Black Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Black Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Black Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Black Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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  box, and took it to breed it. Explanation


 Nour Iman

Nour Eman 8 months ago

I am the daughter of Hami. She passed away from ten days. I have a daughter, but my lips, but a dream. His body is the body of Aaron, but the face is not easy. I entered my father’s room or promised to come out. Interpretation


 Reem Ahmed

Reem Ahmed 1 year ago

I am dreaming of a cat that I look at, and I tried to take it and raise it with me, but I was afraid of its shape, because Jean and face are like clothes and they are like dogs and I have been afraid of it.

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 spring Flower

Spring Rose 6 months ago

I show me a black cat in a dream. I was blind and then I was afraid of me and ran away.


 Lover of sorrows

Lover of Sorrows 2 months ago

If I see a dream in a black cat embrace me from behind


 Slmoun Samir

Slmoun Samir2 months ago

I saw a black cat attack me. A girl aged 17 is engaged and I hope the explanation


 Luna Makieh

Luna Makieh1 year ago

I saw little black cats and a little black mouse too, but the cat had two eyes clinging to each other in the shape of a triangle and was looking at me in a frightening way and everything that went except elsewhere I see more cats than it

Please reply quickly and thanks

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 Samiha Hamè

Samiha Hamè3 years ago

I dreamed that a black cat was sitting on the floor very quiet, then I had watered with water while not doing any reaction

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 noor alsharabi

noor alsharabi1 week ago

Interpretation of a dream of trying to kill a black cat in a dream because it was a demon

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 Amar Abozeid

Amar Abozeid4 months ago

I was sleeping and a black cat was sleeping on my head trying to naked me and I tighten it and throw it away from me a few times Kiier to the extent that I got tired and a pincer and I woke up over my head



Nessma Air 1 year ago

Peace be upon you, I saw in my dream a cat blackened the color in front of me asleep because the eyes are open and expelled I went up the stairs and I got a little white color that passed from my mouth and I went to explain it


 Alaa Ltg

Alaa Ltg4 weeks ago

Ana mara motazawija rayto 9itayn 2 aswadan yas3adani daraj nahwi wa ana 9omt bi rachihima bilmaa 9itayni saminayni


 Hashem Hashem Ahmed

Hashem Hashem Ahmed1 month ago

I saw a black cat in the windows of my room and my children. We were getting ready to sleep, but the bed fell off and the cat appeared in the window. Please explain this, please.


 Shahid rugs

Shahid Rugs 1 month ago

I saw a black cat running towards me while I was running in fear


 Hamza Natalyo

Hamza Natalyo3 months ago

I saw a black cat in a dream that scared me and hit me


 Khadija Medjouel

Khadija Medjouel3 months ago

I saw a cat with two colors, which are white and black. It was like a friend who was not trying to attack me. She would fall and die, but I caught her at the last moment. This dream repeated to me twice.


 Ahmad Ahmad

Ahmad Ahmad7 months ago

I saw a black cat in a dream that looked at me and looked at it. Then I ran on it and ran away, and then I was terrified, so she chased me quickly.

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 Walaa Jondia

Walaa Jondia6 months ago

I want to explain a dream. I saw a cat with two white and black colors, and you came and grabbed my legs while I had a bodily shove from us.


 Mustafa Abbas

Mustafa Abbas 1 year ago

I always see, but a dream of a black cat, attacking it and winning from a dream that I want to explain

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 I am moon

I am moon1 year ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed of a child who had melted on a bird and turned into a black cat. You attacked me, and a man came to know and be beautiful. I came up with a flower. Please reply.


 The calm of winter

Winter Calm 2 months ago

I am married, I dreamed of a black cat, and when she saw me, she ran away from me and then returned to me and gave her cut potatoes and ate it and approached me a lot and I was filming in it on the phone and then I gave her a potato dish and she rejoiced a lot and she said to me: This is your son, feed him, please reply, thank you


 murna bdor

murna bdor2 months ago

I saw a cat blacking my uncle stopping my work, and I want to go after us, and it is my best to go and walk when I run. The color of the sample was green and damn for another time.


 Whisper of reproach

Whisper of reproach 1 year ago

Peace be upon you, I dreamed of a black cat hitting in a room and trying to get out while I was leaving it


 Ehab Al-Maslawi

Ehab Al-Maslawi 6 months ago


I saw a black cat that expelled it, so it came back again and again and sometimes it was just big in size and he was looking at me and it was not scratching anywhere in my body and I hope to reply


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 The most beautiful Iraqi songs, your daughter Iraq

The most beautiful Iraqi songs, your daughter Iraq 2 years ago

I dreamed of a black cat standing up to your grass and uncle told me and seemed to enter with Anu Chiak open grill and I am a shouting of my voice I appreciate the sound of what is coming ... And may God reward you well

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 Mohammad Fu

Mohammad Fu1 year ago

Al-Afia gives you sweetheart, thank you, video. I want to know the interpretation of a dream. I saw myself running in a long dark path, and the whole world is dark in darkness. Through him to the inside to hide between them on the ground until this person reached with him a car that entered between the trees he saw me taking me with him on an old road with a primitive civilization the more we walked the more the development increased and so on until the dream ended the road is really present in my city I hope the near reply please God bless you

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 Rozy Kenawy

Rozy Kenawy1 year ago

A black cat talking to my brother, saying where is despair to you? Where do you come back to me?


 Montazer Ahmed

Muntadhar Ahmed 1 month ago

I saw myself dead and buried in the basements, along with me, two hundred people who were said


 youssef hitlr

youssef hitlr1 year ago

I saw in my dream a black cat came and stood in front of me and looked at me and stood up to see him with fear


 Bader Al-Anazi

Bader Al Enazi 1 year ago


I am a young man, I am 15 years old

Play football and my dream is to become the best player in the world

I saw in my dream that I play hate with the Brazil national team

After the match was over, I went to the president of the Sports Authority and asked him to mediate for me to enter the clubs and exchange good things for me.

For your safety ... I ask you to respond quickly, my dear brother

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 Zayed Al Hatimi

Zayed Al Hatimi 2 years ago

I dreamed that a white cat was walking with me and a black cat wanted to strike it and I defended it and bitten me with my legs and I pressed her head with my legs so I ran away


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 Ahmed Shkr

Ahmed Shkr2 years ago

Please help

May Allah reward you richly rewarded

I dreamed that I would go home and found a black naked cat in the garden that scared my little son and carried him to the house. I talked with my wife about the cat and why my son is in the garden and I opened the door and I did not find the cat and then I called the cat and came biting me from my hands and attacking me

What is the meaning of this

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 Shy, shy girl

Shy Shy Girl 1 year ago

My brother Shave dreamed of a black cat bitten in a dream, so what is his interpretation, please?


 Meso2010 Ms

Meso2010 Ms1 year ago

I dreamed that my husband wanted me to buy a shemagh and his energy for him and I went to buy it and woke up while I was in the store but I haven't bought it yet