The easiest way to make an app for free and profit from it in 10 steps using Appy Pie?

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The easiest way to make an app for free and profit from it in 10 steps using Appy Pie?

Create your app now Learn how to create an app for free in 10 steps with Appy Pie

Applications everywhere! think about it! Think of any popular brand and you will find that they have a mobile app that you can download. The apps are mostly built by companies for clients. From a business point of view, mobile apps are excellent business solutions regardless of their intended use. 

Apps are effective ways to increase your sales because it is easier to interact with your customer base through the app. Think about it again. Everyone, including you, uses hundreds of apps in their daily life. This is sufficient evidence that every company needs an application somewhere in its life cycle to increase sales, market its brands, and increase its brand reputation. With the increasing dominance of smartphones in the interaction with the Internet, it is likely that applications will soon become extremely important for selling your products. This brings us to a very important question - how to create an app? To be very honest, creating an app is not an easy process. It can be a daunting task and is a huge cash-in goal. 

However, Appy Pie AppMakr provides you an efficient solution for that. Appy Pie AppMakr lets you create apps without any coding and saves you time, costs and manpower. Read on to find out how to create an app using our app builder software. 

Follow these steps to create your application

Step 1: Choose the name of your application 

Step 2: Select a color scheme 

Step 3: Customize the design of your application 

Step 4: Choose the appropriate test device 

Step 5: Install the application on your device 

Step 6: Add the features What you want (Main section) 

Step 7: Test, test and test before launch 

Step 8: Publish your app 

Step 9: Promote your app 

Step 10: Ask users for their opinions

Things to know before building the app     

You may have been wondering how to create an app for a long time, but that's no It means you have to lose patience and skimp on the planning process. Here is a list of things you should prepare before building an app for yourself. Let's discuss!

 Make a plan and put it on paper The thought of creating an app for your business or turning a great idea into a real app can be really scary when you get started. However, like any other project, if you have a solid plan, the chances of you achieving your goals and being successful are great. When I say a solid plan, it means that you have outlined your steps in advance. As you work on your plan, you need to realize that even before you take the first step, you must have a few things on hand. Do a thorough market research Just like any other product you make, it's crucial to do a thorough market research about what kind of apps are already in the market, how they are performing, and what you can do to create an app that is better than all the others.

Identifying a gap in the market Let's face it, with millions of apps on the market, chances are someone is doing something similar to the idea for your app. The trick is to find what they're missing and then figure out how to build a better app! Once you have taken care of these aspects, it is time to start the process.

 how to create an app for free

This is where you should get to know Appy Pie AppMakr. Appy Pie AppMakr is a free-to-use, DIY, no-app platform that gives you a comfortable drag-and-drop interface to explore and work with. In next post, you will learn how to create an app for free using Appy Pie AppMakr. To make it fun and easy to understand, we have added tons of videos and tutorials that will answer all your questions and make the whole process super easy! Make your own app on Appy Pie AppMakr 

How to create app? This is a question that most small businesses face today. The answer lies in Appy Pie AppMakr. Creating an app with Appy Pie AppMakr is quick and easy. This means you don't have to gain any special experience or invest hours of your valuable time here. Once on the website, the process is fairly simple. The first step is to enter your business name which will also be the name of your app. Next, select the category that your application fits into, then choose a color scheme. Overall, it's a good idea to match them with the colors of your brand / website or your logo if you already have them. Choose the device platform where you want to test your app. Your choice of device should be based on your customers' preferences rather than yours. Once you create your application, you can install it on your device and test it! Go back and modify your app to your liking, add the right features and make it look exactly the way you want it to. That's it, that's the answer to your question - How to create an app! We've covered the basics of how to create an app with Appy Pie AppMakr, but it's important that you go deeper and understand the minutest details. The process of creating a free app can be divided into 10 parts. lets take alook. 

Step 1: Choose Your App Name The app name is how your app users will see you and your business. If you already have a thriving business, it is recommended that you continue with the same or similar name so that your current customers can easily find you and can place their trust in your app. However, if you are just starting out, you are free to choose whatever name you want. Some things that may help you find the correct name for your app include: 

The name must reflect the brand image you are considering The application name must be unique but easy to remember and pronounce You must name your application taking into account your customers and their personalities Stay away from linguistic terms and clearly state the value of the application The name of the application must have global appeal, even if you provide the service Locally only (yet) How to build the app Finding the perfect name for your app can be a little challenging. Some time ago, I wrote this helpful article that lists some great tips for naming your app and talks about its importance in the larger scheme of things. 

Step 2: Select a color scheme Once you have defined your app's name and chosen the appropriate business category your app belongs to, another step closer to answering your question - how to create an app. Now, it is time to decide which color scheme would be perfect for your application. We consume first with our eyes, so the color scheme you choose for your mobile app is of great importance. At Appy Pie AppMakr, we have six attractive design layouts that can make your app look like a million bucks. Choose a color scheme from Deep Ocean, Go Green, Cheerful Cherry, Dynamic Sunburst, Carbon Mystique, and Techno Gray. How to Create an Application Your choice of color scheme depends on a variety of things, primarily the image of the brand you want to build. Let's list all the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the right color scheme for your application. Brand image and brand colors (if they already exist) product line or any USPs target market and your customer's personality 

Step 3: Customize your app design The way your app looks is very important, and you should think about more than just choosing the right color scheme. The question now - how do we build an app that looks great! The next step in creating your free app with Appy Pie AppMakr is to customize the look and feel of your app to make it truly unique. In the design customization section, you can try different aspects of aesthetics that make your app the way it is. Let us discuss each of these aspects in detail. How to build the app Application icon, background, and splash screen One of the biggest advantages of creating an app is that you put yourself on the screen of your target customers. Your app icon is what they'll see every time they look at their screen. If you have a logo for your company then you can use it as an app icon and if you don't have a logo then it's time to create your own using Logo Maker from Appy Pie Design! The background you choose for your app is important, you can choose a block color or free images from Appy Pie or simply upload one of your own! Last but not least - the app's startup screen. This is the screen that appears once you launch the application. This is the introduction that your app users get about your app. The platform has some great options for you to choose from. However, for your application really, you can head over to Appy Pie Design and create the perfect graphic for your app. App layout basically means the way all the elements in your app are planned. This is more than just aesthetics. The way things are organized has a huge impact on the way in which your app will be used by customers or users. There are several ready-made layouts available in the design customization section where you can choose the design that you think will be perfect for your application and your target audience. Fonts and Colors Your mobile app needs to clearly communicate your offerings to app users. What you write is important, but how you write it and how it looks is important too! In this section, you can define the colors for each section of your page, such as header, layout, and page. The colors and fonts that you choose for your app determine the readability of the content you put on your app. While choosing colors and fonts, you must ensure that everything is easy to consume (readable) for the application user. 

Step 4: Choose the Right Test Device It's normal to wonder how to create an app that looks good on the device of your choice and how it would look to app users. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process as you can see the result of all your efforts. With the help of a QR code or link, you will be able to install the app on the device of your choice. Once the app is ready on your phone, you will be able to see what your app will look like for app users.

 How to develop an application 

Step 5: Install the application on your device Since you are learning how to create an application, it is natural that you want to see how your application looks on a physical device. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process as you can see the result of all your efforts. With the help of a QR code or link, you will be able to install the app on the device of your choice. Once the app is ready on your phone, you will be able to see what your app will look like for app users. Create a TVU application! This sounds like a flood of information. Take a moment to watch the video below and learn how to create an app without getting confused Learn how to create a beginner app without an icon

After learning how to create an app, if there is any problem with figuring out how to install an Android app or an iOS app on the device before moving on to the next step, watch the video below for instructions. Android application iOS application

 Step 6: Add the Features You Want (Main Section) Now that you know the basic process of how to create an app, let's dig deeper and discuss the most prominent and popular features on the platform. The correct question to ask at this time is - how to create an app that your customers will want to use. To have a perfect application, it is important that you add only the right features, features that are not only compatible with your application but are also important for you to serve your customers in the best possible way. Naturally, this depends on the purpose of the app you are creating. Creating an App Most Popular App Feature on Appy Pie At this point, you must be asking yourself - How to make an app with the perfect features for your customers. Finding the right features for your app is key to building a successful app. No matter how cool your idea is, or how beautiful your app looks, if your app doesn't have the right features to help your customers complete the actions you want them to take, there's not much benefit from it all. Is there Here is a list of the most popular features that you can add to Appy Pie. Guide This is one of the most popular features on Appy Pie and can prove to be a great feature for your app. With this feature, you can create listings for the site's businesses and give them the exposure they want. This feature works as a business on its own, as you can associate with local companies and list them in your app for a fee or commission. Your app users can easily find the information they need and contact the businesses they find appropriate. Integrate this feature with the One Touch feature in Appy Pie AppMakr and app users will be able to contact companies without exiting the app. The video below is an easy-to-use guide to help you add the directory feature to your app easily and yes without any coding. A blog post is a great way to get your ideas posted, and there are multiple types of blogs you can create. You might be an expert on the topic of technology, entrepreneurship, finance, cooking, photography, or anything else under the sun, a blog is the right way to distribute this knowledge to the thousands of people searching for this information. One of the points here is that if you have a blog on a website, readers will need to type in your URL every time they want to read something you wrote or you will have to rely on them to open the newsletters or emails that you send. This is why a blog feature is so valuable! Once you convert your blog into an app, you are presenting your readers with a chance to make all the valuable information you provide comfortable to find. Your biggest advantage here is that you provide efficient space on their beloved smartphones, which increases the chances of them remaining loyal to you. Check out the video below to help you turn your blog into a fully functional feature-packed app that keeps your readers aware of all the great content you put out there! EventsAre you planning a concert? Are you a member of the organizing committee for the next symposium or even a mixer at school? Anything from a crazy frat party to a big pro conference comes with millions of things to take care of. The smallest details can make everything fall apart. As an event organizer, it makes sense to count on something that will never fail - an app with a cool events feature. This feature helps you plan itineraries to T so that there is no room for error. Combine this feature with Push Notifications and Calendar, and you can make sure all your app users are updated about any change or new information. It's easy to create your own app using the very useful Events feature on Appy Pie AppMakr. Check out the video below, to find out how! Education Just because you are restricted to a specific geographic area, it does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to the students who can reach you. Let students from all over the world benefit from your teaching method by adding the Education feature to your app! You can add a dictionary, give video lectures, create and sell ebooks through your app with the education feature. This will make education more inclusive, accessible and easy to consume. If you've been getting bogged down by the perceived complexities of building an educational app for your students, here's a simple guide on how to go about creating your own educational app! Map Using the map feature in your mobile app, you have the ability to direct app users to your workplace with detailed step-by-step directions. Consider this scenario. Your doctor's office is fully set up and you have a great app to help people instantly book an appointment with you. However, when it comes to getting to your clinic, people don't seem to be able to find where you are. It's not only ineffective and totally frustrating for everyone involved but it's a disaster from a business standpoint as well. Once the map feature is fully set up, app users can use it to get accurate directions without leaving the app and get to your business on time! We have a step-by-step video, just for someone like you, who wants to create an app with map feature in it. The time to start is now! News The world craves for information, whether it's about the stock exchange, the latest policy move, industry reports, or even the latest celebrity gossip. As a reporter, there are times when you just can't wait to let the world know what's going on in the world. Not only do news agencies filter the information sometimes, but they can also publish your story without giving you credit. I don't need to depend on anyone now! Create your own app and use the news feature to publish your stories in your name! This app will help you highlight issues that matter to you, without the intervention of a boss, editor, or board. If you have something worth sharing with the world, your audience is waiting for you to give them everything you can. Watch this simple and easy-to-follow video below and create a news app now! Chat What if you found a way to bring all your favorite chatting apps into one common space? If you add the chat feature to your Appy Pie application, then your application can be used to chat on any of the popular instant messaging applications such as Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. This means that your app users will not have to switch between the multiple chat apps they use to communicate with their friends and family. How convenient is that? Check out this video and see how easy it can be to add this cool feature to your app without writing a single line of code! This coupon is a very cool feature and gives you a great advantage. With the coupon feature in your app, you can create coupon codes and promote your offer so that more app users and customers are encouraged to redeem it and use your app. Coupons make it easy to promote your deals, offers and app on all marketing channels, including social media.

 If you think you will have to spend days or even hours creating coupons for your customers, here is a video that will change the way you think. This messenger is one of the most important features. Once you add the Messenger feature to your app, you allow all app users to interact with each other digitally! The app users can not only create groups to chat, but they can also have one-on-one conversations. Combine this feature with the photo and video feature and you will have an app that allows app users to share photos and videos with each other or in groups. Create a secure communication platform for people and keep them engaged. We have a number of videos that will help you understand how easy it is to add the Messenger feature to your app. Social network The social network feature allows you to create your own social network where application users can create their own network by posting updates with pictures and videos. Social networks are very popular today and you have a chance to create one. Take this opportunity to create a social network that has all the features you wish apps could have today. This social network app can be as exclusive or comprehensive as you wish, and you can give it a personal touch by adding features that make your social network app stand out from the rest. Find out in the videos below, how easy it is to create your own social network app using the Appy Pie AppMakr platform. 

Donate Whether you are raising money for a local charity or charity, make it simpler for people of good heart to reach you and make their donation. It can be restricted for people who live far away but want to contribute to the charity of their choice. It's a busy life, and because philanthropists can't come to visit, that doesn't mean your organization has to suffer. Add the donation feature to your app and make sure the good work continues. It takes neither time nor any coding knowledge to build a donation feature app. Check out the video to get started now! Fitness Are you a fitness lover? Most people today lead busy lives, and not everyone can make the time to go to the gym or get a good trainer. You can add the fitness feature to your app, add all the valuable information about the different exercises and equipment that can be used for different parts of the body and help the app users to become more fit. Apart from this, you can also add diet plans for your app users to follow and a calorie calculator to help them stick to exercise regimes and achieve their fitness goals. Find a great and effective way to help people achieve their fitness goals with your own fitness app. Watch the video to see how easy it is to create your own fitness app. Local overbearing Finding a good professional when you need a gardener, plumber, or other service provider can be a pain. On the flip side, it can be difficult for these professionals to find jobs in the fields they can serve. Adding the Hyperlocal feature to your app and for other professionals like beauticians, welders, and others, allows you to create a profile or list so they can be matched with the right jobs. Not only can you charge fees from the professionals listed in your app, but you can also earn commissions for every job completed through the app. Get all services together on one common platform - your very local app. Check out the video below and start now!

 A church we move from our hometown for a variety of reasons. It could be a job, higher education, or something completely different. But that does not mean that we will have to completely disengage from the church. As a priest, it is unfortunate to see devoted churchgoers fall from the cracks just for the distance. For this reason, the Church feature of AppMakr's code-free platform appeared in Appy Pie as a popular solution in the community. Not only does this mean that your Sunday sermons will be attended by everyone no matter where they are, it also means that you will be able to send important communications to every member of your parish with a single click of a finger. Whether it's an advertisement for the next bake sale, a fundraising campaign, an invitation for donations or tithes, the app can take care of it all. Spread the kind word everywhere. It is a fairly simple process to create a church app using Appy Pie AppMakr. Watch the video below to find out how! Food Court As a restaurant owner, it can sometimes be difficult to manage all takeaway and delivery over the phone. This can lead to wrong orders, lost orders, and ultimately serious sponsors' dissatisfaction. You can provide the perfect solution to this dilemma by creating a mobile app with Food Court feature that can be integrated into a delivery management system that allows you to add restaurants in the vicinity. These listed restaurants can then add their menus and manage their food orders. Customers can track their orders in real time, and delivery personnel have the option to accept or decline pickups. You, as the owner of the app, get a super admin dashboard where you can get an overview of all the operations that take place within the app. Here are some videos that will help you create your very own Food Court or Restaurant app in minutes. Watch the videos and you will be amazed at how simple they really are! 

Step 7: Testing, testing and testing before launch Just because you know how to build an app, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are ready to work with it! It is natural to think of your product as the best and purest product ever. However, this is rarely true of any first-time product. When building your app yourself, it is important that you spend some time diligently testing the app. Creating an app Developers who skimp on this step have often struggled hard for it. It might seem like you are saving some valuable time by skipping this step, but the problem arises when an untested app is populated that's full of bugs and suffers from countless crashes that might have been avoided entirely. Alpha testing is mostly a simulated operational test or in some cases it is performed by potential app users or independent testers at the developer site. Beta testing consists of releasing beta versions of the app to a limited audience (not part of the programming team), also referred to as beta testers. . Beta testing your app is critical if you want the app to work well and we have a concise 10-step process to help you with that. Based on the results of the testing process, the app might need a little change and once this is done, you are ready for the next step, getting started! 

Step 8: Post Your App The most awaited time for any app developer is live broadcast time on app stores! The question about how to create an application has changed to how to publish my application. This is where all the fun happens! Deploying your app varies by app store, and we've created dedicated guides to help you with both. Once published your Android app on Google Play Store and our iOS app on Apple Ap

 Building the app now, just following the steps might not be mechanical enough. The Apple App Store can be very difficult for your app and you may need a few instructions to get the App Store approval for your app. Some time ago we created a small guide for our users that can get the App Store to approve their app and it may help you too! Additionally, we have also compiled a set of 10 tips to avoid Apple App Store rejecting your app. Apple's App Store, recently, has become very strict about the apps it approves and this article can help you avoid fate! Publishing your own app can seem daunting, which is why, we have this helpful video to take you through the process in a seamless way. Watch the video and find out how!

Step 9: Promote your app This is the world of marketing, and just because you created a great app and published it on the app store, it doesn't mean that customers will show interest in your app in the app store! This means that even if you find an answer to the question of how to create an app, you must ask yourself how to promote an app!

 Whenever you develop an application with the intent to provide a solution to any existing problem, you must be prepared for the fact that people may already be using a particular solution already. You have to think about how you can convince them to make this change. How to Design an App This is where marketing comes in! Marketing isn't the villain we set it to be. Even the best products need marketing help to showcase them to the right audience. There are millions of apps in app stores, you need visibility and marketing is the way forward! Marketing is not a linear process as it moves gradually from one stage to another. In fact, there are high chances of you making mistakes while using the best time-tested marketing strategies. Here, we have compiled a list of pre and post launch mobile app marketing risks that you should avoid at all costs. Here are some really helpful videos that can help you with your app promotion efforts. Watch them and find out how you can put your app on the global map! 

Step 10: Ask users for their opinions This is the world of marketing, and just because you created a great app and published it on the App Store, it doesn't mean that customers will show an interest in your app in the App Store! Collecting quantitative data through app analytics Collecting qualitative data through surveys and interviews Establishing a personal connection by talking to app users on a regular basis How to create your own app One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending an email to your app users and kindly asking them how they use your app . Don't ask them if they like your app, ask how they use the app. When you ask directly if they like your app or how it could be improved, the answers may be either vague or opinionated and it really won't help! Probably the best way to get your user reviews is to watch them use your app. This way you will be able to identify which app interactions aren't going the way you expected. This is a great way to measure and compare your expectations with real-world results. In the event that there is a mismatch, you may either need to adjust your expectations or change your application to meet your expectations. The idea here is to experiment with different procedures and measure their results. Only when you thoroughly test your actions and measure the results will you be able to know what works best for your application. 

BONUS: How does AppMakr build your app? Your question answered - How to create an application here! Just drag and drop all the features you want into your app and place a request to create your app, and Appy Pie AppMakr will take care of everything else. Appy Pie AppMakr helps you create fully functional apps while reducing development time and costs. Create a native app like a try without having to learn any coding or spending beyond your capabilities. How to create an app for free Here's a detailed analysis of the process that sets aside the question that haunts you - how to create an app using AppMakr. It starts when a user initiates a request to create an Android or iOS app on Appy Pie. Then, Appy Pie server receives this request and checks verification or other build requirements. The server then connects to the AWS DevOps system through the API Gateway endpoint. Now, the API portal submits a request to AWS Lambda Function, which verifies the request and updates it to the database. At this point, AWS Lambda connects to the appropriate DevOps service according to platform preferences. This means AWS Lambda will connect to AWS Pipeline for .apk (Android) and Azure DevOps for .ipa (iOS). After creating the application, the DevOps service related to AWS Lambda connects and updates the application to our DynamoDB database. AWS Lambda is now connecting to the Appy Pie server to update the application architecture. Once the application is successfully created, you will receive an email containing information about the application and in the event of any error, the developer or customer will be notified to take the necessary action.

 At the end of the process, you get ready-to-run apps in the app stores of your choice without having to worry about preserving the original SDK packages. Appy Pie AppMakr does all the work for you and builds your app in the cloud using the latest platform SDKs on which you choose to publish your app. The best part is that we can help you create multi-platform supported apps. This means that no matter which app store your target audience prefers, you can click on them very efficiently. The platform allows you to create apps in minutes, which cuts your time in marketing and gives you the worm that you only get early birds! Solve the Test Now that you know the complete process of creating an app with Appy Pie AppMakr let's see how much you have already learned. Take the test below and if you get the correct result, you can get a certificate in app development from Appy Pie. What is SN? Go now! Test solution Most frequently asked questions What is the cost of building an app? How to create an app for free? How to earn money from the app? How much does it cost to publish an app to the app store? How to create an app from Scratch? How to validate your application ideas? How do I start making apps? How to create an application without programming skills? Closing Note Building an app can seem daunting at first, especially if you're not technically inclined. However, this post breaks down the process into these easy-to-follow steps that will help you learn how to create an app with ease. It is important to have a plan in front of you before embarking on the journey of building your application, and each step must not only be clearly defined but also examined in advance. The mobile app can give your business a boost and an advantage over your competitors, helping you better communicate with the target users. With Appy Pie AppMakr, you can get rid of the boring parts of the process and create your own app without coding in just a few minutes. Go now! Asif About the Author Twitter Facebook googleplus LinkedIn Aasif Khan is an SEO specialist with over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry. Today, he's an expert on SEO, SMO, and SEM, and he's also a major contributor to the Appy Pie blog. He writes about ongoing trends in the digital marketing industry. He loves to work out in the gym and dedicates some time to hobbies like playing cricket and reading books among other things. Create a free app, our Media Partners Research