‎‎ Crying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

القائمة الرئيسية


‎‎ Crying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎ Crying Islamic‎ Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new


karlosy k I want an explanation that the father is crying with a girl on the day of Talaat I have been married, meaning a wedding day


 Layla Nejme

Layla Nejme2 years ago

Peace be upon you, my brother, I am Laila Najma, I always search for you about my dream, and there is no answer. Wang alone is paralyzed.


 mail Hathat

mail Hathat1 year ago

karlosy k, woman, married, wright, in mamma, na, rejoice, marry, sad, because they return, that exclude me, from my husband.


 Abdul Hadi Al-Hafyan

Abdul Hadi Al Hafyan 1 year ago

karlosy k interpretation of Surat Al-Naba 'in a dream


 Lulu Lulu

Lulu Lulu 1 year ago

karlosy k i dreamed of my uncle harassing my sister


 The carpeting of carpets

Sajjadyad Al Sajjad Al Rabie 1 year ago

You can explain the fall of the house


 Ahmed Mido

Ahmed Mido1 year ago

karlosy k


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 CHARKI Charki

CHARKI Charki6 months ago

Please my brothers, I have a boy, a girl, a pregnant woman with a twin, and I have a pregnancy problem that is narrow. I invite me with a livelihood and I answered our prayers.

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 Your satisfaction, Lord

Your satisfaction, Lord, 3 months ago

May Allah make it easier for you


 Trader Fatima Zahra Kamli

Trader Fatima Al-Zahra Kamli 2 months ago

God frees you


 Pride of a girl

Girl Pride 1 month ago

Oh Lord Chavez


 Dalaa Eissa

Dalaa Eissa1 month ago

God bless her, Lord


 Muhammad Abu Al-Ezz

Muhammad Abu Al-Ezz 3 weeks ago

Cooley, God


 lin nolk

lin nolk2 weeks ago

God stop with you, so be careful


 Chaima Dough

Chaima Dough5 months ago

Yaman, I read my comment. Make a good call to marry someone whom I love Jacob, whom I saw in a dream quarreling with a brother because of me. And I am crying in tears. A call to the good of my loved ones. You will not lose anything by calling a good invitation. 40 Strange responders.

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 rehana rehana

rehana rehana1 year ago

Here is the truth. Whoever dreams he cries in a dream. Crying, joy, they will be more joyful

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 ⵎⴰⵙⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⵙⴰ ⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ

ⵎⴰⵙⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⵙⴰ ⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ9 months ago

I saw myself crying in a dream, and after a year I became a millionaire and immigrated from my home country outside the country

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 Reem Reem

Reem Reem 5 months ago

When you see your honor, I saw with a dream that I was crying and I was impoverished


 Reem Reem

Reem Reem 5 months ago

Lewin immigrated God feed me immigration say Amen


 Reem Reem

Reem Reem 5 months ago

Lewin immigrated God feed me immigration say Amen


 samira tlm

samira tlm3 months ago

God bless us until our Lord


 somaya beauty life

somaya beauty life3 months ago

God is with you my brother


 habeb alkenane

habeb alkenane1 month ago

@Reem Reem can hate to China


 Fahad Al-Ali

Fahad Al-Ali 3 weeks ago



 Asmaa Djemai

Asmaa Djemai1 year ago

I cry a lot in a dream because I see my dead father, and indeed my sorrow for him.

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 Fleuritta Sandy

Fleuritta Sandy1 year ago


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 kamar 1999

kamar 19991 year ago

Sister, I am my dream, like your dream, what does that mean?

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 Huda Alawi

Huda Alawi1 year ago



 nabe SG

nabe SG1 year ago

God have mercy on him with his vast mercy

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 One American Diary

One American Diary 1 year ago

@nabe SG May God take care of you


 Sousou Heni

Sousou Heni1 year ago


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 No Nämē

No Nämē1 year ago

I implant my dream

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 Yasen Al jamal

Yasen Al jamal1 year ago

Crying Faraj, and seeing your father is evidence that you did not distribute his soul.


 Yasen Al jamal

Yasen Al jamal1 year ago

@kamar 1999 crying Faraj Kanti in trouble and will release God willing


 Nssjsssjj Jddsjj

Nssjsssjj Jddsjj1 year ago

GOD hears from you


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 Peculiar stranger

Al-Bakmuli 2 years ago

O God, do not excuse me as an individual, and it is the best of the inheritors, O Most Merciful, O a Merciful, grant me and give to all the deprived of the offspring, my Lord

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GALAXY S52 years ago

The bizarre stranger, may God bless you and bless us with good offspring

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 ۧڕ ۧڕ ۧڕ ۧڕ ٰ۫ۓ ٰ۫ۓ ٰ۫ۓ ٰ۫ۓ ٰ۫ۓ ֆ

ۧڕگہٰ۫ۓۧڕۧڕٰ۫ۓٰ۫ۓٰ۫ۓٱٱٰ۫ۓ ֆ 1 year ago

The total bizarre stranger, may God bless you, grant us, Lord, and feed every craved person

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 Peculiar stranger

Al-Bakmuli 1 year ago

GALAXY S5 Amen, Lord of the worlds, for all, my Lord


 Peculiar stranger

Al-Bakmuli 1 year ago

ۧڕگہٰ۫ۓۧڕ ۧڕۧڕٰ۫ۓٰ۫ۓ مين Amen, Lord of the worlds, for everyone, my Lord


 Ekramy Saad

Ekramy Saad1 year ago

Our Lord compensates us all with good offspring, Lord


 Moroccanۃ and proud

Moroccanۃ and proud 1 year ago

May God bless you with good offspring and fulfill your aspirations


 Allah Akber

Allah Akber1 year ago

My Lord bless you with good seed, Lord of the worlds


 Oscar Andre

Oscar Andre 1 year ago

Oh God, I go to you with our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, O Muhammad, I am directing you to my Lord, and he fulfills his need. Oh God, grant him the righteous offspring and the sample of the Lord of the worlds and all of the nation of Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace


 Rahman, Rahman

Rahman Yar Rahman 1 year ago

Amen Lord of the Worlds


 Asmae Ismail

Asmae Ismail1 year ago

Oh God, illiterate, Lord


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 hafsa riiifia

hafsa riiifia1 year ago

O Allah, make us among the people of Heaven!

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 Fathi Axiem Aldali

Fathi Eziem El-Dali 2 years ago

But we are in Libya, we are saying the dream to me reversing it, I mean, I dreamed that you are crying its meaning, you will be happy, and God knows best.

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 Hakim Bob

Hakim Bob1 year ago

My sister passed away, and I always thought about her while she was one of the birds of heaven

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 Hope Hope

Hope Hope 7 months ago

Your calls to us to get rid of the world and their distress and release us and all those who are illiterate

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 Oh God protect Iraq and its people

Oh God, protect Iraq and its people 6 months ago

I dreamed of crying and I fell asleep. They found my soul crying

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Safa, 10 months ago

Crying in a dream that indicates joy or sadness with me like you

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 Do not be sad, God will compensate you one day with what you wished

Do not be sad, God will compensate you one day with what you wished 4 months ago

Whoever blesses one of them, may God bless him and grant him peace, has ten times more "", may God bless him and grant him peace, "than prayers upon him?

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 Prisoner of sadness

Prisoner of Sadness 1 year ago

Crying in a dream means longing

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 asasasas nothing

asasasas nothing1 year ago

I once dreamed of crying with burning and great sadness, and I lost the length of the dream, crying, because I did not meet a high rate, and whoever I sleep from my face was all tears.

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 Sham al-Qasim

Sham Al Qasim 1 year ago

I pray to my brother, may God relieve his family

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 Miyadadodo 2014

Miyadadodo 20141 year ago

I dreamed of crying with a voice, and when an hour passed after the dream, it became problems in my family's house and I cried

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 Mohamed Harbia

Mohamed Harbia1 year ago

O Allah, blessings and peace, bless our master and Mawlana Muhammad, prayed

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 Mallem Chahinaze

Mallem Chahinaze1 year ago

The interpretation of my dream is that I saw heavy rains and caused a flood, and I was standing next to my house, but the place was very high and almost reached me, but the rain stopped while I saw astonishing in the high of the water, as two men appeared, one of them exceeding beauty and description, and he wore a white shirt and blue pants, and he said to me, do not be afraid to plunge into the water and bring I wanted to see him eagerly, and I went to tell my mother, so when I went out of the house and started to see outside, I found that there is no water or rain, God bless you, explain my dream

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 Aya Mohammad

Aya Muhammad 1 year ago (edited)

My old man, I dreamed that I was crying and said to my beloved, We needed some relative, and I cried, and with us in the dream was a woman, a daughter, and a sister of my fiancé, and this girl was giving me my love, and I was walking, and the sister of my beloved, and I saw him to stop me.

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 Time Fitness Pro lFBB

Time Fitness Pro lFBB1 year ago

I dreamed about your dream on our master Hussein, may God have mercy on him, and his interpretation of a dream

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 Gauri responded

Juri replied 2 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I am one of your sister from Syria today. I have seen many Syrian people who have been displaced by homework and blessed in a semi-deserted place. I am very much helpful and tired of you and I say between myself and myself

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 Añ l AÑ

I’m AÑ11 months ago

By God, I did not meet someone to explain / I was happy with someone, then he died in front of me and cried with severe cries with screaming / and for today I think about it

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 Ali Tmimy

Ali Tmimy8 months ago

I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba that I am tormented because I want my beloved for a year and God and His Messenger are friendly. I live in hard days. Please remember me with God and pray

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 Wafaa Ali

Wafaa Ali11 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My brother in God, I ask you to answer my question

My father is behind in his dream that I cried for gold

What is the interpretation of that? Please reply

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 So3diya So3diya

So3diya So3diya1 year ago

Put water in this heat for cats and birds in front of houses and on top of roofs. With this great reward, pay the scourge, so you do not know any goodness that enters you to paradise and pushes you from the scourge and misfortunes of the world ... Think of it to all people

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izx21 year ago

Oh, my father’s group. An explanation for this dream. I was in a dark closed room, and I was stuck on a chair. Then I woke up. I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I saw all my face tears and my eyes are red. I want an explanation about this dream.

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 Kw Xz

Kw Xz2 years ago

Crying in a dream means vulva

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 Oumaima Riham

Oumaima Riham7 months ago

Islam Alecom, and have mercy on God, Sheikh, my dear yesterday, my fiance is a dream, I am uncle shouting at him and saying your hatred, and unfortunately crying a lot

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 Rachouani Amira

Rachouani Amira5 months ago


My friend saw in a dream that I stole a bus and installed it together. I am driving it and she is by my side. Suddenly, we caught a policeman and allowed us to steal and then parted with the girlfriend

Please explain, may Allah reward you

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 Ali Said

Ali Said6 months ago

Hallelujah and praise, Hallelujah great

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 Noor Iraqi

Noor Iraqi 1 year ago

A medicine I dreamed of my grandfather would not be a sick patient I dreamed of wanting to die, and we want to explain it for an explanation for how long I understand something from it, so God answered me. May God bless you, and I will recover from washing the whole body.

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 Fatima de me

Fatima de Anna 9 months ago

By God, I dreamed that my little cousin was drowning, and I could not find out what to do

And after yes, on the water, he drank again, he dived, and he saw two tannins, and his two legs came down and saw - and they went up and then they met them saying that my uncle to the son of Qalwan died and then he appeared to me that my cousin was living and then he appeared to me my uncle I said, if you did, let me talk to me, talk to anyone, and say: She was crazy about speaking himself, and he did not see his chef, but the place to me was in him, but it changed

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 Daughters aged

ݪ ٰ ͢ ٰ ٰ خ ـ 10 10 years ago

Praise be to God, and thank God, it removes dominance and grief, and extends its lives Amin Ya Rab

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 Amir's mother

Umm Amir 6 months ago

Did you see my brother's wife crying knowing that he has been traveling for two years

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 Zahora flower

Zahra Zahra 3 months ago

If I die, by God, I dream of my father اب Mama, I would like to have a name • God is upon her and my father is without crying and nothing is wrong. ̯ ̯ ‍♂ ‍♂ كل هم هم هم هم هم ❈ ّ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ّ ّ ْ

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 Nouna Cute

Nouna Cute 1 year ago

I dreamed that I am a man, whose daughters are nuts, and they plastered them, so what is the interpretation of the dream?

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 The secret hurts me

Confidentiality hurts 1 year ago

God bless you

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 Yassin R

Yassin R10 months ago

Peace be upon you and mercy. I have seen my brother dead multiple times and I cry for him and sometimes I see him

Dead and opens his eyes and then carry it in the form of a spectrum less than a year old

And my brother is bad

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