Spider Islamic dream interpretation for Woman

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Spider Islamic dream interpretation for Woman

Spider Islamic dream interpretation for Woman

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chaib fatima

chaib fatima2 weeks ago

Sheikh please explain this dream.

I am engaged .

She saw my girlfriend, she was going to her house until she got out a spider for us, and my friend started screaming and saying, "Be careful, I didn't listen to her and she entered, but the spider did nothing."

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 Ziko Boum

Ziko Boum3 days ago

I was going in a jungle, there were a lot of bees and a small spider appeared, I killed it and a large spider appeared, and I hope I will answer

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 A O

A O10 months ago

The Sheikh said a large spider attack means enemies and he said in the end to get something big and good !!!

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 badr eddine

badr eddine2 weeks ago

I saw a large spider hanging at home inside a bowl ... Security interpretation please .... May God protect you and all of you

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 Khali Khalfi Khali

Khalan Khalfan Khali 1 week ago

Glory be to God the Great

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 Enough pain you love him

Kafe pain tormented him as a fan 1 year ago

Peace be upon you, O Sheikh, I saw in a dream I attack 3 spiders, one of them stung me and suddenly my body became red, I was allergic to me and I started screaming and slapping and beating on my face and then I remembered for you God is the turning of the cows and I said to them I accept but I recover from the bite of the spider and then bring me the turn of the cows and washed my face My feet and then I bathed with running water we add

 My body returned and I recovered completely, and there is no trace left for the bite, Sheikh

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 Kamel Cherifi

Kamel Cherifi1 month ago

Hey, she dreamed of many little spiders in my house that killed her all

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 Al Malek

Al Malek6 months ago

What is the interpretation of the spider bite, Sheikh and very thankful for the information

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Maria1 week ago

I dreamed that the roof of our house Chloe large and small spiders but not harmful

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 Mecca, you are my dream, Mecca

Mecca You are my dream Makkah 1 year ago

May God protect you, possible. WhatsApp number for this interpreter, may Allah reward you

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Mz2 months ago

I saw a very large and colorful spider that was chasing me and was able to enter the house and my brother was waiting for me and then the small size of the spider was grilled, and he attacked the house and we were able to kill him and my brother after many attempts

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 Hiba Sahara

Hiba Sahara1 month ago

I dreamed of spiders coming out of a leather takht with my bike and seeing them moving under the skin before they left and when they are leaving I throw them with the other hand away, and I am tired and cry and this dream dominated my thinking and I did not find an explanation for it

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 A flower of Moses

Moses Flower 10 months ago (edited)

I dreamed that it was in a spider on my left leg

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 Muhammad ABC

Mohamed ABC3 months ago

I was above my eye lashes, it was very small and no one else saw me

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 Yousif's mother

Umm Youssef 1 year ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I saw in a dream that I saw a light brown spider looking at me only and I wiped out my dream

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 humaid ALhammadi

humaid ALhammadi1 month ago

By God, his explanation for the mistake of the spider means a malevolent girl

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 Souf Kadija

Souf Kadija5 months ago

I dreamed that I would kill the spider

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 Zainb Zainb

Zainb Zainb9 months ago

O Sheikh I saw a spider coming out of my ear

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 Morad Toba

Morad Toba6 months ago

I am dreaming a complicated grill, which I dreamed of seeing many spiders of normal size, but I will see my father holding it and crushing it (with both hands) !!! I used to get used to it, but at one time I saw two giant spiders the size of football, when my father told them they had to turn without what he was thinking and the spider held his hand because he was used to. He crushed it with his hands in half. I wish someone knows the interpretation of this dream

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 Qasim Shalabi

Qasim Shalaby 8 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I see that it is a spider that falls on my head a lot of spiders