Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND
To see the explanation, watch the video

Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLANDYouTube channel
These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Zahra zeze

 Pinned by Dream Interpretation Channel / Ismail Al-Ja’biri

Zahra Zizi-zahra zeze1 year ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God

Your channel is very very useful, may God reward you with good and
 put it in the balance of your good deeds, my dear brother

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 Sabah Khaloufi

Sabah Khaloufi3 months ago

I saw a man give me plums and pears


 Ibrahim Attia Al Sharifi

Ibrahim Attia Al Sharifi 4 days ago



 Your daughter, Aleppo, Syria

Your daughter, Aleppo, Syria 3 days ago

People are looking for an interpreter of dreams and I am looking for

 someone to explain me to reality

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 Youssef Houry

Youssef Houry 6 days ago

Oh God


 Tear alm z

Tear Elm Z1 week ago

Do not ask for an interpretation of your dreams, because you noticed that

 there is no limit


 Amal Hamada

Amal Hamada2 weeks ago

Is it safe for you to be acquainted with my daughters and my daughters, 

may God have mercy on you


 Narcissus perfume

Narges Perfume 2 weeks ago

It was a pomegranate that was thrown on the ground, and I ate my son's 

growth, and in fact he is sick of my brother, he wanted a response


 Mohamed Qenawy

Mohamed Qenawy 3 weeks ago

I saw that I was riding a train filled with fruits and grapes, and I was sitting on

 top of the fruit. The speed of the train was very fast and I entered the water,

 and I was afraid but I did not


 Ppoollkk Ppoollkk

Ppoollkk Ppoollkk4 weeks ago

We want to explain avocado

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 Najia Najat

Najia Najat1 month ago (edited)

The interpretation of exotic fruits that do not exist in reality

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 Sofia kitchen

Sofia kitchen1 month ago

I wish you would say the rest of the kinds of fruits such as mango, guava,

 cook, news, bananas, eggplant, cabbage and fig

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 Mona Esaa

Mona Esaa1 month ago

I dreamed of buying bananas and Yusufandi, but I forgot it at Al-Fakhani and walked


 Joan J.

Joan J 1 month ago

Oh God, have mercy on my father and forgive him and transcend from it 

Yahia Yaqiyum Oh God, make his grave a part of Paradise

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 Mohammed Al-Naji

Mohamed Al-Najai 1 month ago

God bless you and God have mercy on Ibn Sirin and may God bless Muhammad and his family

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 zid zid

zid zid1 month ago

I swear I saw the fruit and it was not married, but I changed it

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 Amsoun Attar

Amsoun Attar1 month ago

Salam arjouk halimto ana wa ibni sarikna ijas min makani aam wa

 jamaatoha wa akalto minha ma iilm ana ibni kana yaktifoha



On over 2 months ago

I saw eating apples, and I don’t know which one to come to. Eat someone 

with me


 Badea Elkhayat

Badea Elkhayat2 months ago

My sister-in-law saw that I am presenting fruits to guests in my home for a 

special occasion for my eldest son and my deceased mother walked by my shoulder shoulder and was very pleased and younger this after I presented 

to the guests cooked food consisting of chicken and potatoes knowing that

 my son

 in fact is met by many pitfalls To complete his engagement

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 Nourseen Hany

Nourseen Hany2 months ago

Please my seven-year-old girl died in a car accident and dreamed of giving 

me a paper bag full of fruit and heavy on her and cut from under and the fruit

 fell and her juice came out ... Explanation


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 01225291729 Foda

01225291729 Foda 3 months ago

I saw a lot of people we have in the house and eat a lot of fruit and it is very happy, what is the explanation for this?



ZLFIKAR FURY3 months ago

Lord, I dreamed of eating fruits and eating a lot


 Abdo Abdo

Abdo Abdo 3 months ago

God bless you


 meradji nabila

meradji nabila3 months ago

I slept that I stole bananas, Sheikh


 My darling, O Muhammad, the Messenger of God

My darling, O Muhammad, the Messenger of God 3 months ago

How to communicate with you


 Wafaa Oueli

Wafaa Oueli3 months ago

I found out in a dream that I cooked a soup of bavocado


 Marwa Safae

Marwa Safae3 months ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed that I ate more of this type and these fruits 

were rare, I mean, the first time I see them


 Mola el sayed

Mola el sayed3 months ago

Fruits indicate problems, do not talk, for sure, it is not true

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 elhabib akheyat

elhabib akheyat3 months ago

Ana hlmt b lavoka jawb


 yesmine pretty

yesmine pretty4 months ago

Thank you


 Saifo Mahdi

Saifo Mahdi4 months ago

Please invite me by referring to my husband, inviting 40 respondents

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 Raha Mounadel

Raha Mounadel4 months ago

I saw that I eat cut diced fruits and what I do not remember is that I eat

 pears and manga


 Night moon

Night Moon 4 months ago

 �����������������������������������������������! �����������

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 El Hajj Bulbul

El Hajj Bulbul 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh Ismail, a friend in a dream. He gave me a lot of 

green bananas, about two kilos, and he gave me one peeler, and I ate it, and

 then cut an apple cut into it and ate it.


 Hanane Othman

Hanane Othman4 months ago

God bless you with all goodness, we hope from God for good

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 Bulbul for Snf

Bulbul for Snf 4 months ago

May Allah reward you well


 Nagy Saad

Nagy Saad5 months ago

I saw that a person took my hand and swam easily in a clear sea, 

then we went out and entered his embryo, picked some fruit, gave

 me and ate

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 Shjn Juhani

Shjn Juhani5 months ago

Why groans ok

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GAMER DZ6 months ago

Keep it up


 dundalk citgo

dundalk citgo6 months ago

Peace be upon you, Professor. It would be nice if you shoot a

 video without 

music or a woman’s voice, it is annoying. Thank you

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 AOOr Huda

AOOr Huda6 months ago

I dreamed of a kind of antonia fruit with my own hands

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 Hfjgfg Gdhgg

Hfjgfg Gdhgg6 months ago

Ok, as for eating black, red and green grapes

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 Mahmoud Salah

Mahmoud Salah6 months ago

Thank you, my son, for your comfortable interpretation and the most

 beautiful way of speaking. May God reward you

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