‎Unknown Person Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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‎Unknown Person Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎ Unknown Person Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

To see the explanation, watch the video

Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Fatima zohra Bensenouci

Fatima zohra Bensenouci3 months ago

O Lord, grant me the righteous husband and grant me the righteous one.

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 I shone

Shine 3 months ago

We want to explain the vision of Zagared in all situations

See the coffin

Seeing the moon in all its states

Seeing a peacock bathroom

Divorced seeing her engagement party

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 Queen lady

Queen lady3 months ago

I dreamed of a very very strange strange man with wide eyes and white clothes and my hands came from something and his language was alien to me

Because I was in a state of depression and my health was weak and I did not know what and at night this man came to me and from that night all the symptoms that I felt were gone

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 mhmd abu shakra

mhmd abu shakra4 months ago

( Science and faith )


I saw a beautiful strange man..the face of the skin was white with his eyes blue and plump .. He was putting one hand over the other..He appeared with a half body..and as if this person is above the ground..this has no legs..and I felt a great prestige towards him ... He said to me in a calm voice, ask and wish .. I told him: (I want knowledge) ... Then he said to me, ask and wish ... Then I said to him: (I want knowledge) Then he waited a little as if he carries wisdom and prudence in himself .. Then he said a third time, ask and wish. I told him (I want knowledge) and he said to me, I will give you a note and give you money ... So he took out a paper and wrote on it as mine, but he did not write a sum of money in it .. Then this person missed me for a long time ... He returned to take my knowledge and my money The one who gave it to me .. I ran away from him, sticking to my knowledge and money, and he was chasing me in an ancient antique area with a very narrow path .. He is chasing me and I run away with l

ightning speed until I found a big door ... It was a green door in the form of an arc .. Despite the introduction of this door there is no shame The airtight is in it .. He stands at his left with a guard carrying evil expressions in his face .. A dark brown with big eyes on his head wearing a green and white turban .. Not long or short .. As if he was ordered to prevent me from leaving this door .. He does not speak .. But

He prevents and attacks ... I stood in front of the door, confused, and the person who was chasing me almost managed to manage me ... I did not find in front of me except to speak to the door .. I told him to open ... open ... open ... until he opened and I flew up to the top and he chased me And the further I went away, the more I went up ... until I went to the ground and spent the paper that I had from a post where two young men and a girl named Shema were sitting. They took the paper from me and gave me money and then I went and I felt safe ... Sorry, my dream is long, even though I have shortened it to describe people He described the place ... I still remember this vision, even though it was 14 years ago ... This vision was after a request I was asking from the Mighty and Majestic of my son ... which is knowledge ... To God, letters would have come to me in my dreams if I had written a volume in them that was not enough for me ... These messages would teach me how to deal with my son ... and if I did no

t understand the meaning of the vision ... she would have a simpler vision of it ... that would give me the same meaning ... even. .. I learned and my son learned away from distress and violence ..... I do not want an explanation for her ... By God, I only mentioned it to benefit ...

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 Nounou Benaissa

Nounou Benaissa1 month ago

I dreamed of a strange man entering, I heard him bathing and washing in the shower and throwing water with force, he heard and I said to my husband who is in the bathroom we are already alone and when my husband opened the bathroom door we found a white man with his hair and his black beard wearing a bathrobe and went out quickly and we looked at him and thought him the king of death and I said how he entered and the door is closed

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 Umm Anas

Umm Anas 2 months ago

I dreamed of someone I know chasing me and wants to kill me with the blade

And I cried to the rescue and in the hands of his knife I want to defend myself, and when he approached me and caught me I hid the knife in the window and shouted to the rescue

Married and my daughter are married to the relatives of this person

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 Dougha and Toucheh, weird and distress

Dougha, Toucha, Weird, and Kerba 1 month ago

How useful your words are, God is forcing your thoughts to send me a dream ... Peace be upon you, and forcing you to send me a dream ... I saw a woman I do not know in a dream similar to my deceased mother and they accepted her cheeks and hugged them and said: You are like my mother and gave me two gifts, the first of which is a gift ribbon and the second is like red pods and a clear cloth they say ... and the woman has young children, one of whom appointed me ... He wanted me to marry ... I am married and my age

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 Aboud Al-Mahrouq

Aboud Al Mahrouk even 4 months ago

I saw in a dream a man say I am a good deed

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 Tmara. Tema sailh

Tmara. Tema sailh3 months ago

If more than a man is approximately 4 men and two camels, but one spoke to me in a regular voice, but he says that you cooked rice as if it was his quality without the good, so I answered this kind of experience to explain this dream and reward you with good

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 Fatima Nour

Fatima Nour 4 months ago

With this explanation, Catherine Wii witnessed the unified realization

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 Shimaa Ahmed

Shimaa Ahmed3 months ago

I dreamed that in a running person sitting in my bedroom with my children and behaving with them, he would clean up in the room with my son. I preferred to shake with him and hug him, and he wrapped him while he embraced me and said him. Why did I turn the room over and hold my phone and I was happy

I hope those who see my dream want to know the interpretation

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 hodaakam hodaakam

hodaakam hodaakam2 months ago

I am a widow, my age is 55, I saw a girl chasing me, the thief cools down, and with her two young men, but you cannot steal from me.

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 Gulf flower

Gulf Flower 3 weeks ago (edited)

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw seeing that an old man is strange and not adding. He calls that he be my uncle. And I tell him you do not bring me anything, and he is stuck with me. I hosted him to the house and entered the kitchen and prepared a plate of fruit and entered the shower, but he still does not add I told my mother and brother and they did not care about the matter so I went to the strange man and told him you say that you are my uncle so what is your name he said I do not have a name and he said it with fear and I told him you are not my uncle and I do not confess to you and expelled him from the house and I went to my mother and told her that I am proud of myself that I expelled him I told her that I am a strong girl * knowing that I am a girl and I am 14

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 Amr Mohamad

Amr Mohamad3 months ago

Most men are anxious and anxious about the future.

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 Ouahida Kadri

Ouahida Kadri1 month ago

Salam, professor, interpreting the symbol of a very short anonymous woman, like dwarves, skinny and spreading a towel of land on the fence of the doorstep. Thank you

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 Marim Ahmad

Marim Ahmad2 months ago

I saw a stranger catching me and wanted to implement me and when I was in danger he would come and save me, I was single

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 Soulimen Hal

Soulimen Hal3 months ago

You explain repeatedly, I don’t understand, it is possible to repeat the video without repetition, and thank you for your explanations.

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 Hend F

Hend F1 month ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh. I want to interpret a dream. Please allow a dream with strange men, but I know it, and it is very beautiful. It sends me religious videos, knowing that he is single, please explain the dream.

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 Varieties Sesame Mahmoud

Variety Sesame Mahmoud 2 months ago

In a dream, I saw a sick, sick man in my bedroom, vomiting on the floor, and he was in a granite on the street

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 ryukggn dgjjggg

ryukggn dgjjggg1 month ago

If I dreamed of embracing a man and that my husband and wife were looking up

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 Meriem Ahmed

Meriem Ahmed1 month ago

Peace be upon you, Professor. Please explain my dream. I saw in my dream that I am wandering around the market and buying goods while I am accompanied by a beautiful looking stranger. Please note that I am single. Please, my dear teacher, interpret my dream

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 basemah sy, Bassem Al-Daly

basemah sy Basma Al-Dili 1 month ago

I saw this strange person, but I know how to look, but I don't know where and what I want.

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 Serene Serona

Serene Serona 1 day ago

God willing, we will marry, Lord


 Aza Kodary Kodary

Aza Kodary Kodary1 month ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. After your permission, explain, I saw that in an Indian man at the age of fifty, his father is an old man, the father is praying and smiling. Silver, and I was very happy with the rosary, but I don't know. I tell my husband, what a six years I am married, and I have 5, 5 years old, because I hid it from my husband

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