‎‎ Police Uniform‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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‎‎ Police Uniform‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎ Police Uniform‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎ Police Uniform‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel
These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

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ISOF GOLD 2 months ago (2)

Hey girl group, to a married woman, and she shows that she is breastfeeding a child. This means that she is coming to a marriage. I tell you about an experience. I saw myself with a baby and got married a week later.


 adnan & asil

adnan & asil 3 months ago

I dreamed that I was with the son of my friend and the mother of my predecessor. I entered the house, asking me about the boy. This is my son. I told him this is Saleem’s son. My friend is a child. I asked her who was this. She said the son of her daughter to my predecessor.


 The happiest Sg Rj

Happiest Sg Rj a month ago

I saw a child, but with a man, a woman, a mother, a woman, or a woman other than his mother. I do not know, and one is next to the woman to play with him.


 Aldjia Azzoug

Aldjia Azzoug 3 months ago

Ana hemet ani lebeset silsila min fidha fiha moftah, yeqolou anaho hamle, bas mani hamil, Badi ahmal id3ouli ahemel bidhoriyatin saliha, Allah yejazikoum khir.


 Dew diameter nid

Dew diameter nid 8 months ago

I saw a baby carrier, I was divorced, but he was crying for the baby I was carrying


 Ahmed Alsyed

Ahmed Al-Sayed 9 months ago

I would have dreamed of a boy, a girl, and an intercourse. The girl was in the house. He was in a baby in front of the door.

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 Home country

The arrival home 3 weeks ago

I don’t feel that explanation is true


 Jojo Jon

Jojo Jon 8 months ago

Money and children are adorned with this worldly life .... How do children see it not good


 Elias Ashraf

Elias Ashraf, one month ago

I was pregnant and dreamed that I was carrying a baby and breastfeeding it, and unfortunately, I had a miscarriage a few days after the dream


 Afra Dens

Afra Dens 5 months ago

I, my dear brother, are single, and there is someone who asked me, younger than me, who is alien to me, but I did not die the sermon, because they were in difficult circumstances and circumstances.


 Marah Marah

Marah Marah 10 months ago

I dreamed of a girl and that her name is king and gave birth to a girl but they told me that the name of a king is forbidden


 ali baba

ali baba 8 months ago

Seeing a girl


 redo 7mdan

redo 7mdan 10 months ago

My friend is in Umrah and dreamed of a dream that she saw a baby boy in ihram clothing and his face was Nour and she called on my sister she said this is my son Muhammad my sister is married for 4 years and she has not given birth


 Nnnn Ali

Nnnn Ali 5 months ago

I am pregnant and my husband is wonderful in a dream born a male face, fat and white, and regular beauty


 statuts whats

statuts whats 8 months ago

I am single and I dreamed that I was like a young child and laughing and really in someone who wants to marry me and there is no relationship that brings us together, I mean, he wants to marry me without having a forbidden relationship between us, I mean, this person may want to hurt me, I know all his family are good people �� I read the interpretation of Ibn Sirin, I met Anu Fall Khair


 Reda Abogamil

Reda Abogamil 3 months ago

I dreamed of a child born today, but I left it in a dream and returned it again, and I was on a travel path, and my travel was not completed, what is its interpretation, please .. Something happened that made me feel up after what I woke up. Is this his interpretation or not?


 light light

Nour Nour two weeks ago (2)

O Sheikh, I dreamed that I was a shail, a boy, and in a woman I took it from me, I was divorced, I was engaged, I told the dream, my fiancé said that it is possible that he dies, I do not know, and after that I dreamed that I was a boy and a girl, that I had brought them and the life of your beloved Prophet, O Sheikh, he answered me and Explain the meaning of this dream, its frankly


 Dew breeze dew

Dew breeze dew a month ago


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 A rose and a rose

Rose rose 8 months ago

It is all a lie that I dreamed of giving birth to a girl and I was pregnant and gave birth to a girl and now that I am pregnant and dreaming that I have a son


 Mero Maryoma

Mero Maryoma 10 months ago

I dreamed of, Sheikh, that I drunk with honey, black, please, interpretation, dream, I honored


 Ahmed Amr

Ahmed Omar, before 4 months

My sister dreamed of a beautiful little girl, and two weeks later, I dreamed of a brown girl crying, bigotry, and raised, and told her this is my daughter, what is the interpretation of the two dreams, please reply thank you

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 Mohammed Marwa

Marwa Muhamad 2 months ago (2)

I am with me a boy and a girl and I am not pregnant, but I dreamed that I had left a girl and my mother saying that we will call her Nour


 Lina amato

Lina amato 5 months ago

omi halamat bi tafl ou anjabat tefl


 Zahra Hilali

Zahra Hilali 6 months ago

Slm mrat khoya halmat bia walt bint watha lia mara


 Abeer Shazli

Abeer Shazli 10 months ago

If you see a child and sell a little, he drowns and dies


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 Halim Brairia

Halim Brairia 2 months ago (2)

I dreamed of a woman who entered with her and she is her name Fatima and knowing that I know her and her daughters, but I fixed on one of her daughters and she was 15 years old and I tell them Chloe what is called with us a honeyed badger and then I did not understand anything I would like an explanation please


 mohamed choulli

mohamed choulli 8 months ago

Each bounce


 Mervat Iklil

Mervat Iklil 10 months ago

I dreamed of protecting the deceased. My husband washed in the bedroom in our bed, and I wanted to wash a parent with her, but I was sleepy and frightened, but I wanted to protect her, but then the white shroud


 Nawwana Al-Anzi

Nawwana Al-Enezi 7 months ago

This is such a falsehood, so is everything. He has the evil of my enemy's enemy.


 His last pleasure

Sidra ended 5 months ago

My brother is entering my new ninth month, and I dreamed that my husband is close, she has a very beautiful male child .....


 Desperately hope

The next urgent 4 months

I am 14 years old, and I always dream about a child who bimsho and makes me laugh, and I always hold them and play with them except for one child. Amr was approximately 9 years old, and I didn’t want to play together, and I did not play together.


 musabb deutsche

musabb deutsche 6 months ago

I saw three children and they were moving with a ship or a big place, and a big door opened and a sea appeared and I ran and I saved them, I did not descend my world because they did not explain. May God reward you.


 asem asem

asem asem 4 months ago

I am pregnant with a fourth month and I dreamed that I gave birth to a son and started to settle a device to know the type of fetus

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 Mohammed Shaban

Muhammad Shaban 10 months ago

Interpretation of a dream about a child breastfeeding from a girl who is not married. Interpretation of it. The first child was breastfeeding. The second child was not breastfeeding.


 Ilham Ilham

Important inspiration 10 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw in a dream that a strange child is in my bedroom, knowing that I am married, and I have a seven-month-old baby, knowing that this was a child whom I saw was a birth and had two paths in his pictures. God bless you



ᎠᎬᏁᎯ ᏅᏌᎬᎬᏁ 8 months ago

Actually, it is true that I am single.