Gold Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Gold Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Gold Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Gold Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

To see the explanation, watch the video


Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel
 These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

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 Varieties Nour

Variety Nour 10 months ago

. . Oh God, away from my mother and your mother three

1. Fatigue😥

2. Sadness and unhappiness😭

3.The torment of the grave

And he gave us three

1 Paradise

2. Joy and happiness😻

3. Health and Safety🤲

It is impossible to read it, give up the ik, and a subscription worthy of the price.

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 Abdul Hassan

Abdul Hassan 7 months ago

I expect that you will not be hurt. Do you see pictures of your soul, may God know you will enter Paradise?

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 Asmar Asmar

Al Asmar Al Asmar 3 days ago



 O Allah, bless our Prophet Muhammad

O Allah, blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad 2 years ago (edited)

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace

Pray your Messenger

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 Ademhanaaser Ahmed

Ademhanaaser Ahmed1 year ago




 Jasmine flower

Jasmine Rose 1 year ago

Peace be upon him

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 Backpacker of a lifetime

Rahal El Omar 5 years ago

Every person has an interpretation of his own about another. I have seen a dream and another who saw a dream similar to my dream. It is not a condition. We are the same interpretation and differs from one person’s case to another.

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 Mchri Alatwi

Mchri Alatwi3 years ago

Pray for the Messenger

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 Fathi Boumediene

Fathi Boumediene 8 months ago

You are dreams and I want someone to explain the reality to me

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 Nassima mad

Nassima mad3 months ago


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 Soon 991

Soon 9912 years ago

It is a condition of the temptation of a dream that varies from one person to another, according to his dream, with a length that explains anything from him

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 Hassouna Al-Bishi

Hassouna Al Bishi 4 years ago

The interpretation differs because Lanu Ibn Sirin, the interpreter of gold, is the second interpretation, and God knows best

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 Hassan Alshame

Hassan Alshame10 months ago



 Lola la folla

Lola la folla3 months ago (edited)

Ibn Sirin never said that it was good for a man


 Mohammad Ahmad

Mohammad Ahmad4 years ago

Brother, check the sound quality before downloading the video ,, and may Allah reward you

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 Hussam Ahmad

Hussam Ahmad4 years ago

I dreamed that my husband had given me a gold necklace. Her text was gold and half silver

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 Gafah Ali

Gafah Ali4 years ago

No God except Allah

O Allah, blessings and peace be upon Muhammad

Hallelujah and praise, Hallelujah great

Say 100 times, Glory be to God, and with His praise sins will be forgiven

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 Moh dz

Moh dz5 months ago

O Allah, bless Muhammad Muhammed, you are Hamid Majeed

Peace be upon him

peace be up on him

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 O Ali. Realize me

O Ali. Realize me 2 years ago

Oh, God

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 Ahmed, God

Ahmed Ya Allah 1 year ago



 Abohmza Hmza

Abohmza Hmza4 months ago

I swear by Allah


 Muhammad Al-Haneen

Mohammed Al-Haneen 4 years ago

Please, can you explain my dream

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 Haya aldossary

Haya aldossary1 year ago

O Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad 🌺

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 Muhammad al-Salhi witnessed

Mohammed Al-Salhi witnessed 1 year ago

Please, I saw you washed me with gold water for the purpose of protecting from danger to the people of Iraq

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 Benaouda Abdelatif

Benaouda Abdelatif4 years ago

God bless you, my sheikh

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 Love is beautiful

Beautiful love 4 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

God reward you

Handsome Sheikh, I dreamed that I found 6 rings with a little gold other than the rings

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 ezzazzab aboul ezz

ezzazzab Abu Al Ezz 2 years ago

Peace be upon you, my dear brother

Can my views be explained?

I dreamed that there were jinn and demons that wanted to enter my body from the side of the neck or the neck

Several times, I was reading Surat Al-Kursi and Al-Mu’azzatin

Every time they wanted to get into my body and I was sweating and frightened again

I run away and I am pursued every time

And in the last time I wanted to enter God's honor, and I came across this genie in the bathroom door, and it was a mirage of pile of smoke.

I fought with him and I was pushed into the bathroom, and I felt my throat in my neck and wanted to get out of the bathroom, but I forcefully closed the door of the bathroom. I could not read the Qur’an in the bathroom. My tongue weighed once and cried with a very strong voice.

God reward you for this


To whom

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 Moh dz

Moh dz5 months ago

Glory be to Allah

thank God

No God except Allah

Allah is the greatest


 Donia Abu Herz

Donia Abu Herz 5 months ago

Thanks for the explanation of gold


 Mohamed Elsayed

Mohamed Elsayed1 year ago

I dreamed of my fiancée that I buy her a new ring

But I had previously bought her a ring

Please explain


 Abu Alli

Abu Alli4 years ago

Need an urgent explanation quickly for my sleep


 Abu Mahmoud al-Shami

Abu Mahmoud Al-Shami 5 months ago

I am near Manbij, east of the Euphrates, and we regret the Euphrates on a river of petroleum and silicon, and the hadith is correct. And God knows best.


 Mouna Mona

Mouna Mona1 month ago

Hi, I am married, and my mother dreamed of a woman who gave her 2 gold bracelets and said to her, I give them to your daughter, what does this dream mean?


 Noor Saeed

Nour Saeed 2 weeks ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed that my husband and my mother-in-law were in a canal with clear water, so I looked at the canal and ran into pieces of gold that had no shapes.


 ghaza Algeria

ghaza Algeria 3 years ago

God bless you

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 Ss Dddd

Ss Dddd1 year ago

O my brother, Afon Hadifserli, my dream. May this God help you, my wife, please give me three gold bars and a chain of gold, and God bless you

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 The owner of the king

Owner of the King 1 year ago

I am pregnant and I dreamed of his clothes as silver as his country and cut in my neck what is the interpretation of God bless you

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 Awertf Asdwe

Awertf Asdwe3 months ago

God, God, God is great


 Zuhair Muhammad

Zuhair Muhammad 2 years ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I want someone to explain to me

 Moh dz

Moh dz5 months ago

Oh God, grant us Hajj and Umrah, the husband and the permissible living, oh Lord, honor, God have mercy, grant mercy to the Wahhab, may God grant you to the rich, O Lord

Peace be upon him

peace be up on him

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 Lian Ali Mohsen

Lian Ali Mohsen 2 years ago

Peace be upon you, I am currently pregnant and I dreamed that my father asked me for a bracelet that he went to sell and I gave him. Explain the dream. Please reply.


 Yemeni Shami

Shami Al Yamani 4 months ago

Astrologers lied, even if they believed the knowledge with God


 Ahmad Ahmad

Ahmad Ahmad3 years ago

I saw that I had come to Spike a lot, and I bought them houses for my children and brothers


 Mouni Gag

Mouni Gag2 years ago

What is the interpretation of seeing my deceased friend take my contract of gold (spinal) and go and no longer? I am a married woman and four children


 sami Eljan

sami Eljan1 year ago

Peace be upon you, the meaning of swearing on the Qur’an. Thank you

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 Hussein Deghaim

Hussein Deghaim 4 years ago

To Sheikh Wassim, what does it mean if he sees one girl who gives her a throat, she listened to her while she was placed in the ears, and she was old


 Ali's carpet

Ali Rugs 1 month ago

I dreamed of honoring that I entered the bathroom, raised his throat and locked it, and released them from my bathroom


 Ramzi Al-Shugdars

Ramzi Al Shaghdars 1 year ago

I dreamed of being in a sweet and ornate house, and when they walked underneath me, we could only enter it with his praise and the house was in it.


 Mother of Reem

Umm Al-Reem 2 months ago

I dreamed my partner and I met 4 bracelets, I took 2 and she is 2 and then we found him providing him but cut off. Please explain to me my dream. My friend is pregnant and I am married. I want this dream with us.


 AAA Muhammad Al-Dsa Al-Sir

Aaa Mohamed El-Sir Dsa El-Sir 3 years ago

My Sheikh, I have forbidden her to dream of a stamped gold seal, a fracture of both sides, while she is pregnant

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 Shrook adel

Shrook adel1 year ago

Ok, if anyone had a dream that he had seen me, I don’t have much gold in it?

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 nasreddine berroudja

nasreddine berroudja4 years ago

It is possible, Sheikh, one of my family grew, that Saif buys gold, what is his interpretation?

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 Aymen 002

Aymen 0027 months ago

My mother Dheba dreamed of Umrah, my father was deceased, he stood at the doorstep of the door pleased, and guests at the door asked about my mother who are her relatives, what is the interpretation of that


 to rub

H 4 years ago

Necessary, please


 I ask forgiveness from God

Ask forgiveness of God A3 years ago

His words are fickle !!!

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 Prince Tim

Amir Team 4 years ago

Can you explain the dream of the end of the world?

Knowing that he helped me dream for eight days

I mean, I dreamed about it three times


 Atlas Fre

Atlas Fre1 year ago

I dreamed of someone giving me the sun as if I did not like it. So take it and give me the moon and say that the Messenger of the Faithful

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 Muhammad's mother

Umm Muhammad 1 year ago

Peace be upon you. Can my dream be interpreted? I dreamed that I went to Umrah, and I saw the path of Umrah, and I was crying very crying in Umrah.


 Zbhdh Bvf

Zbhdh Bvf6 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw Rafki, uncle steal the gold, what do you explain?


 Majed Salman

Majed Salman 2 years ago



 Umm Hammoud

Umm Hammoud 2 years ago

Al-Salaalik, O Sheikh, I dreamed of two rings. My aunt answered me, I could not explain


 Rabia Rourou

Rabia Rourou 1 year ago

O Sheikh, I saw that I added my seals from the sediments and also gave me a girl to add her ring, but her ring was lost and I did not find it. I found her ring broken and I was embarrassed by her news, or my seals added her from the dirt deposits and the vision ended with an explanation

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 To demotion of many lions, the best of Tibet

To demotion of many, the best truck in Tibet 2 years ago

Peace be upon you, my father, Sheikh Yusuf's number


 The moon light

Noor Qamar 2 years ago

Peace be upon you. I hope someone can fry. Explain my dream. I did not know that I am wearing a gold ring and the ring is from my angel, because I am engaged. Please reply. May God reward you with all the good.


 Nour ehouda

Nour ehouda2 years ago

Er, I dreamed of my sister, ate my husband, his iron, one gold, one broken, normal. I wore them, my brothers, so they went to me.

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 God is great on the Noble Qur’an

God is Great on the Noble Qur’an 1 year ago

My Sheikh


 Mohammad gamer

Mohammad gamer2 years ago



 Baby Panthers

Baby Panthers 4 years ago

Oh God, may God reward you with good. I saw in my dream my brother's wife, give me two sets of gold, and I was happy with them. I saw two groups, I turned to babies and I was happy .. What is the explanation? May God reward you.

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 Mustafa Suri

Mustafa Suri4 years ago

In my dream, I saw my deceased father eat bananas, he ate half of the banana, gave me the second half and ate it, so what is the interpretation of this vision?


 Ayse Sj Usuuegd

Ayse Sj Usuuegd3 years ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, Sheikh, I want you to explain the dream to someone who follows the brother who knows, explains the story, my brother is a martyr. My brother in a dream, with the same view, says a sweet face and radiate a light with some of the river and fish, and I ask you how to fry an amps and relaxed, but for my aunt’s son he says every time I ask about my dreams he frets the same story

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 Fayez Al-Irkawi

Fayez Al-Makkawi 6 months ago

Old man, I am 15 and I dreamed of a chin coming out to me


 mordjana soltani

mordjana soltani2 years ago

Every day I dream and get tired and God


 Lina El Gharras

Lina El Gharras2 years ago

I am married and I dreamed that I am a bride who will have a wedding without a groom.

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 BiboO 3zaAwi

BiboO 3zaAwi1 year ago

Wasim Youssef with his life, he did not explain a dream