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Bus ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎‎Bus ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

To see the explanation, watch the video

Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new





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 na3ima filali


na3ima filali 5 months ago


I dreamed that I got off the bus after it missed me and I kept running and saw it, and I found empty places and rejoiced, knowing that I am late in the pregnancy, praise be to God, in every case


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 Miral Besma


Miral Besma 5 months ago


Professor, may God protect you for your loved ones and provide you with heaven, so send me my dream.


I once dreamed that I was with my girlfriend in a place waiting for the bus and I was in a dream sadly suddenly the bus came and be far was my former fiance and I started telling my girlfriend to hurry up so that I could ride next to my fiancé and started trying to go up I met a lot of girls and I started trying to get past them until I go up and ride his side but all of the girls got out I said to my girlfriend, it is impossible. The seat is an empty side, and I sit with him, but after going up, I found all the places sitting in it except the place next to him. I sat with him and the seat was behind the driver and he was high on the back seats and even the driver’s seat and my fiancée clasped his fingers in my fingers and he is a lot of joy and says a smile I I love you as Thira and impossible to abandon you


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 Love of God


Love of God 5 months ago


O Sheikh, may God reward you with good. Please send me this dream. I saw that he gave me a beautiful green and pink flower plant, and at its edges there are two very small birds I heard the sound of their tears, so I said Masha Allah will plant them and the bigger they will grow


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 Hoda Okasha


Hoda Okasha 5 months ago


Peace, mercy and blessings of God


I will see that I have bags and a bus smell. I met him again, then he came back and rode, and it was empty and empty, but he is the one in it and the driver


Miss 39 years


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 ma mo


ma mo 3 months ago


May God reward you well ..... Do you have a WhatsApp number ..... Thank you ..... I will follow you, God willing .... Because your explanation is convincing and accurate for dreams. Good luck, God willing


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 Allen to us


Allen to us 5 months ago


God bless you so much. I love to hear your words and interpretations. You are very distinguished, well done and good luck. God willing, greetings from Algeria.


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 NGM Couture & Crafts


NGM Couture & Crafts 5 months ago


May God reward you, Professor, but you did not speak about the truck accident


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 Chastity of Mary


Chastity Mary, 5 months ago


May God reward you with good and bless you and God we see honesty and discernment in your face, God willing, may God bless


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 Noor el Huda


Nour Al-Huda, 5 months ago


Please explain. May God reward you with good. I saw that I ride a bus as if I came back from traveling with my aunt, her name is Manal, and we reserved chairs for my daughter and her daughter, and she says to me, I bought a treasure for my daughter with 400 divorced women in anguish and I hope to return to my husband


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 Abu Shouq


Abu Shawq 5 months ago


Peace be upon you and may God have mercy on him, my brother. I am in America, how can I communicate with you?


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 Rina dz


Rina dz 2 days ago (2)


Peace be upon you, may God bless you, our Sheikh. Seeing that I have installed the bus is beautiful in my life. I did not see it. You say to the heads and green inside, and I was only one. And when people arrived at our house, I saw astonishing, you said, as it was a red Ferrari, and I stole it.




 ymama al khudar


ymama al khudar a month ago


Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God. My daughter is married to a novelist. She is the mother of her husband and her sister. My oldest daughter is in a bus. To the uncle of her mother’s wife and what she wants.




 demo el arbi abo rokba


demo el arbi abo rokba 2 months ago (2)


I dreamed of a big Arab like concrete cars, but loaded with water and water comes down from it and watered trees with a lot of water


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 Lkjhgfdsa Poiuytrewq


Lkjhgfdsa Poiuytrewq 3 months ago


Peace be upon you. Please reply and may God reward you with good knowledge and knowledge. And God guided you. I dreamed that a deceased runs behind me and I run away from him until we fell into the mud. Then I saw a bus with my relatives. I tell them where you are going. They say they were in an orphan and they were sleeping.


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 A wahab


A wahab 2 months ago (2)


In the name of God, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him


My brother in God, I ask you to reply: I saw myself on the bus and it was empty with me, my cousin, Abd al-Qadir, and we were traveling in one of the states.


Please respond to my brother in God and may God reward you


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 Haitham Al-Prince


Haitham Al-Prince2 months ago (2)


Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, Sheikh, I hope the answer is necessary. I saw that I was driving a white truck and I saw that I would do it, but before I was afraid in the car to meet me I woke up, praise be to God


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 Amir Amir


Amir Amir 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, Sheikh. Can you explain my dream? I drained myself. I went up to a bus and sat with my sister and I in the chair. I was carrying two bottles of Coca-Cola drink with me in it. Almost all of them were children. As I saw in a dream, another bus passenger, and all were children, they were school children.


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 samar fhed


samar fhed 2 months ago (modified)


May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Please send your landline or mobile number. I am from Syria, Samar, and desperately need you. My Lord compels your thoughts and blesses you with all my respect and appreciation. Please do not delay. I feel the need for the number, and I am not one of those who annoy you with God’s help.


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 Mina Minouch


Mina Minouch 3 months ago


Peace be upon you, may God be pleased with you, so let me sleep


I rode the bus with a friend named Nabila to take me to visit the city and we saw the sea and suddenly we saw a hole in the middle of the sea swallowing water


Noble asked the driver to change the direction of the bus and if he went up the road because that hole would spit out all the water in a little while on the way and we would drown


Actually he changed direction and got a big tide of water, but we didn't get any harm


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 Habiiba lahna


Habiiba lahna 3 months ago


I, Sheikh, dreamed of a truck passing by the road, it was exploding and burning with fire in front of me and deviating from the road, I was terrified and very afraid of the horror of the scene


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 Hadia KH


Hadia KH 4 months ago




Can I know how to communicate in order to interpret a dream?


May Allah reward you


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 AMAR jons


AMAR jons 5 months ago


Thank you for the explanation yesterday. I dreamed of the bus, may God help you


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 Romyl Abas


Romyl Abas 4 months ago


God bless you


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 Memoo Ahmed


Memoo Ahmed a month ago


May God reward you well, Sheikh, your words are very sweet, can you explain, seeing a dream of riding a bus with someone I know, the truth is, but it is in the form of a second form, which is what was going to drive the bus and he was talking to me




 Hami Abi


Hami Abi 5 months ago


God bless you parents


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 mnasria mnasria


mnasria mnasria 4 months ago


Lord, your hands are health and wellness, Lord


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 Mazen's mother


Umm Mazen, 4 months ago


God bless you, and there is no power but with God.


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 Shery Fathy


Shery Fathy 5 months ago


God bless you


Seeing me traveling with my brothers in a train while I was sitting next to the window and worried


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 boufateh arabi


boufateh arabi 4 months ago


See the bus driver in a dream


Slow down


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 Hahida Fifi


Hahida Fifi 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, thank my brother for what you offer


I am seeing that I rode a bus with my deceased uncle and we were sitting in a chair, relaxed, happy and laughing


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 Samia Lina


Samia Lina 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, I am a single girl. I have a dream. If you have time to explain it to me, please.




I dreamed that we were in a car and my older sister married,


She was pregnant in a dream and she was giving birth. After I looked at the road and then towards her, I saw her carrying the baby in her hands


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 Muhammad Qasim Mustafa


Muhammad Qasim Mustafa, 5 months ago


May Allah reward you well ... I answered the bus, and before that, the dessert, God bless you and your children ... but the subject of the cousin remains and the transformation of my wife into a cousin. Knowing, I have no distance attribution


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 fati fati


fati fati 5 months ago


I stopped myself at the bus station, and suddenly the bus stopped, and I met my brother Khaled, who is in the market. I was surprised and rode. I was only with my sister Fatima Al-Zahra on our ride. The bus was single.


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 Bibiche Boukhriss


Bibiche Boukhriss 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, I always dream that I am lost from my home


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 Maha Mahfouz


Maha Mahfouz 3 months ago


May Allah reward you well!




 The happiest Abu Rajeh


Asad Abu Rajeh 5 months ago


Peace be upon you, I saw myself driving a bus without turning on the motor and I was controlling it through the brakes and it was without passengers


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 Zainab Habeeban


Zainab Habeeban 5 months ago


The most wonderful and accurate interpretation of God bless you


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 cuisine Naima


cuisine Naima 5 months ago


God bless you