‎‎Mosque Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

القائمة الرئيسية


‎‎Mosque Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎Mosque Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

aya zahran

aya zahran4 weeks ago

God reward you

Dear brother

I dreamed that the mosques opened and we prayed the first day of Tarawih prayer and we were very happy

What is the interpretation? Please reply to God

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 Muhammad Ali Saleha

Muhammad Ali Saleha3 months ago

I see in a dream that I enter the mosque and I have not been able to pray frequently. With me several years ago it is repeated with the difference in the mosque every time.

God, explain this to me

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 Ali Jassim

Ali Jasim 4 months ago

My husband and I dreamed, we went to a mosque to hear the Qur’an. They were all men in the crowd. I was embarrassed. I used to give myself to my husband. I hope the interpretation of my Sheikh.

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 Habib Jeguirim

Habib Jeguirim1 month ago

A dream in Al-Bait Al-Mukarrama. Wayne Yatufu took three gold niches and died


 Nona Nona

Nona Nona4 months ago

Peace be upon you, Doctor. I hope that you answer me. I dreamed that I prayed in the mosque and my wife was talking to a strange man. What is his interpretation? Please reply, please. Thank you.

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 Free dove

Free Pigeon 1 month ago

Peace and mercy of God.

For years I have seen that I am in a mosque and the Holy Qur’an is in front of me. A man with a good body wears beautiful white clothes and has a beard. He told me the letter well.

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 Fati Dz

Fati Dz1 week ago (edited)

Peace be upon you, I saw that I got married to the imam of a mosque wearing a white shirt and found his beard and we lived in a house so the mosque and I went to show me and said to me my goodness, I can continue the meaning of your interpretation I am after this dream I was guided by a religious person and praise be to God


 Sanae Ouldrabayame

Sanae Ouldrabayame4 months ago

May God reward you with all goodness, stadium. Give us a link in the interpretation of seeing the white prayer rug. Thank you

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 fouad falhi

fouad falhi1 month ago

Seeing the mosque with a group of people, and breakfast in it, you, your wife and her parents, ablution is all in the prayers of dawn.


 Salma Elsharkway

Salma Elsharkway4 months ago

I myself, you, come back to me in this dream. I dreamed that I was in a high place and I was publishing and in the people of the upper stomachs.

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 Maher Maher

Maher Maher1 week ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you, my dear brother

In a dream, I saw that I was praying in the mosque, when I was crying, then a sheikh came to me (in a dream like I was in a big position and wanted to solve a problem). I ask you to explain it.

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 Amal Sameer

Amal Sameer5 months ago


God bless you

And religion and knowledge increases you and bless you with the highest paradise

I wish, O Shkhna, you are talking about the readers of a specific surah from the Qur’an in particular, Surat Al-Ikhlas and influencing the word Samad

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 khalil khalil

khalil khalil5 months ago

May God reward you with goodness. May God bless you and put it in the balance of your good deeds. And God loves your videos very much

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 Saeed Najim

Saeed Najim 3 months ago (edited)

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God. In my dream, I saw that I entered the mosque far from my city, and suddenly, I felt that the mosque is empty of people, as if it was in a strong mountain. Warning, I almost fell down and feared and held fast until I got out of it. May God reward you.

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 Jweida Zouni

Jweida Zouni 4 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Please, Sheikh, I dreamed that I was in the mosque and I finished praying and there was a group of women among them a beautiful and middle-aged woman who came to me and sprayed my chest with water with blossom water or water with rose water I do not know exactly But she was spraying it on my chest and she said, you will have a lot of luck, so I told her: God bless you, let me, may God bless me with a job, can you explain, please and thank you

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 Maryam Ehab

Maryam Ehab 2 weeks ago (edited)

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw that Abu Naim was in the mosque and in the stairs next to the mosque.


 Aml Amol

Aml Amol5 months ago

He alone stood in the mosque and one of the six embraces him in a dream. People say to her that she is a jinn and escapes from the jinn and from the mosque. Thank you, may God help you

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 rahmate allh

rahmate allh1 month ago

May God protect you. May God bless you. Long live Algeria. ?? ?? ?? ??

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 Amine Pro Yt

Amine Pro Yt3 months ago

Interpretation of a dream about seeing inside the mosque and seeing a grave, and you are afraid of the jinn and get used to any chair

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 sara Cherkawi

sara Cherkawi5 months ago

Hello, professor, I dreamed that I had a lot of rugs and chose a beautiful unit. I had a beautiful child, Amr, 10 years, and I said, we go to the mosque, I am single.

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 Lojic / Logic

Lojic / Logic 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I am married, I dreamed that I entered the mosque with a woman and a group of males We go up the upper energy to learn to recite the reciters

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 Lord, generous cream

Ya Rab Ya Karim 1 week ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, Sheikh, I saw that an old mosque sleeps, and it is written on his tablet. God was the money and his sitting


 salima m.

salima m.5 months ago

Alallah ibrak fik

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 God's servant squid

Abdullah Abdullah Squid 1 month ago

Peace be upon you and have mercy on God, Sheikh Ismail. I saw that I was praying. 5 I knelt, but I did not know the age or the age, and a dream came to me in a dream that God accepted me


 Abu Al-Jood Al-Hamash Abu Al-Joud

Abu Al Joud Al Hamash Abu Al Joud 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, my brother, I dreamed that while I was praying, a sheikh came to know him and made me stop the prayer and take me out of the mosque. He said go and pray in front of this old woman and she might sell or unite

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 Ahmad Salem

Ahmed Salem 3 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw that I was going to Al-Hussein and Al-Mu’ez by saying to my husband, let's go and the children’s relatives at Mama Fali at night, but I will take Yasin our son. I said to him, “We will not take our rest while sleeping and we will stay up all night.” Hahadeh said, and I opened a bag in his karate. And Yassin, this is my four-year-old son. Thank you

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 Iraqi confusion

Shosha Al-Iraqiiya 1 month ago

Oh God, praise be to you until you are satisfied, praise, when you are satisfied. Praise be to you after contentment. Oh God, peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions.

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 Wasim's mother

Wasim's mother 4 months ago

I dreamed of entering a mosque square and entering the mosque’s toilets, entered a toilet, urinated and ablution in the toilet, so it is not interpreted as absolute and tired, please leave me and do not neglect me

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 Salwa Salwa

Salwa Salwa2 months ago

Peace be upon you, mercy, God, my brother, the generous, in God, I saw in the dream, the longest, the Kaaba, and I say: the house, your home, the sanctuary, your forbidden, tell me, Jazak, God, its meaning, your sister, the orphan, Morocco


 Mahmoud M

Mahmoud M4 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I dreamed that I was in the mosque, and alone condemned me. Thanks a lot, filled with white honey jars, and I distributed to the sisters and took the rest.

please reply

God reward you

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 Abderrahman Errahnane

Abderrahman Errahnane4 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God. What is the interpretation of those who saw that he was praying in a mosque that he did not know and his brother sitting in the row in front of him and when he finished his prayer instead of his place to a place in front of the row in which his brother without skipping people. For information, the seer is married

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 samar malak

samar malak4 months ago (edited)

Peace be upon you, may God bless you. I saw the videos that you put out, God willing, but a search for the interpretation of the dream of prayer, especially afternoon prayer, and especially the inability to perform the prayer of the afternoon. Prayer and fasting, thank you and God bless you and apologize

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 abd karim wat

abd karim wat1 month ago (edited)

I slept in my sleep, and opened all the mosques from the time they were closed at the time of the Coronavirus. Can you understand me and give me an explanation, Sheikh and may God bless you?


 basil assaf

basil assaf2 days ago

My companion saw her dream that she gave birth to a boy in the mosque and who was giving birth to her boyfriend. He was her doctor, I mean ...

Please reply quickly ... Thank you


 Mohamed elettar

Mohamed elettar1 day ago

Professor Ismail

Happy New Year

In a note

You come to publish your phone numbers

But you do not hesitate to contact me. God knows. You can answer your loved ones or your followers

But please reply once, may God reward you, good Professor

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 Ayman Ibrahim Rizk Rizk

Ayman Ibrahim Rizk Rizk 5 months ago

In a dream, I saw dead Yeshil, the shroud, from the face and the mouth, testifying

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 Sky recitation

Sky Recitation 5 months ago (edited)

I saw that I was on a bus with my mother, may God have mercy on her. We want to travel, but my mother said we want to pray the afternoon in this mosque because then the bus went to the mosque and he was a person standing in front of a building and it was surprising that we traveled without him and we laughed. My mother says we will count as we travel and we want to pray the afternoon and the person This is, in fact, I do not know and woke up before seeing the rest of the dream, because my sister woke me up to a prayer

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 Nour Alhomadi

Nour Alhomadi5 months ago

I wish you could answer me even though it's a very old dream

 I saw that the mosque minaret was very up to it

And I saw once that I was a mosque 3 I did not know where these mosques are and with me the passage of time he knew that they were in Turkey and I was standing in front of them and one of the mosques was his minaret very high

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 Dead Alive

Dead Alive1 month ago

Peace be upon you, my sheikh, my goodness. May God bless you and increase your knowledge. I have a vision that scared me, I do not know it is from the devil or a warning. I entered a mosque. I do not know where he is and there is one person who was from Pakistan because of his clothing. I entered not to perform ablution. I entered it, but we do not add it. It is from the bathroom, and it is not a seat. It has stools and water. May God dear you. And while I was inside, the water was flooding more than deaf. I wanted to perform ablution, but I did not know. A few small pieces of stools came on my arms and the dream ended.

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 Ahmed Al-Muhammad

Ahmed Al Muhammad 3 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Please explain the vision to me ....

I dreamed of an unknown mosque and has a stairway to the floor for a second so I entered a mechanism and I ran on the stairs running and I struck one of the people and rose up to pray the Sunnah with the people and it was a year before me but I was surprised by a person praying in the opposite direction and suddenly someone grabbed me from my thigh and read I seek refuge in the power of God and his ability from the evil of what I find and beware so my feet crammed And I told him the foot that hurts me the left, not the right.

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 Alex Asx

Alex Asx5 months ago

We want your mobile number, may God reward you well

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 Mustafa Al-Sharqawi

Mostafa El-Sharkawy 3 months ago

Seeing a child in a dream

Please explain it in a video clip, may Allah reward you

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 Saad Al-Qurashi

Saad Al-Qurashi 5 months ago

I saw sitting on the sea and the capacity of the beech, on foot, that I was late on Friday. Another entered the mosque, and only one entered in front of the pulpit. An original stand alone. I was forbidden. I stood in my arms. A child born on his farm was delivered right and included to his glory.

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 Blissful honor

Naima Sharif 2 weeks ago

May God protect you from Mecca and I dreamed that I would enter with a group of people with me and enter the Sacred Mosque and we are now in our current situation means Crohn's disease and I saw myself prostrating in the endeavor


 Hisham Abdul Qadir

Hisham Abdel Qader 5 months ago

Santa is our country, you studied at the institute .. good old memories ^ = ^

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 Raslan Abdullah

Raslan Abdullah 3 months ago (edited)

Hello. I dreamed that I was walking with a group of people on the basis that they were my companions. I was going to the mosque. I pray Friday, but I was naked from clothes or almost naked. The guard prevented me so I walked and came back to the mosque and I was looking at my friends not clear. please, let us know

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 Mostafa Hamed

Mostafa Hamed5 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw that I entered the Prophet’s Mosque and with my son after a crowd of people, and when I entered the mosque, they met me empty and I was surprised, why people stand and enter it.

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 fatma maraim

fatma maraim3 months ago

I saw myself in a very large mosque, with golden lights and very green and beautiful color

He was friends with me, so that was the mosque, and I was walking down stairs, and it was very high

I asked myself how beautiful this mosque is, I asked about his name, and I went outside for me to read his name

I saw the name of Dhul-Noon, which is the name of the mosque

Please explain my brother, God bless you

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Hatbarsh 4 months ago

I saw a large mosque in Gaza, and I look at it. I said how much I love my son and a mosque

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 Saber Alsaber

Saber Alsaber3 months ago


I saw that I entered a mosque that I do not know and people disagreed about gathering prayer .. I told them that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, gathered prayer in the heat and I prayed on the Prophet and the people in the mosque prayed over the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace

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 Zohra El mokaddem

Zohra El mokaddem5 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh. Could you please explain to me a prayer on the Grand Mosque in Mecca?

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 Shimaa Sabry

Shimaa Sabry2 months ago

Greetings to your honorable person, may God bless you and protect you