‎‎ Face Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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‎‎ Face Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎ Face Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

To see the explanation, watch the video

Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Sherzad saleh ongoing charity

Sherzad saleh Current Charity 4 months ago

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May God’s prayers, peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad

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 Am Raad

Am Raad2 months ago

O Allah, bless and grant peace and blessings upon Muhammad, Muhammad, and Muhammad

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 prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace 2 months ago

O Allah, blessings and peace, and bless our master Muhammad, his family and companions, and from his family, the number of your creation, your consent, the weight of your throne, and the extension of your words

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 Iraqi confusion

Shosha Al-Iraqiiya 1 month ago

O Allah, bless and grant peace and blessings to our master Muhammad, his family and companions, all a thousand thank God, oh Lord, for everything

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 Abdullah Ahmed

Abdullah Ahmed2 months ago

I dreamed of my face very thin and I am in the real my face in the middle of neither fat nor thin

Bachelor, please reply, God bless you

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 The moon slept

The moon slept 1 month ago

In a dream, I saw that I was standing in a clear and clear lake, washing my face, and the water was cold and refreshing. When I washed my face, I was smiling, knowing that I was single.

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 Chouchou Loulou

Chouchou Loulou2 months ago

I saw in my dream, sir, that I spoke to a beautiful woman, a veiled blonde with a white veil, who was with her husband, but I did not see him. I saw him from behind. He was like that.

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 Khalid Bouhmid

Khalid Bouhmid3 months ago

I saw that someone hit my face with shaving pads, cuts my face, and the blood starts to come out from the wound of my father. He looked on my cheek again and again.

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 mhamad hmede

mhamad hmede2 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I dreamed that my companion is a working worker, I asked, I asked what was going on, so I would like to tell me about what I drink saffron, but I will have a lot of his neck.

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 Souzane Souza

Souzane Souza4 months ago

Facial pills,? 4 ???

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 Walid Ahmad

Walid Ahmed 4 months ago

You can do an explanation about the aunt in detail

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 Joe Joe

Joe Joe 2 months ago

Youth, and God is my true right

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 Fhgd Fduh

Fhgd Fduh3 months ago

I saw that I washed a face in the sea, and in front of me two palm trees among them were red dates. Today, I saw a black seed.

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 Adam Fasher

Adam Fasher 4 months ago

I dreamed that I saw the sun rise from the west, what does it mean ????

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 Fatima Ali Al-Shammari

Fatima Ali Al-Shammari 3 months ago

I saw a woman whose face was tired, please reply unmarried

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 Ghali Alaoui

Ghali Alaoui2 months ago

God, stadium, your words are true

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Ali Ali 2 months ago

My brother dreamed of I fell with a dad and my face faded

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 Aisha, Mother of the Believers

Aisha, Mother of the Believers 2 months ago

What is the interpretation of seeing a blond man who is not committed in truth / and in a dream with a blonde beard and has signs of religiosity and commitment, I mean, I looked at his phone because he was pure and bad from suspicions and bad deeds and there were bad daughters

And another dream I dreamed of as if the same person had a bright face like the sun when it appeared in the daytime

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 Kar Poi

Kar Poi3 days ago

Can you explain my dream?

 I dreamed that my face is swollen

Belize Vserli


 Samir Swayati

Samir Swayati 1 month ago

Peace be upon you. I hope the answer I slept after afternoon and saw people screaming at me and I do not know them .... I am a mentally ill and married person and I do not have children

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Ali Ali 1 month ago

I saw the face in the sky shining light, but no face I do not see the rest of his body and that I saw him smiling and very beautiful I wish him I know I will finish his interpretation as soon as possible �����

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 rahaf raha

rahaf raha1 month ago

What does seeing a vision look at one, but the face is not your face?

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 Yousif Muhammad

Yousif Muhammad1 month ago

My brother, you are all your interpretation of a black and white face. What does it mean to color your face in red?

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 Souzane Souza

Souzane Souza4 months ago

Vitiligo in the face what does it mean ????

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 kais ben rbiha

kais ben rbiha3 weeks ago


I saw in a dream that I was sitting in the cafe with friends and relatives suddenly for me, Alia Nour came down and I felt that I was very beautiful and everyone started telling me that I am surprisingly beautiful

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 Calm Sea

Sea Calm 2 weeks ago

Glory be to God, today I saw that it is a bleached face, but it has wrinkles. Praise be to God. You assured me, God willing, good news. Thank you, and God bless your heart.


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 hasbona llah wani3ma lwakil yarabi tfawaj 3laya

hasbona llah wani3ma lwakil yarabi tfawaj 3laya2 weeks ago

Ah à khti hata yana ra2ayt wajhi fih taja3id walakin 9al ghayr mahmoda


 Calm Sea

Sea Calm 1 week ago

@hasbona llah wani3ma lwakil yarabi tfawaj 3laya so what he said see the wrinkles of the married woman and listen to sweet news come back i hear the video focus my love my optimism in the goodness of god


 Riham Bassraoui

Riham Bassraoui2 weeks ago

You see, we have a vision about the makeup face and a ring about makeup

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 Noha Mohamed

Noha Mohamed1 month ago

hair removal. Face in the struggle

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 jno abd

jno abd2 weeks ago

Sheikh, I dreamed that the text of my face became blue. They were one of those who beat me, what is the explanation?

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 Mustafa Abdallah

Mustafa Abdallah2 weeks ago

Peace be upon you, my brother, you have Facebook


 Nour Ouledhaddar

Nour Ouledhaddar3 weeks ago

Peace, Sheikh, I am visible. I am half of my cheeks and swollen in a dream. What is this? May God reward you with good.

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 Luci Aymen

Luci Aymen1 month ago

I pray for my mercy

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 azza kelany

azza kelany3 months ago

The swelling of the face is what it says

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 Om Ayman

Om Ayman2 months ago


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 Lamyae Makhloufi

Lamyae Makhloufi1 month ago

Halamt ana wajhi taja3ed