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Cleaning Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Cleaning Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Cleaning Dream Meaning and Interpretations

To see the explanation, watch the video




Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

rawan fdl

rawan fdl3 months ago (edited)

Amanah read my comment, what is the interpretation of the embrace of a cancer patient? I dreamed that I embraced a cancer patient while she was my relative, and I was crying when she embraced it. Please explain to me and everyone who read my comment like you please so that the Sheikh

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 Tahar DZ

Tahar DZ1 day ago

My father is dead in the midst of Sha’ban God have mercy and in the first days of Ramadan he came to my friend and told me that your father came to me in a dream and said to him: Go to my son and do not leave him alone and he said to him we add with him from the scraps and he said to him sell the iron and take care of you and him and he explained to him how The house is clean and we add it in a dream very quickly. He said to him: Make a rabbit house, a house of ducks, and chicken. Let him go around. This place is not a house, but part of the house like a barn. The smell of the water smelled of flowers.

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 celine dion

celine dion4 months ago

Did not say housekeeping protection for single women.

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 Know your valuable religion

Know your Values ​​Religion 4 days ago (edited)

My brother Ismail, I saw that I came at the house and saw in front of him and not inside the house very clean and shiny and I thought that my wife cleaned it like this was in my mind in a dream and I did not have the opportunity to ask her in a dream or I did not know who cleaned in front of the house ..

(Please explain this dream with sincere thanks) and respect for you ..

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 Nermin robi

Nermin robi4 months ago

May God reward you with good. I am married in an absolute ruling. I mean, I will be released soon. Please, meaning the cleaning of a house as if it was the family’s home, but Mush is with a dead, or a dead mother. May God reward you with good.

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 Mirage Mirage

Mirage Mirage 4 months ago (edited)

May God reward you, Professor. Please provide us with an episode on the frequency of seeing old classmates (especially primary).

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 Nazy Nazy

Nazy Nazy3 months ago

Thanks a lot, separate from a year ago. I saw in a dream that I wash the house with very strong water, and I found the explanation in this video.

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 Hatem Hatem

Hatem Hatem4 weeks ago

My grandmother dreamed of saying sweep the house, and my uncle once, I was upset that I set him up, and she said we add the house and found an old solution.


 intesar iraq

intesar iraq1 month ago

May God bless you, our sheikh. I came from Iraq. I dreamed that people’s homes are under the ground and the roof of the house is to be on the floor. The rest of the house is underneath. And I wander around the houses and give them food because they do not go out and tell me that you don’t give us an impression, so people will answer his sin because of our corona. He grabs the cleanser, his head cut off, and he turns into a pomegranate suspended, but without peeling. The color of the pomegranate love is beautiful. What is the interpretation of my dream?

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 Ahmed Fares

Ahmed Fares 4 months ago

I saw in my dream that the people of the house knew their celibacy

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 Mark Ahmad

Highlight Ahmad1 month ago

May God bless you and protect you and guide you with your life, Lord of the worlds, may God reward you with good and may God bless you

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 Galas El bylka

Galas El bylka3 weeks ago

Actually, I saw your thoughts about myself fairly with a strange house and with water and water. Actually, there was reconciliation between me and my husband after a long absence and enthusiasm. Thank you, teacher.


 White Rose

White Rose 4 months ago

God bless you Praise be to Allaah

Can you talk about the roots of betrayal trees and try to pull them off the ground? I saw that I was trying to say them, and they were solid and intertwined with each other and I could not


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 Diary of Anakhwati

Diary of My Anachite 4 months ago

I dreamed that my house was lazy, as I would clean. 2 My sister Josie and my Slavs were sitting on his sofa, in front of the bathroom or my mother-in-law. For me, please put the washing machine in God, please reply

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 Joujou Walid

Joujou Walid4 months ago

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God, O Sheikh, may God bless you

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 Hanan Jebur

Hanan Jebur3 weeks ago

So, if you can explain my dream, I dreamed of adding to the balcony the money of the house that I had, and my husband watching him from the bottom of the curtains. In fact, it has become 4 months separate that I and my husband are in Iraq, and he is in the present now if possible.


 Emerald Moussawi

Zumurd al-Musawi 3 months ago

By God, you are the most honorable person. I wish you success in all your work, God willing

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 Roro Roro

Roro Roro4 months ago

A story about interpretation of drawing in a dream allowed us to draw a painting

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 soula loula

soula loula3 weeks ago

Please explain this dream. Please, I am married, and I dreamed that I would add a mirror to my room. What does this mean? Please reply.


 Instagram - i.o2t

Instagram - i.o2t2 months ago

Praise be to God.

Glory be to my Lord ...

. Praise God and goodness

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 Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower 1 month ago

The vision of cleaning the apartment of ours, but concluding it, the truth is after what Baba died .. The dream is that we opened the apartment and we were cleaning it and with us the deceased Baba was, so the truth exists, the dream lives with us, so the apartment?


 Salma Cora

Salma Cora2 weeks ago

Thank you, my dear brother. May God reward you. Today I dreamed of adding a strange house from Ghubr

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 Subhana Allah

Subhana Allah1 week ago

O Sheikh, I dreamed that I am adding a room in my grandfather’s house while he is sitting in that room. He doesn’t talk to me after a while. A strange man entered us. He extended his hand for peace on me, but I refused and said to him, I’m not shouting the men. He was smiling and went out. I’m completing the cleaning in that room. Married and have children, God bless all the best


 Fati Noor

Fati Noor3 weeks ago

I saw what the sleeper saw as two sisters who were single in my house sitting and said to her sister, I put the clothes in the machine, and the other one came, and we are talking about what I don't understand. Is it a vision or the pressure of dreams?


 zaid zaid

zaid zaid2 weeks ago (edited)

(Bachelorette) .. fix the house from inside .. fix the land the house and the walls fix everything again ..... I want you to explain and thank you


 Shady Rady

Shady Rady4 months ago

Medicine, seeing the survey, not sweeping, is there any difference?

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 Deradji Sousou

Deradji Sousou3 months ago (edited)

What is the interpretation of a dream I saw my former fiance cleans his apartment, which is full of dirt and dust, dirty, cleans it. I entered the house and cleaned it well. I did not speak to him even with a word. I ask you to explain the science. I have a short period of separation from it.

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 Roro Roro

Roro Roro4 months ago

I saw that someone drew a picture of me with wool on it decorated with wool a pink wool thread

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 sabi sabrina

sabi sabrina4 months ago

Can you explain my dream? I dreamed that the bath tub was full of murky water, and I released the sewer. All the water flowed and I cleaned the whole house, knowing that I was going through a period of depression, I am pregnant.


 Good, good

Hassan Hassan 1 month ago

Peace be upon you, my husband's dream, I am cleaning my brother's house and they called me, Huh, so that we can go, please explain


 abdo, sugar, meaning elsawy

abdo No sugar means elsawy4 months ago

Okay, clean the street

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 Jasmine perfume

Jasmine Perfume 2 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw the cleanest of my house in the water, and I was upset in a dream. I wish it would be answered. Thank you


 Noor Al-Zahra

Nour Al-Zahraa 2 weeks ago

Well done God bless you


 abo AHMAD

abo AHMAD4 months ago

Peace be upon you: Interpretation of the vision of praying alone on the way for a single young man

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 We do not follow

Labanboa we have followed 3 months ago

I dreamed that our house was dusty and dust, and we slept with our friends. So I got up from the morning, because I don't want to sleep before what they wake up, so I rinsed and said to my sister, I will give them breakfast, and after me I rinse. Anyone who knows explains safety



AMERA sy1 month ago

I saw in sleep that I was cleaning the house, I and somebody, we loved each other and left us for a while, I mean, do we return?


 khadija abdessalam

khadija abdessalam4 months ago

God bless you, our teacher, and reward you with the best reward, O Lord

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 Noha Mohamed

Noha Mohamed3 weeks ago

Cleaning. Home to. As for (for singles / disposal, worries. After a long period of time. From worries. Getting to know a life partner / or creating a new / graduating project in education. Upgrading at work / cleaning a home / starting a new home with someone you love. / Getting rid of bad credit.


 rotinat naziha

rotinat naziha4 months ago

ana hlmt bira tan gbt l'ma mn l'bir u tan 3amar fi astal o ma bgax i 3marlia.

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 Aicha Toumi

Aicha Toumi2 months ago

And annoying what you do not directly explain the dream to people.

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 Zizi Muhammad

Zizi Muhammad 4 months ago

We were pleased with this explanation, God bless you

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 Zainab Al-Hussein

Zainab Al Hussain 1 week ago

O Sheikh I saw that I was in the school house for my daughter and her house was dirty and chaos and in the dream we sat in the river and then I went to do ablution and I in the bathroom came out of Dodd Keith and then I went to the original and found a wedding dress and I wore it and I prayed and I appeared to me a strange man and I pray please forgive me in my vision


 Tears of sorrows

Tears of Sorrows 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh I saw myself cleaning a strange place, there is an army, and the place I clean is dirty water, black color

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 Hanaa Asmaeel

Hanaa Asmaeel3 months ago

Peace is wise

 I saw my daughter cleaning the house with water while she was rinsing my mother-in-law and I meant my predecessor. What is the interpretation of this dream?


 Saeeda Mostafa

Saeeda Mostafa4 months ago

May Allah reward you

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 Aya Salah

Aya Salah2 months ago

I am a married woman who dreamed of cleaning my friend's house from dust, and I was cleaning an insect that caught my boy and bitten me


 Oh God, make the grave of my mother a kindergarten from Paradise

Oh God, make the grave of my mother Rawda from Riyadh Paradise 1 month ago

May God reward you with the best of me that I am a widower


 Sad, sad

Sad Sad 3 months ago

God exhorts you Sheikh and relaxed, you are happy with it


 Kawtar Akdor

Kawtar Akdor3 months ago (edited)

Please my brother, what is the interpretation of a dream of seeing that my house is scattered, untidy, and dirty, and my generous neighbor and her children came to me as she knocked on the door. I hurried to collect the scattered clothes, but the house was a lot of scattered and untidy, so I entered it and I was inspired by it, so she cleaned the house with me and she was advising me not to leave me your house scattered and unclean like that and she helped me in Initially, I was not satisfied with her help, but I thought that my mother and her name, Fateh, had thanked her because she was helping me while I had children and I could not be alone, then I heard knocking at the door and my husband found it good and I said to her son Hamza, go tell him to go up until your mother comes out and my neighbor says to me look at your niece Salwa She is awake Early and cleaned herself and her husband returned Here Thank God we collected the house and did not find it as it was very dirty and then Astiqdt

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 Boumahrouk Wafia

Boumahrouk Wafia3 months ago

I am married, and I dream about this dream from time to time, and the dream is always repeated, and my passion is cleaning my mother’s house and my father’s house. My family is not between me. I am from dirt, sometimes from rubbish, and sometimes important tree feathers. I always clean from the inside to the garden, and I don’t know what to explain.


 asmaa gemy

asmaa gemy4 months ago

I see along in the dream that I am blessed and be with my deceased mother

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 Noha Mohamed

Noha Mohamed3 weeks ago

House cleaning for isolation / marriage and anxiety elimination. And all


 Az Az

Az Az1 month ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I always dream about my mother-in-law talking together and cleaning her house with the broom and the water


 Azrael is Algerian

Azrael Algeria 2 months ago

See my boss's office cleaning up and tell her why you left the place dirty


 Sami Djahel

Sami Djahel3 months ago

O Sheikh, repeat my sleep, seeing the sewing machine. Once I see a girl I know, and she is single. I teach her the sewing. Once, I sew in her. I am married and a mother of children. May God reward you.


 Sea star

Sea Star 2 months ago

Peace be upon you. Sheikhneh. I saw a dream in a dream. I wash the school and the principal gave me a book for children to read.


 Fahoudi mother

Umm Fahudi 1 month ago

May God bless you with goodness, and rejoice in you, as you blessed me with an explanation


 Ghada Ahmad

Ghada Ahmad2 months ago

If possible, do the house entrance survey and cleaning, or renew the house entrance, and any difference between wiping and sweeping


 Ritaj Salsabil

Ritaj Salsabil4 months ago


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 Instagram - i.o2t

Instagram - i.o2t2 months ago

God bless you


 Pretty Smile

Pretty Smile4 months ago

God bless you


 Faiza Sulieman

Faiza Sulieman1 day ago

Thank you very much for the explanation and clarification


 Hanane Othman

Hanane Othman4 months ago

Oh good, this dream has been repeated with me many times

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 Leila Mabchour

Leila Mabchour2 months ago

Peace be upon you, my daughter, who has 12 years old, dreamed that she was cleaning a big house


 0 0

0.02 months ago

Interpretation of cleaning wiping the kitchen floor in a dream I'm single


 Ahmed Amr

Ahmed Amr2 months ago

Please explain my dream

I dreamed that I was buzzing at work

I am an employee and have some problems with my job


 Kawthar Hassan Aljaf

Kawthar Hassan Aljaf3 months ago

May Allah reward you


 I liked your video

I liked this video 4 months ago

I thought that I would sweep with the daughters of whom I know their house, and its origin was simple, they had dinner and salvation from the dinner, and I had a clean sweeper, and I used to brush the beds and sweep the rice underneath them and the dreams ended / married woman

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 Take advantage of life

Benefiting From Life 3 weeks ago

Fein helps us explain the vision of poison on the knife in a dream


 Yttfgh Dhnvcc

Yttfgh Dhnvcc4 months ago

I brought a vacuum cleaner, I saw a cleaner with a regular vacuum, but did not complete FD


 Instagram - i.o2t

Instagram - i.o2t2 months ago

A strange and clean house. I wash it with water, and I saw my brother's wife, Iman, what he explained


 Tt Rt

Tt Rt4 months ago (edited)

Seeing myself, I wipe the ceramic and the place is clean, but with a wipe with my hair and there is someone who said shampoo, your hair will be bleached. I said no, there is no need, my hair was very long, and the wipe was completely clean.

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Monia 2 months ago

I dreamed of cleaning the house of my aunt or my husband with water, after I cleaned, I sat eating meat and rice


 Chaima Chichi

Chaima Chichi4 months ago

I dreamed of adding my aunt's house

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 nounou soussou

nounou soussou4 months ago

What is the interpretation of seeing my divorced woman having her front teeth out of the necessity a little and the saliva coming out of her mouth and having hair in her thighs and she is curved next to the bedside edging on the side of my wife's place of sleep as if she was cleaning or sweeping or something like that please please from you and is not something that explains I have this vision, knowing that you do not interpret the comments only once. I am an Algerian. I consider you a guest. Thank you

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 Nada Mouna

Nada Mouna4 months ago

Peace be upon you, honorable teacher. Can you explain this dream: I saw that I was a bass passenger and was moving and I saw on my way that my older sister and her name are intact driving my car and she has a month since I got a driver's license in the sense that it has no competence in driving and I saw my car crashed from the back on the left side and I stayed I look at my car and cry, and if I see her husband, he got out of my car, whoever was with her while she was shopping my car, and on the idea of ​​his name Salim, and I woke up from sleep, and I cried with tears in my eyes, and I say traitors, do not love me, you want to destroy me, I am waiting for you to reply, thank you in advance.

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 Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan4 months ago (edited)

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I dreamed I was contagious alongside my husband’s brother’s house and his old age. His name was Fouad. He used to wipe the house with a lot of water, and the house was very wide.

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 Diary of Anakhwati

Diary of Anwakhti 4 months ago

And I dreamed that I am on the roof of my shop, and the air is airy, I cut the curtain in the bowl, except on the roof, and I say, my sisters Josie, has the right to remove the curtain,

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 Aya Cell

Aya Cell1 month ago

Please, I dreamed that I am uncle by removing the dirt with hands. Please explain. Thank you very much


 Marry Jo

Marry Jo3 months ago

Clear the floor of our house, please !?