Earthworm ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Earthworm ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎Earthworm ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new




Narcissus arrows


Narcissus Arrows two days ago (2)


My brother Yusuf Feserly, my dream


I was sitting with my aunt's daughter. I don't remember the place. We smelled a stench. We went to her side. The source of the smell was the clothes of her deceased father. I was able to pull it and put it in front of her. She was very frightened. Suddenly (the dress) came out of a white worm walking in front of me. I told her the cause of the smell is the worm and then we saw a lot of worms in it Light pink feathers, although approachable, but beautiful looking


Knowing that her father passed away about a year ago, please, please explain this dream to me, please.


Another dream from about a month ago I saw myself walking at night and beside my right side is a bird that accompanies me and my left side is a black dog (puppy) accompanies me the black dog seems to protect me and defends me. I ask you to reply, may God reward you from you bountiful brother Joseph


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 Naj Ismail


Naj Ismail 2 days ago (2)


Peace be upon you, my dear brother, with you


From Morocco, I see after the dawn prayer in Ramadan that I am vomiting a lot of worms and I don’t want you to vomit something like black lions like sewage, may God protect you and I was terrified so I stayed with seven in the morning to read the cow




 My home is my life


My home life is one week ago


Peace be upon you and the mercy of God, I saw in a dream that I am in a state where there is a composition in it. 4 Fran turned I embarrassed them by digging it in a green color, and after that I saw his dog, the text of his eggs, the text of a falling back and falling out, Maha white worms, and brought them out of the door of an apartment




 Shaimaa Nader


Shaima Nadir2 months ago (2)


May God reward you, brother Joseph. I dreamed of taking off my tooth, a white worm came out of it, and my dead father says to me: Do you not fear him? Please reply my brother is necessary


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 My children are my life


My children my life accepts 18 hours


Peace be upon you. I am a dream in a dream that the right hand will come out from it bubbles are green and reward you. God is all good. I hope that you will return me




 Samar ALMasry


Samar ALMasry a week ago


May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I am married. I saw a white worm coming out of a hole in my house and another person eating this worm.


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 Nadia Rossi


Nadia Rossi a month ago


May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you .... I dreamed of a baby who had two front teeth biting me and leaving the bite in my hands until it peeled ... And you told his mother, “Look at his actions on me, your babies, and I laugh .... Then the mother said to me, look at your hand, all flakes ... And it removes all dead skin like a snake ... There is no defamation, no wound ... My hands became white like milk .... Thank you




 kura ga rmiany


kura ga rmiany a day ago


Tonight, I saw in a black worm dream, feeding on my head, and the worms were very small.




I hope someone can explain it to me




 The art of life


Art of Life 2 years ago (2)


O Allah, bless our Prophet Muhammad, his family and good companions ♥ ️ Young people in need of support for my channel, please.


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 hicham fidaoui


hicham fidaoui a year ago


May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. May God bless you for the benefit, O Lord, put it in the balance of your good deeds.


I dreamed that a friend gave me a cake, and when I ate it, I felt that I was eating something strange and wanted to remove the bite from my mouth, so if I took the hair out of my hand, then when I looked at the plate I saw that the cake had worms and I spat it (God bless you). I do not remember that I swallowed the bite,


On the same day, I drank a glass of water with salt and read the verses of magic, but I did not vomit (God bless you).


Please benefit, may God bless you.


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 In the name of Allah


In the name of God 10 months ago


Peace be upon you my brother in God, my sister saw that my dead father came out of a worm from his body and said to her cheek this worm and give it to my son to put it under his head, please explain this dream God bless you


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 Shekh Albkara


Shekh Albkara 3 weeks ago


Peace be upon you, my brother, your brother, a new subscriber, your channel, and may God grant us success, I am from Syria, my brother, I dreamed of seeing me worms from the ground, I am playing with a bag, and I wish for your reply, my dear brother




 Al-Qallam Cairo channel


Cairo Dhl channel, 18 hours ago


I dreamed of two worms coming out of my stomach




 Shahd Mohamed


Witnessed 11 months ago


By God, my dream, my dream, I took out of my hair the worms of brown worms, their size is large and the louse is black


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 Yecef Yecef


Yecef Yecef 2 days ago (2)


Oh God, heal all the disease of Muslims




 Aii Aii


Aii Aii 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, I dreamed that my dead mother would ask me for water because it is thirsty and when I have water I see dirty, wormy, and my hands sore


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 Asia Benabd


Asia Benabd a day ago


My brother, I saw Dodd coming out from under my nail and started saying this from the eye, so what is his interpretation?




 Boudraa Zineddine


Boudraa Zineddine 11 months ago


Peace be upon you, my brother. The first dream: In my dream, my mother saw that my deceased grandmother had a white worm and an unpleasant smell coming out of her entire body.


The second dream: In my dream, my aunt saw that my dead grandfather asked her to bath him


Please explain them to me, and may Allah reward you with all the best, God willing.




 Hiwa Hasan


Hiwa Hasan 2 months ago (2)


Peace be upon you .. I saw in my dream that there is a black worm in my eyes. The thumbs did not accept to come out of my hand, but I took it out strongly ... But he told me I have a house in your hand I will return to you


What do you explain ... Greetings to you




 Henna dates


We pass one year ago


Peace, mercy and blessings of God


I saw with dreams, I am in a strange house, I don’t know where I see my sister’s husband with me. I saw worms on my body and in the land of the house by shaking the worms on my body and telling me my sister’s sister, clean the house from Dodd Shaw




 Laila Al-Ghamdi


Darken for two months (2)


I dreamed of pus coming out of my nose pores and looking at him overland and a very large and wormy old man explaining it




 Life is a school


Al Hayat School2 years ago (2)


It is important that we work for you like your right. May God reward you, the best of our honorable Sheikh. I ask God to make it all with the balance of your good deeds on the day of resurrection...


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 Diana Alhakim


Diana Alhakim a year ago


Peace, mercy and blessings of God. I saw black white worms coming up in my legs a lot.


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 Shahd Ali


Shahd Ali a year ago


May God reward you all the best of my brother




 Moody Moody


Moody Moody a year ago


Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Please explain the dream. I dreamed that I am a nutty sitting, and I came to his father. Just what my age has met. I met a few million worms left. I sat the worms chanting from the rest. Please reply, God be upon you.




 Johnny is soft


Johnny facilitated one year ago


Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Brother, I dreamed that the worm was walking with my legs, so I preferred to press on it until it came out of my face


It was white in color




 Jaouad Jawad


Jaouad Jawad a month ago


Peace and mercy of God, my dear brother. I am a married woman and my son Amr two and a half months. Many uncle shouted, "Eat at night, we take to the doctor and my mother by saying you do not fear anything, and he woke up, a terrible contagion, he slept again, and returned a blessing, and I saw the same scenario, I mean the same dream once again, please answer me, but for all my mercy.


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 Bridge light


Nour Jesri before one month


Peace be upon you, I slept on the ablution and remembrance of sleep, and I dreamed that I would walk with a vagabond on the street and give me a plate in which there was raw beef and I would eat and with a friendly tenderness in it and with a sense of humor in my mind with the eye of the homeless person and my leg that you ate the beef breast and this meat is forbidden to eat




 Sara Meroc


Sara Meroc 2 weeks ago (2)


Peace be upon you. I saw my son, Mlyn Dodd, please. So, please, hey, I am not going to change me, but for two months




 A smile of hope


Laughter hope 3 months ago




I dreamed that I ate something and then met a mine and turned into a worm




 Mother of gardens


Umm Janat Jannat2 months ago (2)




God bless your efforts


In a dream, I saw a white worm honoring you


On my belly skin, and I started lifting it


All I woke up from sleep is better than others


And I'm uploading it


God willing, the best dream


God bless you


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 Zoza Thapet


Zoza Thapet 3 months ago


May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I saw in a dream that I was prepared for a grave as if to open it, and a very bad smell came from it, so I returned from my mouth with blood in worms. Thank you


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 Abdullh A


Abdullh A 11 months ago


Peace be upon you..My daughter dreamed that she was standing on the grave of a girl that you do not know, and this grave is open from the middle and a lot of worms continue to come out of it, leaving any flowing and there were many people watching as well..Please reply please and may God reward you well ..