‎‎Hair Cutting ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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‎‎Hair Cutting ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎Hair Cutting ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

To see the explanation, watch the video


Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel
These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

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 Paradise of Poplar

Heaven Paradise, a year ago

The best thing about you is that you fear the subject long

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 Mîss Bĺøñđïtã

Mîss Bĺøñđïtã a year ago

They say that inviting 40 strangers are responsive

Please pray to God to bring me in love with me

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 Mohamed taha

Mohamed Taha, one year ago (modified)

May God grant you success and gather you with those you love for good


 cha ima

cha ima a year ago

God unites you and unites me with my soul, Lord

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 ヅ 乙 ÅIN 『Æ

ヅ 乙 ÅIN 『Æ』 a year ago



 Ibrahim's mother

Umm Ibrahim one year ago (modified)

There is neither power nor power, I, God, may God grant you good things. But modesty is where it is for this word


May Allah correct you, and the daughters of Muslims. Amen

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 Shushu Shushu

Shushu Shoshou, one year ago

Mîss Bĺøñđïtã God brings you in the halal sooner and later

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 laila niss

laila niss a year ago

May God bring you together in the near future

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 Gauri rose

One rose jorecuble one year

Allah. Brings you together.

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 Abu Maan meanings

Abu Maan Al-Maani, a year ago


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 Fatims Fatima

Fatims Fatima a year ago

O Lord, bring them together in halal as soon as possible

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 Imen Mimi

Imen Mimi a year ago

My Lord brings you together in halal, and every one is asking for halal, God willing

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 Proud desert

Desert deserter, one year ago

By God, you have to call me a seed

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 Abu Maan meanings

Abu Maan Al-Maani, a year ago

Oh God, provide them with good know-how

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 Hakima Lakhouit

Hakima Lakhouit a year ago

Lah yshl lik

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 shady ahmed

shady ahmed a year ago

You want an atomic bomb, but a nuclear and a hydrogen bomb is better


 May God guide me, Amen

May God guide me, one year ago

I ask God Almighty to bless you with good offspring and honor you for your patience, God willing


 God is my Lord, Islam is religious, and Abyssinia Pillai

God, my Lord, is a religious Islam, and Abyssinia Bella will accept one year

God spreads the burden of your God, Lord


 Miscellaneous life

Miscellaneous life a year ago

I ask God the Great, Lord of the Great Throne, to bless you with his righteous sins and make your heart happy, God willing


 mariam benallal

mariam benallal a year ago

Yarab yirzo9ik yarab


 Noor el Huda

Nour Al-Huda, one year ago

May God bless you completely like an angel


 Enas Umhashem

Enas Umhashem a year ago

Oh God, grant her from your generosity and your presence ... Grant her, O God, with a male twin with full health and wellness

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 Proud desert

Desert deserter, one year ago

@shady ahmed allah for uric deprivation

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 Mimissa Mimi

Mimissa Mimi 7 months ago

Please invite me, I have 40 invitations, a 43-year-old stranger

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 Mohamed Ahmed

Muhammad Ahmad year before

Your faith in God, make me Lord, bless me with a child, which they called forty strange responders

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 Small recipe and deserted year

Small recipe and abandoned year ago one year ago

Glory be to God and His praise the number of his creation and the contentment of his soul and the weight of his throne and the extension of his words Glory to God and praise be to God There is no god but God and God is the greatest Peace be upon you and may God's mercy and blessings be upon you

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 Aways Aways Aways

Owes Owais Owais 9 months ago

Peace be upon you, I dream that I cut my little girl's hair short, and after the cut I got upset with her, knowing that my daughter has speech problems and she is 10 years old, she speaks a few words, sheikh, please reply

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 Salem bin

Salem bin a year ago

Please talk about the dream of collecting spoons, shaving the beard, please support me to reach the owner of the channel.

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 nsreen mohsen mixture

nsreen mohsen mixture 11 months ago

Yesterday, I dreamed that I was cutting off by surprise with my hands, and I did not really hate the period until it was too late. Your words gave me good news about the proximity of the vagina, God willing, every year and everyone is fine on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

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 Mohamed Ouhmou

Mohamed Ouhmou a year ago

Hello . I want an explanation for this dream, please

Doctor Hajam saw in his dream that he is doing cupping for his friend.

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 Kamel Alasriy

Kamel Alasriy 51 minutes ago

I dreamed of one of my companions who cut my hair to me but it was only equal, but I was happy about it and in general I have some problems in my life

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Beshny a year ago

Peace be upon you, my dear brother:

I want to explain this dream, my brother in God:

I dreamed that the house had spacious rooms and other rooms of the same normal size and I saw that there was some missing furniture and after that I saw a black cat in my room where I sleep and I was afraid of him then I went to hide from him and my little sister in one of the other rooms until he went and waited for him a little and then I went out to check it I almost found him was an ordinary black cat and she was looking at me and walking towards me, then she passed by my side and ignored me, then I finished walking to the balcony, and she was leaving and did not hurt me, and the pet was then I told her to stop and stop! I was amazed that she understood my words, then I said to her, "You do not have to go, so I went and jumped from the balcony, and the dream ended, and I am sure that she is gone.

Please reply as soon as my dear brother, because I do not find a complete correct explanation on the Internet for this matter. I remembered you and wrote this comment to you.

Your brother Mohamed from Egypt

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 ہٻ ہٻ ہٻ ٍ ٍ ہ ہ ہ ہ ن ن ّن ّن ّن ّن

ہٻ ہٻ ہٻ ٍ ٍ ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ ن ّن ّن ّن قبل قبل قبل قبلقبلقبلقبلقبل 4 months ago

Please give me love ٰ � � ♥ ️, 'it becomes my share

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 Roro or the eyes of Khadr

Roro or the eyes of green before 8 months

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you, my brother. I’m following my hair cut alone with me, I have cut her hair, what is the meaning of its interpretation?

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 Senoni Lobna

Senoni Lobna a year ago

I am a girl I dreamed of, I am a papa, by cutting my hair, the answer is God bless you

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 siradj mosbah

siradj mosbah a year ago

On the authority of Ubada ibn al-Samit on the authority of the Prophet He said: (He who is disgraced from the night, he said

There is no god but God alone, and there is no partner for whom the king has, and praise be to him, and He is able to do everything.

Praise be to God, Glory be to God, there is no god but God, and God is great.

There's no strength except with Allah ,

Then he said, O God, forgive me, or call, I will respond to him, so if he perform ablution and pray, his prayer is accepted.


O God, heal us and heal the sick of Muslims, O God, Lord of the worlds ...



(God and his angels pray to the Prophet, O ye who believe, and prayers and peace be upon him) ﷺ

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 Boutros Ibrahim

Boutros Ibrahim 6 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Tonight, I dreamed of cutting my hair and scissors with my hands and of course my desire

Because in a little hair, she fell apart and wanted to exclude her

She was sitting beside me mama and my wife

My wife asked me to cut it for me, because I cannot control my hair, but she did not cut, but I did.

You see, the explanation, even though my situation is very tired, and I have some debts

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 mypoint ofview

mypoint ofview a year ago

Living the dream

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 Miscellaneous asmaa

Entertainment asmaa a year ago (edited)

A month ago, I woke up and found hair on my pillow and my brush as if the ends of my hair were cropped, even though I read the dhikr and Surah al-Mulk before bed. What is the interpretation of that?

Storytelling is a fact, not a dream

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 dallel emna

dallel emna a year ago

God reward you and bless you

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 Mastering the essences

Dedicated essays a month ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Ok, in the event that the mother is the one who cuts the hair of her two children, and she is satisfied, and her children are two sons, not daughters


 Story and secrets

Story and secrets 7 months ago

God bless my mother, may God have mercy on him, Lord, have mercy on my mother

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 DoDo 11193

DoDo 11193 7 months ago

I dreamed of my little brother cutting my hair, I was a fanatic, and then I said that he did not hurt


 ahmed abomazen

ahmed abomazen a year ago

By God, I pray for success and God bless you

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 rabaa alhsnaoe

rabaa alhsnaoe a year ago

Brother Joseph, may God protect you from all evil and repay you with faith

I like your performance, thanks

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 Houda Abddaïm

Houda Abddaïm 8 months ago

God reward you


 Abdul Rahman Husam p

Abdul Rahman Hussam Aqbal 8 months

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, sir. Thanks, I am a dream, that in one of my hands from me the hands of the North, whose name is magic and the earth, I have turned into a black room that runs and makes a sound, and its strength is tight.

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 waleed khalid

waleed khalid a year ago

Brother Yusuf ... God bless you. I have a eaten and sprinkled magic. I have symptoms of this magic. Is there any cure ...


 Huaaw N3w

Huaaw N3w 3 months ago

By God we rest with your words, may God protect you .. We all love you from the Gulf


 Shadhli Karma

Al-Shadhli Karma 9 months ago

May God reward you with good. May God bless you a thousand thanks for your presence


 Brah Brah

Brah Brah a year ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw that I had a hair cut from it and I did not see anyone who cut it for me.



Nostalgia past one year ago

God reward you and bless you

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 Yasmine Sham

Yasmine Sham, one year ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

I saw a dream that my daughter was cutting her hair in front of me, and I started crying with a force

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 Global tough tough.

Global is tough tough. A year ago

Ok Sheikh I hope the interpretation of my dream, may Allah reward you with a thousand good.

 Dream / I dreamed that I was the queen of the bees and I was very happy with her.

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 Mohamed Abd Allah

Mohamed Abd Allah 11 months ago

forgiveness of God

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 Your son milks

Your son will conceive 5 months ago

God reward you


 Asd Fady

Asd Fady a year ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I dreamed that I had cut a large strand along my hair.


 farha Adel

farha Adel 6 months ago

Lord, grant me success in studying and my life, Lord, away from me any charm, evil and harm

Invite 40 people answered, Lord

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 Sahar 1985

Sahar 1985 a year ago

My mother saw in a dream calling for her to cut my hair, so she recovered from envy and magic. Interpretation of the dream. I am a single girl.

I suffer from the linkage of marriage, envy and black magic

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 A Aa

A Aa 9 months ago

O Allah, bless and bless our Prophet Muhammad, may God reward you

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 Sanaa Varieties

Variety of Sana 11 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I, my brother, are married, and I dreamed of my mother cutting the hair to me, and I did not like the idea and saying it is good to cut only a little, and my hair is already short. I hope the accurate interpretation. Thank you.

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 Samira Salwa

Samira Salwa 7 months ago

God bless you


 God is great God is great

God is great God is great one year ago

By God, I would like to make an appointment for the job, necessary


 Fatena Idane

Fatena Idane 2 months ago (2)

God bless you. I want the phone number. I live in Turkey, and you will be happy. God bless you, my respected brother. We wish you success.


 Muhammad Sharif

Muhammad Sharifa, one year ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Sheikh, may God bless you, I saw a vision and I do not know its interpretation. Can you please talk to me? What can I tell you before the gathering? By God, answer me, yes or no, and may God reward you


 Sama Rouh

Sama Rouh a year ago

God reward you


 Meknes Maroc

Meknes Maroc a year ago

God reward you


 Rhimou Jbouri

Rhimou Jbouri a year ago

God reward you


 Fatima Rahti

Fatima Rahti a year ago

God reward you


 Lahcen n Bouzzite.

Lahcen n Bouzzite. 11 months ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God be upon you

Myself, I know the interpretation of my dream that bothered me

First, I dreamed of combing my hair and many lice fell out of me. After that they were annoyed, I started asking for someone to cut my hair to rest from the lice, and knowing that I am married and breastfeeding.


 Dodo eljokar

Dodo eljokar a year ago

You are very reassured, may God protect you ❤❤�


 Samar Hussein

Samar Hussain, one year ago

May Allah reward you with all goodness. Sheikh Yusuf, may God help you


 The names of my soul

Asmaa Rouhi 3 months ago

Hello, I saw in his dreams his two sons cut my hair

My hair was brown and a little black

And I took revenge on her count and cut her hair

I want an explanation of place like

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 Maddy Louna

Maddy Louna a year ago

I slept that I had a girl who would cut my hair, but my sister would say it, no what does Haim divide

You don’t tell me what it means

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 th rr

th rr 3 weeks ago

Peace be upon you, my brother, he dreamed of my sister’s husband, his hair is long, and he asks one of his relatives to cut his hair to him and says that the hair tired him while he is also wearing Hajj clothes and his face is white and beautiful

Note a dead sister's husband