Banana Islamic ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Banana Islamic ‎Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Banana ‎Islamic Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

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Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLAND YouTube channel

These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

Davide Davide

Davide Davide5 days ago

Does the meaning of the narrator ... celibate or celibate is the same negligence


 You who read love you wish you happiness

You who read love you wish you happiness 1 week ago

Today I saw a group of fruits and I ate and I took fruits and my sister is dying. I saw and I did not throw fruits. How did you find him and saw bananas different bananas was very long and I intended to eat them and the dream was cut off please reply


 yaser albakre

yaser albakre1 week ago

Those who have an idea about eating bananas for a pregnant woman mean any girl or boy

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 Siraj Hama

Siraj Hama 2 weeks ago

I grew up dreaming that I ate 4 centuries of yellow bananas and I was fasting


 Ahmad Al-Masry

Ahmed Al-Masry 2 weeks ago

I saw myself with bread and distributed it and shared a banana between me and my enemy, please explain


 Muhammad Amjad Amjad

Muhammad Amjad Amjad 4 weeks ago

God reward you well


 Samar Omar

Samar Omar 1 month ago

I dreamed that I did not have a pair without a single skin, and the other was intact, married and without children

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 Youssra Youssra

Youssra Youssra1 month ago

I saw my mother gave my sisters large bananas, but I gave me one small and when I said it, give me a big one and she said no. Take your goods and keep quiet


 Leah asks

Leah asking 1 month ago

I saw that you stole it


 ccc hm

ccc hm1 month ago

I saw that I bought bananas with all my possessions, and they were yellow big bananas, then I brought them to my family


 Azriel, your daughter, Aleppo

Azriel, your daughter, Aleppo 1 month ago

I dreamed that I was distributing green or yellow parallels, or I was divorced

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 Khaled Al-Akkad

Khaled Al Akkad 1 month ago

God bless you


 Khaled Al-Akkad

Khaled Al Akkad 1 month ago

pray on the Prophet

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 Mafi Wale

Mafi Wale1 month ago

These voices are annoying, please grill them, please

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 Abood Messi

Abood Messi1 month ago

His problem

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 I love my life

I love my life 2 months ago

I swear to God

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 Amira nouran Bayoudh

Amira nouran Bayoudh2 months ago

Please answer the question

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 Lyn Myn

Lyn Myn2 months ago (edited)

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Seeing that you have a banana plant and want to plant it

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 Sanaa H

Sanaa H2 months ago

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. You can subscribe to my channel in shadow, not an order. Thank you.

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 Anjali Fatuma my life

Anjali Fatuma my life 2 months ago

I dreamed of 3 banana pods and two pans 2 dishes. Interpretation of a married answer

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 adham Apdo

adham Apdo2 months ago

Remember Allah remembers you

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 Am Ashraf

Am Ashraf2 months ago

I dreamed that I was under a large tree to throw away a haven and an apple, and I was trying to answer fruits, and I did not know the face of my son. He climbed over the tree and made me a full-fledged nutrient who gave me in the hands of

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 Anhammad Yaseen

Anhammad Yaseen2 months ago

I saw that I was feeding my wife in a banana and raspberry, knowing that I saw her doing two roles

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 Issam Al-Sadiq

Essam Al-Sadiq 3 months ago

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. A monk in the world. I said, "What do you want?" He said, "Give me anything, and I felt for him. I found nothing but a dry handler. He took it and went, please explain."

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 jaouad oulayachi

jaouad oulayachi3 months ago

Most of your interpretations concern women, why?

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 kika katrina kika katrina

kika katrina kika katrina3 months ago

Hi, I dreamed of myself and my cousin eating bananas with. Some of us and the two are celibate, please explain and change reality I love him and he does not know. Please explain

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 meradji nabila

meradji nabila3 months ago

Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I dreamed that I stole bananas, and I ran away with him

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 Rashid Al-Mutairi

Rasheed Al-Mutairi 3 months ago

I dreamed that I would go to a big house with two large rooms and found on the path of many bananas and carried 3 banana cartons. We hope to reply, I have 7 children.

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 Roses for roses

Roses Roses 3 months ago

My sheikh, I am married, I ate bananas in a dream, so I know that I don’t eat it in my general life, but it was sour in the dream.

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 Barbarossa blk

Barbarossa blk3 months ago

Ugly music remembers the torment of the grave, may God protect us

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 Egg heart

Egg heart 4 months ago (edited)

A child eats bananas but dreams return a fadwa

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 capitain Jooo

capitain Jooo4 months ago

Myself, I understand in any interpretation of dreams, they begin to explain why single

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 Believing in my destiny

Insured as much as 4 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw myself there was a vegetable trader in front of me, and I had money. The first time I bought from him bananas, oranges, and apples, and I ate bananas. A little later, I bought a second time and ate bananas. Likewise a third time I ate bananas .... As if there were old elders, they would look automatically and say It was enough for you to eat bananas a lot, but I did not hear them, and I used to enjoy bananas and the color was yellow ...

College student, sealed

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 Saif Hamid

Saif Hameed 4 months ago

Good morning, our Sheikh, canceled my dream. Rather, the Awa described what is the interpretation of the vision, a very light attribute, but it closed the window.

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 Jana Janat

Jana Janat4 months ago

Salm i5wati filah od3oli bisafar jazkomo lah 5ayran

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 Saudi man

Saudi man 4 months ago

Why groans? Do I understand please?

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 Majed Magda

Majed Majda 4 months ago

I saw banana yellow color

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 habiba hanan

habiba hanan4 months ago

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you: I saw that a woman cooked the employee with beans and I from the tahrah I took a green banana and ate it, I liked it, and I did not like the whole eating and left., Thank you

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 light light

Nour Nour 4 months ago

I marry him, and I dreamed that my mother would say I will transfer you bananas, and I do not walk the hill, my day, but I don't see bananas

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 Alloush Abu Jahali lover

Alloush Abu Jahali lover 4 months ago

Please, my pants were stolen from my mother-in-law, a red banana. Please reply to him ... Married

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Ali Ali 4 months ago

I am pregnant and I saw my husband Yako banana grilled ripe

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 Yami Na2019

Yami Na20194 months ago

Disturbing music

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 Bandari Fahd

Bandari Fahad 4 months ago

The musician invited her if she downloaded a clip to put it back, Yabu Lev

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 katy katy

katy katy4 months ago

Peace be upon you, I saw a person I know left a bag of almonds hanging in the door, so I took a little from it and ate it, but I left it. I said, is it possible that the person ate at the same time entered the same person and left two boxes of bananas on top of the desk. I took a bag and took how many bananas I put in a bag but I stopped and said Why did I take it without permission while he was his friend, he would come and give me alone so I left him and kept waiting for his friend to come back and give me from him (the person who has bananas and almonds is responsible for us in the work) I hope that you explain to me the dream

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 Bakari Redwan

Bakari Redwan4 months ago

Old man, I saw a house where there were many bananas and a woman carrying a plate of food, and I wanted to enter

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 Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel-Hamid El-Sayed

Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Hamid El Sayed 4 months ago

May God reward you with good

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 mhmd jnaed

mhmd jnaed5 months ago

God is great, God bless the Prophet

Oh God, I trust in you alone to share with you, Glory be to God, and with His praise the number of his creation and his contentment. Glory be to God.

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 bibichat Youyou

bibichat Youyou5 months ago

I dreamed that I was walking with my sister and we for a married dragon, we went to a market, we met two big bananas, we took them all, and they were charity, not for sale and very old. I had watered. When I opened it, I ate it. The first one sold it, but I completed it all my sister, please. Please explain.

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 Mahmoud kH Mohamed

Mahmoud kH Mohamed 5 months ago

Peace and mercy be upon you. May God reward you. If you were kind enough today, I saw in a dream that I forgot the door of the room is open and saw with her door bread in a bag and hung in the tree and entered the room where I found a bag in it with fruits and bananas and also a bag in which there is a kind of disk called the Medina, so I missed and missed this large size of it The Little

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 Samy Sam

Samy Sam5 months ago (edited)

Akl maouz aswad l'I rajoul tafsir m'en fadlek

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NANO NANO5 months ago

Please, if possible, the meaning of spinning around the soul can be explained in a dream !!

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 Mother of Mary Mahmoud Hussein

Mariam Mahmoud Hussein's mother 5 months ago

Excuse me, I dreamed that my nutty Arabic banana was with regret for Mary, my daughter would say to her, "Take the cage of oppression!"

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 ALaa Hasan

ALaa Hasan5 months ago


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 No God except Allah

There is no god but God 5 months ago (edited)

Hey, I dreamed, I peeled bananas for my 11-year-old son and ate them. I ate the crust and it was very, very yellow, and it tasted just like the fruit.

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 Muhammad's mother

Umm Muhammad 6 months ago

Yellow banana for divorced ????

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 waten Ahmed

waten Ahmed6 months ago

God bless you, our honorable sheikh, I am a married woman and I dreamed that a small banana tree had grown on the bed from a banana and I wanted to carry it and plant it in the garden of the house knowing that I am dealing with pregnancy

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 My recipes, Mama and I, are in the kitchen

My Mama and I have been in the kitchen 6 months ago

Please, I want you to explain his vision 3 cows and my cousin, you slaughtered one and cut it. Explanation

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 Moh dz

Moh dz6 months ago

I pray to God, grant us the husband, Umrah, provision, and the permissible Hajj, O Lord of the worlds, our promise, O God, honor, God have mercy, mercy of Wahhab, may God grant you to the whole world

Peace be upon him

peace be up on him

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 Abdou Cina

Abdou Cina6 months ago

I saw that I eat bananas somewhat spoiled, but I have a knife in my hands, and I cut these spoiled places and eat good from them, but



 Najat Nounou

Najat Nounou6 months ago

I am from Morocco. I saw that I was being expelled by someone and gathered my needs, including vegetables and bananas

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