‎‎Mountain Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

القائمة الرئيسية


‎‎Mountain Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎Mountain Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Mohammed Assaf

Mohamed Assaf 6 months ago

I dreamed that I had seen a mountain, but there was no small mountain when he was crying, and I said, Glory be to God, a mountain crying

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 Abdullah Abdullah Omar

Abdullah Abdullah Omar 11 months ago

Tired of you

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 girnyf9rvkf Mohamad

girnyf9rvkf Mohamad1 month ago

I saw in a dream that I am in a cave in which Sawwar and the French attack on them and hold the bracelet and singulate them and grow old on their heads and suddenly the mountain rains over their heads and we were searching with the spies we saw their leader just came and the voice of the sirens came from the mountain


O Allah, bless our Prophet Muhammad

O Allah, blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad 3 years ago

O Allah, bless our Prophet Muhammad

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 Nazir Khooja

Nazir Khooja1 year ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God .

The reason for the fall of the mountain in a dream ..

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 Soffi Azer

Soffi Azer2 years ago

I dreamed that I was at the top of the mountain, my mother, my sister, and my sister's son, and I was reciting, and if this Qur’an came to me on a mountain, I would see him as humbled and cracked from the fear of the mountain. To explain it to me, God bless you

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 Fawaz Qaymar

Fawaz Qaymar 1 week ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Oh I was a resident of Medina and then I was transferred to Makkah and then in a dream period that I went up the mountain of Uhud with my mother and then I carried rocks from Uhud mountain and took her to my mother's house Is there a meaning in my dream


 Passionate lover and red rose

Tranny Passion Red Rose 1 year ago

I saw a vision in a dream. Be free. I want to cross to make me drag my uncle with a rope. Help me. Explain this vision.

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 Dalya #

Dalya # 2 years ago

Pray on the Prophet, release

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 Ahmad Ahmad

Ahmad Ahmad3 years ago

Peace be upon you, I saw in a dream that I ascend a high mountain in Jadin, and the mountain's sand is retreating backwards, and someone behind me was helping me and carrying me in order to ascend, but I did not see a face and many of us climbed to the degree that if we did not see anything behind us, we dug in this mountain and slept

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SKRDO3 years ago

I dreamed that I was on a very high mountain and under water, rivers and trees


 Joan, mother of googles

Joan Umm Al Jooj 3 years ago


I dreamed of the mountains being destroyed, and I was running. I was afraid. Tricks could explain my dream. May God reward you

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 Nazeeh Hee

Nazeh is 2 years ago

Joan Umm Al-Goog dreamed like Halajj ...

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 Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim 1 year ago

It is they



KING BASS8 months ago

Do you say other than the truth or insult God this interpretation of the dream and God knows best he says and the mountains fall behind this


 Omar Omar

Omar Omar3 years ago

I dreamed of a green mountain and I said Glory be to God


 Sahar Kareem

Sahar Kareem5 months ago

May Allah reward you


 Asttrf Ffhg

Asttrf Ffhg6 months ago



 No Sheikh, how are you?

No Sheikh on your way 3 years ago

Peace, I saw that I lived inside the mountain


 Hoda eyes

Hoda Al-Ayen 2 years ago (edited)

I dreamed that I was climbing a mountain of snow..what was the interpretation of?


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 Quietly bothered them

Quietly bothered them 2 years ago

Rasha Dirawi The same dream can be explained


 chanel Bim

chanel Bim1 month ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh. Please, can you explain a vision for my mother, please reply


 Mahmoud Mahmoud

Mahmoud Mahmoud 2 years ago

Hello, I see her looking up on the mountain, my brother and my aunt's daughter


 Hiba hiba

Hiba hiba3 years ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

I dreamed that I was a passenger in a plane, and a pilot landed on the side of Uhud Mountain


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 Mohammed bin Abdullah

Muhammad Bin Abdullah 11 months ago



 Walid bin Ashour

Walid Bin Ashour 3 years ago

Peace be upon you, I see that I am going for a trip to the mountain and find great views of flowers and people playing in it and the heads of the mountains in them snow, knowing that I live in a semi-desert region and married, and I do not have children This is a repeated dream for me please reply


 Gog is the source of the feeling

Gogh Spring Sense 2 years ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed that I am in the market for my sister and I, and I chose me to wear a blouse and a short skirt, all black. The price for me and my sister to run on the mountain on the wit, the clothes were blown out, but I went up the mountain and came down 4 times, and I am sick and touched and held psychologically.


 Support bond

Al Hinai Bond 1 month ago

I pray for my hair to fall out and grow long


 Fatima Al-Salahi

Fatima Al Salahi 3 years ago

I saw that I was in a mountain whose name was Jabal Al-Ankabut, and it was in a 12-year-old girl, dead, cut, frozen, and then he was in a voice frying all before night so that someone could explain to me the dream

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 Meera Almuhairi

Meera Almuhairi1 year ago

I Sheikh dreamed of a mountain of brown color, and I saw a group of men on a mountain, and I was not among them ... I am single


 Moha Hama

Moha Hama1 month ago

I saw that I was. Get on the bus and. The bus goes up the mountain, please explain


 Muhammad Sharif

Mohammed Al Sharif 2 months ago

I dreamed that two mountains are two mountains before me


 Heaven heaven

Naima Naima 1 year ago

I don't understand, raise it


 Passionate lover and red rose

Tranny Passion Red Rose 1 year ago

Please tell my dream


 Poor for the forgiveness of her Lord

Poor for the forgiveness of her Lord 3 years ago

Peace be upon you, I saw a mountain crumbling, rocks and stones heading towards our house, the scene was frightening and in the same dream there were many women and their shoes were stacked so I took a shoe and I noticed that I had no one and I looked for my shoes because it was new so I carried it, then I saw myself washing a little girl and I was also washing, that was One dream, is there an explanation, may God bless you?


 Sultan of the Orchid

Sultan Al Sahlah 1 year ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh. I dreamed that I was walking along a path that I do not know, but the road was long and clear, and it was in two mountains. Suddenly, the first mountain moved and then the mountain spoke to me and there was a tree in the edge of the mountain that is more dangerous.


 Rahim DZ Rahim DZ

Rahim DZ Rahim DZ3 years ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh. In a dream, I and two of my siblings saw me standing on a mountain, drank water, and then we went down


 Slamcom Slama

Slamcom Slama2 years ago

There is an interpreter, Sheikh Thamer. He said: "I am not sure about it alone. I said to him, I mean disobedience, and I think the minds are correct, because when Noah said to his son, my son, I will ride with us."

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 Mohamed al-Hamwi

Mohamed Al Hamwi 2 years ago

In a dream, I saw the water coming out from behind the mountains like waves