Child Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

القائمة الرئيسية


Child Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Child Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new



 Raffle Raffle


Rafal Rafl before 4 months


Good morning. Maybe you do not know the dream. It entices me to dream. I dreamed that I had gone up and came to the house, so I once had a splint in life and was stinging with tartar with his hand a splint of eggplant and splashing on me and from his lips I invented from its shape she tried to bind me and obligated me, but quickly I left and left and closed the door and I went to you I was strong, I broke the door and missed Baba, she didn't see him, but I saw him walking up a staircase, and gave me a fresh smile, but I was afraid that I won


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 Mohamed Mohamed


Muhammad Muhammad before one month


I dreamed of a son with a beautiful baby. And he mixed it




 Yassin Yass


Yassin Yass 3 weeks ago


I dreamed: My sister, I am, I buy, clothes, girl, little girl, and I am pregnant.




 aa aa


aa aa 10 months ago (modified)


I am not married, and I dreamed of a baby boy who is craving and I fell asleep. I felt attached to it ���������


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 Ayat 1992


Ayat 1992 9 months ago






 Mohammed aleraqi


Muhammed Al-Araiq 7 months ago


Anna, they are Haig I dreamed of




 Thamer Al-Iraqi


Thamer Al-Araiq for 8 months


A dream to see A dream to see A dream to see pity from the policeman I took it I took the answer I give




 greetings to the one who destroyed my life


Greetings to anyone who ruined my life one year ago


My son died in my stomach, and I kept my hand 30 days ago, and two days I dreamed that I was pregnant, and the second day I dreamed that I was at the hands of a baby, and I did not know what to do. I saw someone responding to him now so tense I did not have children




 Aoun Darraji


Aoun al-Daraj, 8 months ago


I am single, I dreamed that I had met a beautiful girl and told her that I have a son




 Love your breath


I love your breath 3 months ago


Let me know the pregnant month this year




 wissou ania


wissou ania 10 months ago


alhamdou li allah w behamdih




 Ayoub Gasmi


Ayoub Gasmi 4 months ago


God bless you




 Rehana or Abdullah


Rehana Umm Abdullah, 3 weeks ago


Lord, grant me what I expect from you, and you are the best evangelists of the world. ♥ ️




 And Ashlon Maglik overrated, and Ashlon Maglik overrated


And Ashlon Maglik overrated, and Ashlon Maglik overrated one year ago


Oh my God


Oh my God


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 Ahmed Saeed Allah, they are, may God bless him and Muhammad


Ahmed Saeed Allah, they are praying, may God protect him and Muhammad, 6 months before


I saw my aunt in a dream crying about his adoption because he was leaving Yeshil without a house.




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 Ahmed Saeed Allah, they are, may God bless him and Muhammad


Ahmed Saeed Allah, they are praying, may God protect him and Muhammad, 6 months before


Her son pardoned




 Carpets, my soul


Carpets, my soul, 2 years ago (2)






 Mimi Mimi


Mimi Mimi a month ago


My Lord, do not leave me alone while you are the best of inheritors




 Amina Amouna


Amina Amouna 4 months ago


My Lord, do not know me as an individual and you are the best of inheritors


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 Hamoudi Hammoudi


Hammoudi Hammouda one year ago


Hello, I am pregnant in the ninth month, and I dreamed that I have a sick boy and a girl who has many sweet treats like the moon. Can you please explain?




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 Nour usuale


Nour usuale a year ago


What did you do, boy or girl?




 Hassan Alabdullah


Hassan Alabdullah a year ago


The orphan girl


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 Jasmine Sham


Yasmine Sham, 5 months ago


My Lord, grant me from you a good button, that you hear prayers




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karlosy 5 months ago


The right thing: “Lord, give me a good offspring, for you will hear the supplication.”




 Farid Abdul Amir


Farid Abdul-Amir, 5 months ago


I am the daughter of his estate, and I dreamed of my mother answering 2 boy. Explanation, please




 ,, Mmm


,, One year ahead


And I allowed my family to sleep, my child was in the hands of my mother, and suddenly he disappeared. He was in a fruitful tree in the rooms that were sitting in it. My child was high on the tree and I was afraid for him not to be flattened. My mother told me not to fear that he would fall into my hand. Indeed, my mother’s shawl fell between her hands and praise be to God.




 qwertyuiopqw qwertyuiopqw


qwertyuiopqw qwertyuiopqw over 2 years ago (2)


Invite me to the offspring


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 Lächeldnnißa Vielteuer


Lächeldnnißa Vielteuer a year ago


I dreamed of this dream in the winter season (last January 2019)


He used to occupy my mind during this period to get my work fee (English teacher in high school) and also to marry an honest and good man


I am a female ... I am 25 years old ... single. My health is a movement disability in my left hand




During the dream, I think I was in the summer ... I dreamed that I was in a clear and white place ... I was with my father and a very beautiful and handsome foreign man. My father and the foreign man were lying on their stomach. And I was sitting next to the foreign man who was touching and flirting with my right hand. ... And in the presence of my father, this foreign man gave me a silver ring set with a red sapphire ... This ring was very beautiful, but it was very old and its ring was twisted ....


My father told me to accept the stamp and keep it though ... keep the stamp as my father ordered me to. But I went to the market intending to buy a ring with a silver set with rubies, sweeter than the first closing ... and I would buy the ring with the money of the foreign man, not my father's money or my own money. ..And I remember not finding the right ring so I didn't buy anything.


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 Or kings or kings


Mother of Kings Mother of Kings two years ago (2)


By God, I am pregnant with a girl, and I dreamed of his intention being Galat’s interpretation




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 espoire amoula


espoire amoula over 2 years ago (2)


Why do we have in Algeria tell us that when you dream of a boy or a child, they will afflict you and distress, and here is the opposite of that. Thank you.




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 girl kirkuk


girl kirkuk over 2 years ago (2)


espoire amoula Yes, it is true, this Hajji in Iraq, Kurdistan, is the craze for food




 F Jj


F Jj 9 months ago


I dreamed of having two children so beautiful, please tell me what it means


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 Girlhood hashish


Girlh hashish, 5 months ago


Can you explain seeing a giant kid attacking me?




 My trust in my Lord is enough for me


My trust in my shine is 4 months ago (edited)


My children are 10 and 11, I dreamed that I saw them, they came back, Zagar, Omar, my daughter, 10, I saw him, Bibi, I had a dream, I mean, he was months old, my son was 11 years old,




 She built the sheikh *


I built the Sheikh * 6 months ago


Aarab, you know what the hearts are


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 Ali Muhammad


Ali Muhammed 3 months ago






 Lover's longing


Nostalgia Twenty Years (2)


Peace be upon you, I am married and I have three children, and I dreamed that my little child in a dream had appeared for two teeth. Please explain the dream




 Muntadhar Al-Iraqi


Waiting for Iraq two months ago (2)


Oh God, Lord of the worlds, matter to you




 Adlabia wali raised head and remains for hope


Adlabia wali raised head and remains for the next one year


I saw a dream and corrected me for the dawn ears, and I saw a long snake that I did not see its end and she was walking, on the road and everyone saw with a path she was throwing her tongue on him twice and she went away and you were on the way so she approached me and uttered this supplication and called and said, O God, do not make it easy, so it is easy for him.


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 Gurmit Chaudhary


Gourmet Chaudhary 2 months ago (2)


I dreamed of a baby carriage tied to a train with my older sister and little girls and a black child and my daughter protected them from a man carrying a stick outside a train and saved my daughter sitting on the edge of a window and then a black child came down with a trick from a woman carrying a bag and called a child to ride so I ran and left a train car after a dispute with my sister and I went down to search for him I found a child who turned into three ducks, so I took them and installed a train to catch my daughter unintentionally. My leg hit the ducks of two ladders. They almost died. As for a third, he was still reeling. I kissed them and took them to another train. I found them their color became beautiful yellow, the size was large and their shape became bright. Which went fast after it was slow


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 moataz mohamed


moataz mohamed over 2 years ago (2) 

If I allowed, I saw in a dream that alone my girlfriend gave birth to her husband is dead and she has two boys and I am not married to interpret the dream what is his deficiency I know the interpretation of the dream is good or evil to me it is possible that the dream of the second dream was almost four days I dreamed that my child with him is less than a year old and very very beautiful to a degree If you were not on it, I wish you could know the dream’s interpretation




 Fawaz Al-Ali 

Fawaz Al-Ali, 4 months ago 

It is not a real dream to apply on the net during the day 



 Dcl Vbn 

Dcl Vbn a year ago 

Animated images are not permitted 

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 Sorrows princesses 

Sorrows Princesses two years ago (2) 

I dreamed that if there were two children he was born and there was a very sweet unity and one was yellow and I had a sweet boy and sat the monster alone. He was with me in the dream but he didn’t know what he is like please reply 

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