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‎‎ Fan ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Nagwa Meso

Nagwa Meso 2 months ago (2)

You are always and never explain wrong mistakes


 Rafif Muhammad

Shelving for 6 months

I did the operation of a tube child, and before the result of the analysis, my husband was able to see the dream that I have a boy after two days. The result was that he did not get pregnant, and my husband and I were in a difficult situation and sadness.


 Ghaith Ghaith

Ghaith Ghaith a month ago

Zaina Al-Hemeimi channel crossed visions

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 um furat um furat

um furat um furat 6 months ago

I am married, and I have a family. Praise be to God. I saw a beautiful child in the dream, and I felt that he was interested in me. The child was dirty on his soul, and there was no one interested in him, he was hungry and tired.


 Knowledge Channel 33

Knowledge Channel 33 9 months ago

I dreamed that I gave birth to three children and I said to my husband, we call 1 Zakaria - 2 Yahya - 3 David. Children who had beauty I had never seen before. Please note that I am single.

Our sheikh, may God bless you with all good, explain this dream to me. Thank you.

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 Habibullah Al-Balushi

Habibullah Al-Balushi9 months ago

O honor and honor, honor me, I entrust the deprived, Lord

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 Taqi Amar

Taqi Ammar, one month ago

Excuse me, I dreamed .. I am walking with Josie is a boy mask. I caught a boy. And their shape was very sweet .. knowing that I am married and not with children

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 Was Bel

Was Bel 7 months ago

From a while ago I did not see much a child in a dream and I am afraid that something bad will happen to me because it is true seeing the child is a shame or a bad thing and after a while I became seeing a girl and every time beautifully one now I remember alone comfortable and my Lord is with us Western and guides us O Lord


 halom M

halom M 2 months ago (modified)

Your explanation is chloe. First time I hear this explanation about children in a dream. Spirit see yourself. And download the best video for you


 Brahim Djellal

Brahim Djellal 4 months ago

And oh right, if you dreamed of a boy, you brought a girl like that, and praise be to God, God bless you


 halimi nesrine

halimi nesrine 5 months ago

Your interpretations are always frustrating and negative

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 Mena Ehab

Mena Ehab 3 months ago

I dreamed that I found a girl born in the graves stripped of clothes, and she had the birth marks she drew and took, I don't know how to hand her over to the police, and I don't take her


 Graceful Bashir

Graceful Bashir 2 months ago (2)

I dreamed that I would kill a child


 Hassouna Hassoun

Hassouna Hassoun 5 months ago

Peace be upon you. I am not married. I have my children, but I saw in a dream a daughter gave birth, and then she passed away. When she passed away, two men saw me and told me not to cry. This came down from heaven with the Qur’an to Karim. Give me an explanation, may God reward you well


 Nagwa Hamde

Nagwa Hamde 5 months ago

Please explain seeing seeing an unknown infant saved from drowning

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 Noor Hussain

Noor Hussain a month ago

You have nothing dirty in explanation

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 Mohamad Mohamad

Mohamad Mohamad 7 months ago

O Sheikh why don't you explain the dream to the widow


 Heba Ahmed

Heba Ahmed 4 weeks ago

On the idea of ​​a mistake, I am one of the three girls, and I dreamed that I was a young boy. I did not know that I was pregnant, that is, yes, I do not know in my stomach what kind, but I am pregnant


 Adam Mstafa

Adam Mstafa 6 months ago

My predecessor dreamed of me, and we worked, sonar, and we got pregnant. We are two in a month and a half. Then I got pregnant in the same week. I wonder, I will carry a five-year-old saying that explains the dream


 Lodi Ahmed

Lodi idiot 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, please, Sheikh Mama, I dreamed that my sister gave birth to a girl, but the girl who was born was sick with a disease in her stomach, knowing that my sister announced that she was pregnant in a girl

Suha Aliraqi

Suha Aliraqi 5 months ago

Ok, after your permission, I dreamed that I was pregnant at the beginning of the months and without the pregnancy solder and then gave birth to a child born and saw with him a tooth at the top of the gums, what is his interpretation, knowing that I am very much in this period and need your calls


 Moat Med

Moat Med 5 months ago

Peace be upon you, Abu Malik. I ask everyone to pressure you, even Abu Malik sees my message

I promised to tell me that I woke up

I thank God, married

And I saw that I was carrying a dead baby in a plastic bag and my wife as well, and I was going to it until I threw it in a place close to the sea and suddenly I found the soul and returned it to him and after that I met him healthy

I looked at my wife, and she met the second child, who came back to breathe with her

So I embraced the child who was with me and said to my wife, breastfeed him quickly, so I was afraid that there would be something in his stomach that would harm her, and after that I woke up from sleep, I ask you to explain this narration, and I am far from my family, I work in a second country

The narration was 20 minutes before dawn, I prayed dawn in a group, and I called my Lord, but I did not know that I was safe and did not worry

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 Eyesight bit

Eyesight 6 months ago

I am a girl who did not marry him, or I saw a baby drowned. Chit is dead


 Awwad Awwad

Awad Awad, before 4 months

I dreamed


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 Sami Abdullah

Sami Abdullah 7 months ago (modified)

Can you explain this dream to me:

3 days ago, I dreamed of a dream, but I don’t remember the beginning of it. What is the text of the dream. I dreamed that I was buying me clothes. After I completed I bought clothes, I felt like they were in joy, like the joy of the Eid. I was afraid of the revolutionaries and the beauty, and he tried to drive me. Before we continued the path, we met Jamal Ktihiyir and we were unable to cut the road. I stepped on the tree and the tree I fell on one of the little camels until he fell to the ground

After that, I used to hear they were in a person who said: This is his cemetery and determined from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sana'a and Madri. What was eloquent speech and his rhetoric, but what does he remember completely?

The dream followed today

I dreamed that I had left the clothing store and had seen many revolts, and the first time I tried to run away from them, the bull came to my uncle’s right and tried. He deterred me (beating me with his head), but I caught his head and allowed me to deter me and I was shouting until my uncle came and kept him away from me and I was awake and terrified

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 farah Iraq

farah Iraq 7 months ago

I saw a lot of dark places in my dream. I wanted a soul in which I missed, but my father and my mother prevented me and told me that I have a maid and I have a child and there is a jinn in addition to me, but I am looking, so the servant came up with the child Then my family said they must return the boy. I asked the servant. If you returned the boy to her then you would be tortured. She told me sure, they will be angry.

So I left the child with me and referenced her

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violet _k5

violet _k5 10 months ago

If I dream, I am pregnant, I have a girl. I answer a girl with the same vision


 Hedda Al-Hadi

Hedda Hadih for 6 months

Today, I dreamed that I was a child behind and our family visited and blessed, and I am surprised by the child.

). And I fell into myself as a pilgrim and return as a day my mother gave birth to me from sins ..... Because the pilgrims return children from sins and shave their heads)) And Lord, my interpretation is correct


 Rawan Ahmed

Rowan is red for 10 months

I saw that I was sitting in a place and an old neighbor entered us

In fact, she died more than seven years ago

She and some of her daughters entered, in a state of sadness, tears in their eyes all of them, until their mother, may God have mercy on her

They were discussing as if he was in trouble with them

They sat around me and did not hand over to me

So I became Muslim

I just wanted to say hello to their mother, because I said it was like my mother's costume

Opus rejoiced her head and embraced her, and then she delivered even her daughters

I returned to my place and said to their mother, Pray for me that my Lord gives me a beautiful exit

She called me with the same supplication

The dream is over

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 Finesse Albati

Znoosh Albiat accepted 9 months

I dreamed of my mother giving birth to a small child, I did not have hands, and there are two who want to take my mother. I began to take care of me, and I took him and ran, but after that, what did he do? Or pressed me with their hands, and blood came out from him, and when did his interpretation?


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 Hedoush and Jenan

Hadoucheh and Jinan 8 months ago

I always dream about a child


 Riham Mammdouh

Riham Mammdouh 7 months ago

My mother dreamed that she had left a girl and her name is Reham and she is pregnant and called me a dream


 Asma Kaouu

Asma Kaouu 10 months ago

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I had a girl, in fact, she had a daughter, and in the second pregnancy, I had a dream, that I had a son, and the fact that she had a son, and this dream came before I knew the gender of the fetus. and thank Allah the god of everything


 S f

S f 8 months ago

I dream of a baby, I am single, and I have no relationship with someone ?????


 Or abominable

Mother of 6 months

I am a 10-month-old sick girl, I dreamed that I was answering a very, very beautiful girl and I insisted on breastfeeding her and left my sick daughter, what is her interpretation, please?


 My husband and all my life subject

My husband and all my life subject 3 weeks ago

Call me a seed, I called for a responsive relative

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 Mohamed Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud, 3 months ago

Astrologers lied, even if they believed


 You Sef

You Sef 3 months ago

I dreamed that I was a goat. I gave birth to three little children and a goat. The mother of two elderly children was a little, one was scared, one was weak, and I was surprised.


 User User

Yusri Yuseferakbal 10 months

I am a woman who respected my children, their father and my son Omar took them, the entrance to the fourth and the daughter a year and a text and a guardian of them five years to see them or hear any news

I saw in my dream that my son is a father and his father, who is free, accuses me of having kidnapped him, so I feared and said: I do not have where my son is, and I turned, and the moon was shining in the white like the middle of the month. Thunderbolts puffed up in the sky and said, Lord, my Lord, my son died of hunger and thirst, and one of the highest response from heaven comforted me, so I said, Lord, who has defied me that my son has become bones.

This God reward you a thousand good

Your sister, Faten, is 29 years old, married by the second, and I have a child and are now pregnant. I am about to lay down this vision before I carry