Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND
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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel
These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

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 Najah deaa channel
Najah deaa over 2 years ago (2)
O Allah, peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad, may God bless him
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 Bassam Alburghli
Bassam Alburghli 5 months ago
May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. I saw in my dream that a stream of water and a group of gray horses had sunk and I saw people drowning except me ?!
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 cetigec cetigec
cetigec cetigec a year ago
In the same dream, I saw a huge black horse jumping in front of me and hitting its front hooves
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 Moses Professor
Moses Professor2 years ago (2)
So my father and mother are you, O Messenger of God, what I heard was sad, and you are more, there is no power and no strength except in God, may God be upon him.
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 Iraqi thunder
Thunder Iraq, one year
Careful blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad
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 Sansoura mahbola
Sansoura mahbola 11 months ago
I saw I am a horse in my grandmother’s house. I go in the room until he stalks me when he misses, and he cannot miss the limited party.
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 Abdelhak Meddah
Abdelhak Meddah 3 months ago
O Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Master, our Beloved Muhammad, and on his family and companions
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 Abu Sarhan Al-Raqawi
Abu Sirhan Al-Raqawi2 years ago (2)
I am from Naharin, I saw a girl riding a white horse
In front of her are obstacles that have passed all obstacles, and she has stood up to my struggle, but she said nothing........
Perhaps my dreams are based on words
Girls ������������
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 Mokhtar Oppo
MokhtarOppo one day before
I saw a white horse, and I am over a horse, and my sister is over a brown horse
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 Yasmin Lhlou
Yasmin Lhlou over 2 years ago (2)
Peace be upon you, my brother. My vision is as follows. I saw a female horse in my family’s house. This female has sold it to my father for a long time for my treatment. My grandmother for 25 years. She wanted to start in the first. I saw her very weak. Beautiful, her hair is beautiful inside the house, and I ask her to go out because there was strong winds and the decision to become a lot of trees in the tree and outside I saw the mother of the girl while she was carrying a child and I want her to leave the house I am not married and I am 46 years old and the dream of horse is repeated with me every time in a way.
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 3lizor oo
3lizor oo 3 days ago
I saw a small group of horses, but whoever was close to me and remained white and supportive, but I did not sell it, nor did it knee or kill it. You just play.
 Marawi Al-Basrawi
Marawi Al Basrawi2 years ago (2)
Hello, I dreamed of someone giving me a small horse
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 Samira Khodor
Samira Khodor a year ago
I saw in a dream that my friend was sitting on a white horse, what is the explanation for this? Thank you
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 Moon Worm
Moon Worm one year ago
Mama, I saw the horse biting my husband, but I don’t have blood and the horse was wearing the kit, and I saw alone, I died I took the horse and walked
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 Hussein Selim Mohamed
Hussein Salim Muhammad before one year
May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw in a dream that a horse is running all of what I see and its color is black or red. I did not focus on the color exactly so I run away from it. Please reply. May God reward you.
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 Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed a year ago
I dreamed that I was a horse running and raging while I walked together fraternally and saturated my brotherhood and ran from the horse and was in the last run I got a taxi I installed in my mother and my mother started answering my brother
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 Caustic 8
Caustic 8 weeks ago (2)
I saw a black horse and a black flag was mounted on a pregnant man

Please reply
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 Narcissus flower Narcissus flower
Narcissus Narcissus two years ago (2)
My brother did well to come forward, God willing
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 Habiba lola
Habiba lola 7 months ago
O Allah, peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.
I dreamed of a horse with people from the family and they already had them I saw a beheaded horse.
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 Zhour Mouhriz
Zhour Mouhriz a year ago
Slam 3layimom, Ana cheft hisan kabir WA ibnoh, al kabir Kan mawjod f wahd blasa l ma 9fola o layisa ya9der yakhroj menha o Kan yajri .. Ama l hisan sagher kanjhareak hdak al makan..
Arjor faserli had Holm
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 Mustafa hello
Mustafa Hi, one year ago
Whoever walks with the horse, please reply, my brother
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 Maarouf Triter
Maarouf Triter a year ago
I saw a horse attacking me for no reason
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 Personal ہٰہٰٰہٰہٰٰٰ
One year ago
Peace be upon you, I am Shaheen from Egypt, and before a dream, I wished that our Lord would give me a vision towards his man with her love, if it was good for me, and he would present it, and if it was evil for me, he would distract him from me, and I dreamed of seeing a white horse that ran in a quick way and spinning in the path. Can you explain this dream
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 Fatiha Oumelloul
Fatiha Oumelloul 5 months ago
O Allah, peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad
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 Sea breeze
Naseem Al Bahr, two years ago (2)
Wonderful sweetest channel. �����������
Response 5

 Lana Nunu slemaniakam
Lana Nunu slemaniakam over 2 years ago (2)
I saw that in two horses, one was big and a white color and another was small and a dark pence and a small one attacked me and I killed you, I mean, calm down, please answer me
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 Fatima Kalaf
Fatima Kalaf a year ago
I dreamed of a horse running around and saw my brother and I and I was afraid and running away from him. Then he was in a big truck. She was going to shock me, but I was careful after what happened to my brother, but what happened to us with this dream?
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 Ali al-Iraqi
Ali Iraq, one year
You can explain the vision of the birth of a group of horses
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 All App
All App a week ago
Peace be upon you. Can you explain this to my husband's dream? Dreaming behind a horse. Dancing is possible to interpret a dream
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 Amina Tlemcen
Amina Tlemcen a year ago
Interpretation of a dream of a black horse chasing me while I flee from it
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 Strings do not play
Tendons that are not streaked two years (2)
Well done

Wahid a year ago
Please answer, I saw three horses, one die and the other gives birth to a horse, and the third looks at me
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 Gijfsourate albakara sourate albakaraYfuhd
Gijfsourate albakara sourate albakaraYfuhd a week ago
O Allah, bless him and bless the prophet Mohammed
 Blessing on the blessings
Blessing Ali Al-Naimat 10 months ago
A man dreams that he is riding a weak horse and his beloved. This man is riding a beautiful and fat horse and they are both racing and they preceded it. Please reply.
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 On hallow
Ali Hello 10 months ago
I saw a beautiful white mare with a thick white tied in the yard of the house, or then she stayed away and alienated him
Anyone possible, thanks a lot
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 Hassan Al-Basrawi
Hassan Al-Basrawy 2 years ago (2)
Interpretation, dream, knight, driving, horse
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 Woman channel for Muslimah Hhk
Woman channel for Muslimah Hhk 2 months ago (2)
Xahto foholmi ajri warae hisan boni
 Ehab Al-Jioushi
Ehab Al-Jayoushi, one year ago
I saw a horse and I was holding the rope and suddenly it had two wings and it flew to the sky, please explain
Thank you
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 Thanks Thanks
Thanks Thanks over 2 years ago (2)
I dreamed of a white horse and a blond inside the white room and the room door crest
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 Worried and hurt
Carried and hurt 7 months ago
I dreamed of a horse on the moon and Imam Al-Abbas claims God and I am shouting, but no one hears me who I have promised a dream
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 Nora Bouchatra
Nora Bouchatra a year ago
Yes, I dreamed of being a strong horse, following me, and I would drive him away
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 bisan arjo Maroc
bisan arjo Maroc 6 months ago
I saw a horse chasing after me, and I stagnate and were afraid of what I did
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 Omar Ibn Al-Walid
Omar Ibn Al Waleed, 2 years old (2)
Horse deceased
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 halah Ahmed
halah Ahmed 11 months ago
I went crazy in a car, I have a horse, and I got it down from a car, but I would still walk and see, and I would like it, and he wanted to run and he wanted to come to me
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 goku anims
goku anims over 2 years ago (2)
What does it mean if someone draws a horse and does not complete his drawing in it a healer in a dream a man draws three horses when he asked me to complete the drawing he refused I hope you will respond quickly if you allow
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 mn_2117 a
mn_2117 a 6 months ago
I dream four years ago I have a dead horse
And when I live with them, just think and moment, I suddenly cry
pray for me
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 Waleed ______
______ a year ago
My brother, God bless you
I saw in my dream, I have half a skinned horse with brown flesh. I want a lot to grill and distribute it to people
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 bothaina elmokaddim
bothaina elmokaddim 9 months ago
Hi, one of the family saw in a dream an angry black horse and trying to attack it and this horse was with his wife and brother who does not speak to him.
Can this dream be explained please and thank you
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2 years ago (2)
I dreamed that I was staying in the men’s hall, and from tiredness I slept in my place, and he came to me with a complete black horse. He sat with me with a soft noise. Small and he saw me and came up, but he did not see the horse explained by Belize