taming of the Shrew,play by William Shakespeare pdf

 The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare -PDF
The play, The Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare, PDF. The playing play is one of the masterpieces of immortal world literature, by the great author William Shakespeare, of which a movie was quoted from Eve, and that novel deals with the nature of the volatile woman with which contradictions meet.

Like the beautiful hero of the novel Katherine, who, despite the tenderness of her features and the sweetness of her voice, they call her fierce because of her permanent emotion and her breaking of things, and her rejection of everyone who applies to marry her, but in the end he comes to taming the fierce. In the face of men's reluctance to apply to marry her, her father is forced to allocate a huge financial reward for those who ask for her hand and teach her head, so one of the rich merchants, which ignites her revolutionary, begins to start a series of funny situations that end with the happy marriage event.


The Merchant of Venice play William Shakespeare pdf


 The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare PDF Free download - Free  Books Mania 

The play of  The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare, "Pdf", "The Trader of the Venice" is another wonderful masterpiece of William Shakespeare, telling us its events in the city of Venice, which is a unique mixture of the feelings of nobility, loyalty and love for the friend and the husband, and a rare example of sacrifice and redemption, and a child of these noble feelings in the face of its contradictions of the abundance and vain With scarcity and the absence of conscience, the result of the eternal conflict between good and evil is the biggest proof of the strength of the first and the second humiliation. The writer represented all of this through the Jewish mirror “Shalok” who seeks revenge on a man who has reached the fulfillment that the proverbs became a racket, and the events intensify with the friend of this noble’s friend to save him.

The events of the Venice merchant’s novel in Vinica “Venice” in Italy. The greedy Jew “Shiluk” was a wealth of forbidden money .. He was lending people with obscene people .. The city of “Venice” was at the time one of the most famous commercial cities, and he lived There are many Christian merchants ... including a young merchant named "Antonio".

“Antonio” had a kind -hearted heart .. and he did not skimp on everyone who resorted to him to borrow without having received a usury or benefit. Therefore, the Jew “Shiluk” hated and harmed evil despite what he had with his hands of hypocrisy and fabricated respect.
And wherever he met "Antonio" and "Shilok", "Antonio" was violating and reprimanding him, and even spitting and accusing him of the cruelty of the heart and exploitation.


A farewell to arms Ernest Hemingway PDF

A Farewell to Arms (1932 film) - Wikipedia

The novel, A farewell to arms, Ernest Hemingway, PDF, in World War I, the American book (Ernest Hemingway) volunteered with the Italian Red Cross, and was injured, and while he was hospitalizing in a military hospital, it was sponsored by an Italian nurse called (Agnes Von Quarewski) and he loved her and loved him, and asked her hand for marriage, Film Accept it after returning to America, while the messages between them continued and published in the form of notes for (Ashnis).

Inspired by that experience (Hemingway) wrote his masterpiece (Goodbye, O Arms), which critics described as the best of what he wrote, and the writer manipulated the facts and its pleasure, Qusay himself about the course of events, authoring a interesting narrative story, teeming with events and drowning in detail, simulating the emotional feelings of man when it is aon. War and death on the one hand, and the love of survival and life on the other hand, moving between the battlefields and its background behind the background, the street, the café and the fool of love, so the image is completed in harmony with the event, adding a state of honesty and transparency in the atmosphere of the novel, but who knows the experience of the writer and the events that he went through in that period He will realize that he had leaked part of that experience, and on the basis of the architecture of his novel, which was resonated and not afraid of readers and the plot of literature.

The events of the novel tell about an American volunteer named Frederick Henry working in the Italian army on an ambulance during the First World War against the Austrians. Despite the calamities of the war, he fell in love Catherine ... He returned to the fighting front and after the defeat and retreat of the Italians accused everything that was on the front with betrayal and execution ... Flaf fleeing to Switzerland and Catherine and lived a life that was filled with happiness and lived in it Catherine of the mother of the birth, but unfortunately the fetus was dead and then Catherine was injured by bleeding and died



Oliver Twist Charles Dickens PDF


Oliver Twist Charles Dickens PDF

The story of "Olive
Twist" tells about this little child whose mother died immediately after his birth. The doctor noted that the mother did not wear a wedding ring, so he thought that the child was illegal, but this impression was just a hasty judgment on the young child, as it is the habit of Charles Dickens to surround mystery about his novels. As for his father, he died a few months after his birth.


 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens pdf


The story of the story of the cities of Charles Dickens pdf

The novel depicts the plight of the French working class under the brutal repression of French aristocracy during the years that led to the revolution, and the brutality that the revolutionaries practiced against the aristocrats in the early years of the revolution.



Hard Times by Charles Dickens PDF

One of the most important novels of the British writer Charles Dickens, and it is his tenth novel, was first published in 1854 AD. The writer describes English society as a manifestation of the social and economic pressures of that time. Dickens is considered a fine architectural artist in building the story sequenced in an orderly manner. This novel is different from the others for at least two reasons. The first is that it does not contain any image. The second is that the events of the novel do not take place either in London or its suburbs, as Dickens used to do, but in a fictional industrial city in the north of England called Cooktown.
The story takes place during the Industrial Revolution and deals with the love of money and substance that dominates Europe at this time. It tells about the father of “Gradgrind” who teaches his children the principle of pure reason, forgetting the heart and human emotions, which plunged them into social problems after that. Hard Times book by Charles Dickens

Wuthering Heights novel pdf

Wuthering Heights is the only novel by Emily Bronte. It was first published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. Her sister, Charlotte Bronte, made alterations to the second edition of the novel after Emily's death. The novel's name is taken from a manor in the Yorkshire Meadows, a historic town in Northern England (weathering in Yorkshire means fickle weather). This novel tells the story of the love and passion that reaches the point of possession between the heroine of the story, Catherine and Heathcliff, and how this frantic love leads to their destruction and the destruction of others around them.

The story begins with Mr. Lockwood, a new resident of Thrachcross Grange, a large house in the Yorkshire meadows, which he rented from Mr. Heathcliff, a place near Wuthering Heights. On the first day Mr. Lockwood spends the night at Heathcliff's House, he meets Heathcliff's daughter-in-law, Cathy, Hethcliffe's girlfriend, Catherine, and has a terrible dream: the ghost of Catherine Earnshaw, begging him to let him in. Mr. Lowwood asks the housekeeper, Mrs. Nelly Dean, and here begins the events of the story about the past thirty years through the words of the governess who lived with this family and saw its successive generations and knew their nature and was very close to them.


Novel PDF Love in the Time of Cholera