IHerb Affiliate Program on Admitad: Features and Terms of Affiliation

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IHerb Affiliate Program on Admitad: Features and Terms of Affiliation

IHerb Affiliate Program on Admitad: Features and Terms of Affiliation - Lern to make money from the internet

IHerb Affiliate Program on Admitad: Features and Terms of Affiliation

Learn about the terms and features of the iHerb program in Admitad, apply to subscribe and start making profits

  IHerb is an American online store that offers health care products, vitamins, and beauty products. It is currently considered a global store that offers a wide range of natural products at the best prices and is characterized by a very fast delivery service

The site supports the Arabic language, making it easier to buy, and it also includes many famous brands that offer the best health care products

IHerb keeps up with all holidays and events, offering special offers and discounts of more than 14%

IHerb features for users

Here we will provide you with the features that iHerb enjoys for users, where you can use them to promote various products and urge people to buy so that you can get a special commission

    Over 24 years in the market (from 1996)
    Prices are 30-40% lower than the prices in health care stores and pharmacies
    Fast delivery to all over the world
    Delivery is free or almost free
    Ensure the quality of products
    24-hour technical customer support

IHerb features for publishers (promoters)

Why should you, as a publisher, join the iHerb program and promote it on the Admitad network? Of course, there are a lot of great features, and most importantly, the premium commission

  Track sales in real time
    The ability to track orders made through smart phones
    Broad targeting (different ages, gender, and geographic distribution can be targeted)
    Continuous updating of offers, discounts and keeping up with events and holidays
    Target country - the world
    High commission for publishers (promoters, webmasters)
    The possibility of obtaining special conditions in the event of good results

What a publisher should not do while promoting “iHerb”

There are some things that a publisher should know before starting to promote iHerb, including not offering cashback more than 5%

In the event that the publisher has its own referral program, and through it to promote various offers, then iHerb asks him not to promote its program through it, because many people are not familiar with the terms of the program, and therefore you can be banned and not pay the commission.

In the event that the publisher (promoter) violates the terms of the program, he will be banned for a month and the commission he earned within a month will be zeroed, regardless of when he started promoting the program, or the publisher will be banned entirely from the program.

It is prohibited to use advertising materials without displaying them to the employee of “iHerb” via “Admitad,” but the advertising materials on the home page of the “iHerb” site can be used in advertising and promotional campaigns.

Sending spam that violates CAN-SPAM is prohibited. Sending newsletters containing promotional messages without its consent is prohibited with iHerb.

It is not permissible to purchase a domain (domain) or sub-domains that contain the word “iHerb” or any synonyms thereof, or words that contain spelling, grammatical or linguistic errors, and it is not permissible to create pages and groups on social media bearing the name “iHerb” or something that indicates It is close to the official website.

Also, your advertising activity or advertising campaigns should not include any material advocating violence, defamation of personalities, sexually explicit material or promoting illegal activity.

Your referral links should not be placed in fake traffic generating programs or fake and illegal clicks.

Nor should you buy products and resell them to friends or relatives or use them commercially.

Blocked marketing channels in iHerb

Before starting to promote iHerb products, you must know what the banned marketing channels are, so that you are not excluded from the program and cancel all the commission that you got, because the use of prohibited marketing channels (traffic sources) violates the conditions and leads to the banning of the publisher.

    Promote by creating paid advertising campaigns on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
    Promotion through pages or groups bearing the brand name “iHerb”
    Promote by creating pop-up campaigns (PopUp / ClickUnder)
    Targeted text ads in search engines
    Promotion through intermediary pages, to which the visits are sent to the iHerb site.
    Promote by creating ad campaigns targeting "iHerb" brand keywords in any language, taking into account synonyms, spelling, grammatical and linguistic errors.
    Motivate users to buy from iHerb in exchange for a “Incentive traffic” bonus. You shouldn't promise your visitors that they will get rewards for making a purchase on Amazon (visitors often buy the product and then give it back, return it, or cancel it).
    The traffic coming from sites that provide sexual content
    Teaser ad networks (text or banners, pop-ups are prohibited)
    The traffic coming from betting, gambling and forex sites

Marketing permitted to promote the “iHerb” program in Admitad

In the event that you decide to start promoting iHerb, and after you have read all the previous conditions, now is the time to get to know the permitted marketing channels (traffic sources), so that you are on the safe side and ensure that you do not get a ban.

    Create pages or groups on various social media (Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, etc.) and promote through them
    Cache back sites. If you have a site that offers a cashback service, you can apply to join the program with confidence, but you should not display more than 5%
    Email Promotion. You can promote via email, but this must be agreed with an iHerb employee via Admitad.
    YouTube promotion. Do you own a YouTube channel and want to raise your income? Then you can join iHerb and profit from it
    Content sites. All content sites, price comparison and reviews are accepted in the iHerb program.

Facts and Figures About Admitad's iHerb Affiliate Program

If we want to speak in the language of numbers about the iHerb program in Admitad, we can say that the price of 100 EPCs reaches $ 5, and the conversion rate is 1.93%, and 80.86% of all conversions are confirmed (Operations The purchase made by incoming users with referral links) within a period of 60 days (that is, from the time the user clicks and makes the purchase to the time the publisher receives his commission), and the lifetime of the cookies in the Amazon program is 7 days.

The iHerb publishers program pays a flat 4% commission to all clients (new and old)

How to join the admitad amazon program

First, you must review the terms of the program’s promotion and the permitted marketing channels (which we talked about above), and if you meet all the conditions, you must register in the Admitad network from here

Register in Admitad

The second step is to add a marketing channel (in case you are new) by clicking on the “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site, where you must add an allowed marketing channel (you can see the channels within this article up a little bit).

The third step is to join the "iHerb" affiliate program, as the program targets all countries of the world without exception.

Join link

A very important note : While promoting IHerb, you must use advertising materials (pictures, banners, etc.) that contain the new logo of the company, and if they contain the old logo, the commission will not be paid and the publisher will be banned from the program

You can find the new logo of IHerb in the image below

iHerb_ Logo

IHerb discount code

It is known that the promotion of various offers takes place through two methods, which are either referral link promotion or coupons.

We are happy to inform you here that iHerb has this feature and provides a number of coupons with which you can promote and get a commission.

You can get iHerb coupons after entering your account in “Admitad” and clicking on the “tools” option in the main menu and then “Coupons & Deals”, search for the word “iHerb” in the search box and you will find all the active coupons for the program. .

IHerb discount code in Admitad

Click on what you are interested in and get it directly in case you are accepted in the program, or apply to join the program to obtain it.

A very important note: You should only promote IHerb discount codes via your referral link. If you only promote the code, you will not get any commission because the system will not be able to assign the request to the promoter.

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