Pregnancy Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

القائمة الرئيسية


Pregnancy Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Pregnancy Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new



 Your mercy, Lord


Your mercy is one year ago


Do I find someone who prays for the Beloved, the Most Beloved, his God and his companions ????


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 Dr. Ali Al-Zuhairi


Dr. Ali Al-Zuhair, one year ago


O Allah, bless the Prophet Muhammad and his family


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 Esraa Mohammed


Esraa Mohammed a year ago


Peace be upon him, O Messenger of God


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 Abdul Razzaq bin Mohammed


Abdul Razzaq bin Muhammed, one year ago


I saw how


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 Sameer rugs


Sameer Carpets, one year ago


O Allah, bless the Prophet Muhammad and his family


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 dadau mimi


dadau mimi a year ago


3alihi alfe salte wa slme 3ala rasoule allhe


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 Zainab Al-Shammari


Zainab Al-Shamreq before one year


Mother of Mary Mother of Mary, pray to Muhammad and Muhammad


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 Mhsnslemo Slemo


Mhsnslemo Slemo a year ago


O Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Master Muhammad and our Master Muhammad


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 Abu Ahmad


Abu Ahmad, one year ago


@Esraa Mohammed ".. ع


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 Mohammed Al-Wahdani


Muhammad Al-Wahdani 11 months ago


Your mercy, Lord


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 Hammoudi Al-Iraqi Iraq


Hammoudi Al Iraq Iraq 11 months ago


Carefree peace be upon Muhammad. And Muhammad


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 Khadija Lalam


Khadija Lalam 11 months ago


I am all my dreams, children and pregnancy. By God, I am in great sadness, my brothers, my sisters, pray for me with offspring, my Lord.


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 sousou soumia


sousou soumia 11 months ago


Nchaleh rabi yafteha 3lik


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 Soso Soso


Soso Soso 10 months ago


You seek forgiveness and Surat Al-Baqara




 Amel Abbad


Amel Abbad 7 months ago


I know alone, I tried everything for 15 years, and the last time I tried cupping and paper. She and her husband, praise be to God, got pregnant and gave birth to a boy, God willing. And God is unspeakable.


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 Rasha Al-sameh


Rasha Al-sameh 7 months ago


May God bless you, good offspring




 Halima Bazid


Halima Bazid 7 months ago


Yarb orzo9ha wkol man 9al amin




 In front of me Hussein


Frontal Hussein, 6 months ago


@Amel Abbad Henw cupping and paper that I do not have offspring




 Adel Dahmani


Adel Dahmani 6 months ago


Amin, O Lord of the Worlds


 God bless and bless everyone deprived of Derya


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 Lila kazawi Kazawi


Lila kazawi Kazawi 6 months ago


Good offspring, Lord




 Farag Ahmed


Farag Ahmed 4 months ago






 Chama Chama


Chama Chama 4 months ago


Lah yfrhk




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 Benabdellah Lila


Benabdellah Lila 5 months ago


God willing, every late pregnancy, I dreamed that she is pregnant, her dream will come true, and she will become pregnant with the permission of the one Sunday. Amen.


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 the smell of roses


Fragrant leaves 11 months ago


O Lord, grant me the seed of the hall, O Lord, tell him, be, and he will be


Invite the strange invitation in response


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 Ahmed gafar


Ahmed gafar a year ago


Pray Ali Muhammad


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 Majda Houda


Majda Houda a year ago


Please invite me to recover and success in my next exams ...


 The curious call is responsive. May Allah reward you with good and fulfill all your aspirations.


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 jamal bachko


jamal bachko a year ago


All the dreamers said the dream about pregnancy, a good message and a dream, Zaina, except for the glory of your creation.


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 Mohamed Abo Elnour


Mohamed Abo Elnour 11 months ago (modified)


First, may Allah reward you


Secondly, I want you to interpret my dream


I dreamed of my fiancée, she was pregnant with me before I got into her crying while I was happy


What is the explanation, thank you


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 The light of faith


Noor Al-Aymen one year ago


Oh God, forgive my mercy and his mercy and I will be forgiven and enter it to heaven, Lord of the scholars, and for all the nations of the Muslims


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 Samar Lydia


Samar Lydia 3 days ago


Oh God, grant all of my opinion and give me like and subscribe to my channel


the health




Good marriage


Good offspring


Acceptance by all


An orderly career


And keep his parents and everyone he loves


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 Katy Kat


Katy Kat a year ago


Two weeks ago, I dreamed of myself four months pregnant and I did not want to become pregnant and also I did not want my family to know that I was pregnant and I told my husband not to tell them until my stomach grows up and then they know. I am married and I have a girl and a boy and I always have problems between me and Between my husband and I do not know why even I am far from his family and my family are in Algeria and I am in America. I wish my brother I call it calmness and calm and understanding.


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 The light of faith


Noor Al-Aymen one year ago


O God, peace and blessings of God be upon our master Muhammad, and upon his family and companions as all


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 Tear waiting for you


A tear waiting for you 6 months ago


Have mercy on my father, may God have mercy on him, with his wide mercy


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 Fathima Fathu


Fathima Fathu 11 months ago


I am in a dream day that I am carrying something 3 times, and God is great. On the day I rose up in the morning and asked my husband, I must from a pharmacy to test a pregnancy. By God, I found myself pregnant and trusted. I went to a doctor. My husband told me your wife has a pregnancy with him for 9 weeks, and I was happy until sleep. I didn’t sleep. ����������


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 Allouch Amina


Allouch Amina 10 months ago


Oh God, do not bear what we have no energy in, and forgive us and forgive us and have mercy on us, for you have mercy on the merciful .. illiterate


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 The light of faith


Noor Al-Aymen one year ago


For charity




1- Charity is one of the gates of Paradise.




2- Charity is the best righteous deed and the best charity is food.




3- Charity remains its owner on the Day of Resurrection, and its owner is removed from the fire.




4- Charity extinguishes the wrath of the Lord and liberates the graves.




5- Charity is the best that guides the deceased


And the most beneficial for him, and God Almighty educates.




6- Charity is purification, purification of the soul and duplication of good deeds.




7 - Charity is the reason for the pleasure of Al-Motassadeq and his fresh face on the Day of Resurrection.




8- Charity is safe from fear on the day of the greatest fear and not to be sad about what has passed




9- Charity is a reason to forgive sins and atone for bad deeds.




10 - Charity is a preacher of a good end and a reason to pray the angels.




11 - Almsadeq from the choice of people and charity reward for all who participated in it.




12 - His charity promises great good and great reward.




13 - Spends are qualities of the righteous and charity, a reason for the love of God's servants for the charity




14- Charity is a sign of generosity and a sign of generosity and generosity.




15- Charity is a reason for responding to the call and distress.




16 - Charity pays misfortune and seventy doors of badness in the world.




17- Charity increases in age, increases in money and causes livelihood and victory.




18- Charity is a cure, medicine, and recovery.




19- Charity prevents burning, drowning, and stealing, and prevents bad death.




20- Charity is given fixed wages, even if it is on beasts or birds.


Read more


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 Al amal Almountader


Al amal Almountader a year ago


This episode talks about me, Glory be to God, because I am late in pregnancy, and I always dream that I am pregnant or someone tells me that you are pregnant.


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 Hadeer Hadee


Hadeer Hadee a year ago


I dreamed that I am pregnant with a boy and plays in my stomach, but I have two daughters, Tom and a boy playing a lot in my stomach and they had four months in my stomach. Please explain the dream.


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 Adas Adb


Adas Adb 10 months ago


May God grant you success in marrying me, with the grace of Muhammed, and the God of Muhammed!


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 Amina Tipaza


Amina Tipaza 11 months ago


Praise be to God, Lord, I am single, and I dreamed that I was pregnant in the month 9 and it is true that I have problems with my fiancée, God willing, these problems will be removed.


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 Chirine Bekhouche


Chirine Bekhouche a year ago


I ask forgiveness from the Almighty God, who has no god but the living and resurrected and I repent to Him


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 Israee Sabir


Israee Sabir a month ago


Peace be upon you, my friend is married to you, and she dreamed that she had seen me in a dream that I went to her home and told her that I was pregnant, then we did an analysis at home after we came from the pharmacy and we confirmed that the pregnancy is correct and you say that she saw me frighteningly from pregnancy, especially because I am not married, and it is important to me that I am pregnant and said that she was my Shivani wearing very sweet clothes My face is very bright, thank you


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 basmalla 2


basmalla 2 a day ago


I am a single girl, I dreamed that I was pregnant with my lover, but I was in the first months because my stomach was not large. I hope that you will explain this dream to me.




 Nada Pada


Nada Pada a year ago


Yá chayg 3indi bint ta3bana sihiyan wazaj lam yatim jawini yachig chokran


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 MorocCash Nourdin


MorocCash Nourdin a year ago (modified)


About 4 years ago i deamt a very strange dream. It happend right after fajr prayer in the month of holy ramadan: I was in a medium sized room. This room was filled with men. Only men. Right after i asked myself whats happening, a guy told me to recite the quran. Then i said him i cant, because i dont memorize it. Then he told me again to recite. So i began to recite with a very beautiful voice. Right after i finished, everyone shoutet allahu akbar 3 times. Then we got out of the room and i realized we were in Al Quds City. Then a big one eyes man came towards us. We began to fight him. And Alhamdulilah we killed him. Then right after we killed him i was dying. Then the dream was finished but subhanallah i got woked up by a hen. (Was never woke up by a hen in my whole life)


Barakallahu feek!


I asked 5 shouyoukh about this dream and none wanted to explain it.