‎‎ Flying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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‎‎ Flying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎ Flying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new



Kossai Adil

Kossai Adil23 minutes ago

And blogger Ali Darari ....


 dark web 66

dark web 665 days ago

Flying is a dream from the Devil and is possessed by a pilot's gin. And flying in a plane is logical, so it has a logical explanation. Oh this do not confuse the vision of Satan. And good vision

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 ZahRaa Jawad

ZahRaa Jawad1 week ago

I dreamed that I got off the car and afterwards I flew in a sky without two wings and couldn't get down. One of my friends called him Fatima and pulled me with an iron ginger and after that I went down to the ground but with difficulty

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 Hassoun Al-Fariji

Hassoun Al-Fariji 3 weeks ago

My brother, peace be upon you, I am flying, but without a wing, I rose alone

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 Moshe Al-Omari

Moshe Alomari 3 weeks ago

My father interpreted the vision of many planes and helicopters in the sky far away. After all, the clouds fly, and we all look at them and are afraid of many of them.

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 Zobazobazoba Zoba

Zobazobazoba Zoba3 weeks ago

I dreamed of flying a plane and the Kaaba fell on me, noting that "I am married and I have no children


 Sagad Hamzah

Sagad Hamzah1 month ago

I dreamed of flying

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 Sana19833 Jbilou

Sana19833 Jbilou1 month ago

Oh God, we ask you valid, valid, non-false, beneficial, harmless, non-forgotten portfolio

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 abdulraheem sham

abdulraheem sham1 month ago (edited)

I dreamed that I was flying and sitting under a carpet, my brothers and two friends were flying around our village

I am currently studying medicine and surgery

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 Omar Ashraf

Omar Ashraf1 month ago

Ok, if people see a bird in the sky, this means


 Heba Allah Mohamed

Heba Allah Mohamed1 month ago

O Allah, blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad, upon him the best of prayers and peace


 Nawal Nawal

Nawal Nawal1 month ago

slam 3alikom akhi alah ijazik bilkhir ana halimt ani rakibto ataira wam3aya xanta malabisi wana andoro mina nafida lakin donya dalma xway baxof dawe madain wana bakhod silfi mina nafida 3aziba waxokran


 Abdullah Boudy Abd_allah / alashwh

Abd_Allah Abd_allah / alashwh1 month ago

I am all my dreams as much as I control and maintain and do any AC I can. I am most of my dreams I have the ability to fly and control myself, even though I am in a dream I know that I dream and knew that it is contrary to physics and gravity

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 Ail Ail

Ail Ail1 month ago

I dreamed that I sat on a large white paper that looked like a carpet, and I was flying over me as a sky and over the mountains and where I was going to go


 Badr Kimo

Badr Kimo 1 month ago

Thank you very much, my brother Ismail

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 Apenah H

Apenah H1 month ago

I dreamed that I went to France to study and at the house where I lived, I dreamed that I would fly in the same place and turn, I mean, in a circle without a fall, married without children


 Haider Abu Karar

Haider Abu Karar 1 month ago

Peace be upon you, stadium: I saw that I was flying and fighting a person I don’t know. What is its explanation: Please reply:

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 Omar Berraho

Omar Berraho1 month ago

A while ago I was asleep during the day and felt something, so I woke up and found myself near the ceiling while I was lying in my cover. Then I left that thing, and I fell on the bed firmly. Then I started dreaming about always flying and going wherever I wanted. When I entered the bed I floated up. I felt that there was someone sleeping next to me, so I took the phone and suddenly appeared. A disk of light moved around the room and disappeared. The ceiling. Recently, while I was between sleep and waking, I saw fog like a mirage. I did not see suddenly. I saw a small disk like a lens. He came close to my eyes. I saw inside it. I saw the globe and I was in a very high place and I did not see my body there was someone directing me as if he was holding me Suddenly, my back started to come close to me Land as we say zoom, cut thousands of kilometers, the earth very quickly and suddenly directed me to an empty area of ​​the population and architecture I saw three policemen dispersed around an area and then I saw

four construction workers wearing yellow jackets and construction equipment built a square wall of concrete around a cave and the earth. I was wondering what this means suddenly I saw a short strip of creatures that came out from there. They were about two meters long. Their skin was gray, with their backs short, and their hands were short. So I understood that it was a secret and suddenly my theory turned to a rocky series of white and red granite that died.

This is along the region. As if I was told to remember these mountains, your answer is important to me, and thank you, especially since I saw several things that I saw and checked.

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 hp 2 youtube

hp 2 youtube1 month ago

Pray for the Prophet

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 Alham Al Fadaly

Alham Al Fadaly2 months ago


God is upon you O Sheikh explained the dream

My son is a married young man with a son who saw in a dream that he turned into a black horse with two wings and flies over the area and buildings in the neighborhood that inhabits him and looks at his son and his wife .. and may God reward you for me

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 Dulaimi witnessed

Al-Dulaimi witnessed 2 months ago

I am married and pregnant, I dreamed of 5 planes in the sky and my mother once said to me that it is one of the signs of his hours, and I was scared tricks and I saw alone from the tires flying in the shape of a car, and it is a smile and does not move.


 nshgshs shyam shyam dhdhjsjd

nshgshs shyam shyam dhdhjsjd2 months ago



 Sa Sa

Sa Sa2 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I am engaged and I dreamed that there is a young man who has lost wings and flew and flew, and the sky and suddenly I came down in a place they do not know, like the desert, and there are many people, I mean society and shops, and I asked his little girl. I have a store, tell me brother, add me money, but I go back to my house and I will send them to you, I don't know, forgive me, and I was going to find a card with money thrown to the ground and I started taking the train and installed and I reviewed it I got up

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 Amer Taibaoui

Amer Taibaoui3 months ago

Please explain the plane ride as if it was a warplane in a dream with people and people going down in color

And you are afraid to go down and you are at war

Please explain this, if possible

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 Ahmed Mohamed Matar

Ahmed Mohamed Matar 3 months ago

Glory be to God, praise be to God, there is no god but God, and God is great, praise be to God, praise be to God, with a ball, authentic, and blessed be God, and there is no power but with God, the Most High, the Great.

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 God's nation

Sunburst 3 months ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God. I always dream that I fly but without wings, but by extending the arms and wandering in most of the country

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 Wssr Asan

Wssr Asan3 months ago

Why not explain to the single man

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 Issam Al Shujairy

Essam Al Shujairi 3 months ago

Our great Sheikh, what is the interpretation of the dream of moving things from a distance? Please reply. May God reward you


 Eiad Awes

Eiad Awes3 months ago


I dreamed that I escaped from something I don’t know what a black shadow is like and I run away from it and jump from one surface to another and after they cleared the surfaces I flew in the air without anything flying in the air and the black shadow attached to me and a distance between me and I preceded him and he is behind me and he scares me and I in the air meet me wires electrified from it Avoid it, including hitting it, delaying me, and I go back to complete the flight, and I woke up like this, married and I have children, please explain

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Memo4 months ago

I am a nipple

I heard his flip flop and flap was very loud


 Aoaesha Link

Aoaesha Link4 months ago

I dreamed of the plane and fell in front of me

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 Hhhehh O Allah, bless Muhammad and the Muhammad Gfffg

Hhhehh O Allah, bless Muhammad and Wal Muhammad Gfffg4 months ago

I dreamed of getting on a plane with a girl with a swipe that could explain me

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 All your concern with tenderness

Everything about you with tenderness 4 months ago (edited)

O Sheikh, may God reward you with goodness. I am pregnant. I dreamed that I was flying over the sea and there were kinds of fish in the sea and I was seeing them wild. I was afraid to fall in them and then I saw some fish as the sea spears died. Then I found a woman there that rubbed me and gave me honesty and said that if I came to someone I know then I indicated to her on land and said I want to go to the other side, you did not respond to me, I returned, I flew, looking for the person to whom I will deliver the trust, and there were rooms built directly on the sea, and all the rooms are full of people. Makes it in the balance of your good deeds

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 Zamil For

Zamil For5 months ago

I dreamed that I was flying in the air, I am single and moved from one wall to another. My soul was light


 Yousif's mother

Umm Youssef 6 months ago

Yesterday I dreamed that I was flying so I worked as I told us, search the channel


 Muhammad's mother

Umm Muhammad 6 months ago

For divorced?

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 Samira Khanfar

Samira Khanfar6 months ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed that I was in a room and the room was flying, and my children were with me, so I was afraid of the height, then I landed in a beautiful and clean place better than the first place and I saw Seoul water.


 Space princess

Space Princess 6 months ago

Thank you, Sheikh, for completing your interpretation, right


 Driss Ouayah

Driss Ouayah7 months ago

I dreamed that I would fly and the birds would hear their color


 Asdf Fxs

Asdf Fxs7 months ago (edited)

I dreamed of being afraid and running, and then it rose, but I forbid myself, and I was not raised above the fort, and this fort is united in our village. Many of these stories are repeated. And it seemed to change if he ran with strength and became elevated or inactive, but I was terrified. I fear that I will fall.


 Islam Islam

Islam Islam 7 months ago

Please, my Sheikh, I beg you to explain my dream, please, quickly, please.

I am in trouble with my husband and I am now in my family's house and my husband wants to divorce and I saw in a dream that I went back to my house and found my bedroom full of dust and I was happy to clean it and suddenly my husband passed by and my little boy and his face was black so I told her why he is so I took it to the doctor to return it like this and it was as if it was burned, and then I took the dirty clothes to wash it, so I saw again my brother's husband went through a short black dress and went to any neighbor and went back again and there was a red carpet I wanted to spread it and she said to me I will spread it when I want

Please, answer me

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 2019 Mimo

2019 Mimo7 months ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God Almighty. A new joint blessed Friday from Algeria. I have a dream that can be explained. Thank you very much.


 The flower of life

Flower of Life 7 months ago

I saw that I was flying, and I had wings, I felt happily, and I stayed in a house in a stone, a man I did not know, Asmar, I did not like it, even I did not like it.


 hajar hammous

hajar hammous7 months ago (edited)

Peace be upon you, old man, I see by sleep I fly, as I, as soon as I look up and touch the ground to the garment, I fly and control my flight as I was actually a bird, but I do not have wings and I am married and this dream is repeated a lot knowing that I do not fall

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MAJDA LIFE Magda 7 months ago

I always dreamed of myself flying in the air and seeing beneath the forests of trees and valleys and standing in my sleep Praise be to God and mention the beautiful names of God. And I knew I was dreaming. And the opinion is always repeated.

First, flying to single women is a journey far away from her homeland, and this is what happened to me. I settled in France after Morocco..and also flying and remembrance at the same time is the night prayer and God mentioned a lot. And God bless you that he is satisfied with you.

I know the interpretation of all dreams from the book (Ibn Sirin, may God have mercy on him).

So whoever sees that he is flying in the sky is a travel very far from his homeland

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