Is blogging and creating a website profitable ... You won't believe how much famous bloggers earn

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Is blogging and creating a website profitable ... You won't believe how much famous bloggers earn

 Is blogging and creating a website profitable ... You won't believe how many famous bloggers earn - Top 10 highest paying bloggers

If at any time you need a reason to start blogging, you may be noticed by the enjoyable income that some bloggers make, and I think that financial return is the main reason for the effort made by bloggers, even before the literary appreciation of their popularity and other reasons.

You might be skeptical that a blog might make you think about the job and think that few bloggers are so lucky and make such an income.

Even though you don't need to make $ 100,000 a month, I'm sure you'd be very happy if you made $ 10,000 a month? But there are thousands of bloggers who make that much. Here, we will review the income of the 10 highest paid bloggers so that you know that blogging is profitable and this may encourage you to start a blog and profit from it.

Why could blogging be a great step in your life?

If you weren't already convinced that blogging could be a great change in your life, let me explain some of the reasons why you might want to consider blogging.

Advantages of blogging include:

       The opportunity to work from home.
       To be the master of yourself. Do not have to wake up early to go to work and return at a specific time and not earlier, but in blogging, you work whenever you want (morning or evening) and wherever you want (at home in the café or the park on the beach) and in these days you can write and you You drive in your car. Many phones will type what it hears from you.
     Passive income generation (earn money while sleeping or lying on the beach by selling digital products)
     Generate scalable income (this means you can create a digital product - an app or a digital book - once and sell the same item an infinite number of times)

If you have the time, patience, and self-confidence, online monetization is definitely possible. It will take time and a lot of hard work, and you may not be making 6-digit income but you can definitely earn enough to quit your job or have two incomes.

Also, don't discount your 6-digit income as many bloggers reach this goal.
How do bloggers profit from their blog?

In a previous post I explained every aspect of blogging and how to make money but let me quickly recap once again how you can make money blogging.

The main ways to profit from blogging are as follows:
1- Income of subsidiaries
Affiliate income can be the easiest way to get started. You get a small commission for selling items to other people online. A great example of affiliate marketing is, for example, that you sell Amazon products as an Amazon affiliate.
2- Selling digital products

Selling digital products is a great way to get moving in the long run. These days it's easy, for example, to create your own ebooks and sell them through your site.

Simply use a service like eJunkie integrated with PayPal to receive payments and deliver books. You can also create your own online courses just like many Arab bloggers do now.
3- Google Adsense
Ad networks like Google Adsense are a good option for those who are only looking to get started and are only happy to be able to pay for their website hosting, domain name and some extra things like the price of the internet package they are working on.

It's hard to make large sums with Google Adsense only compared to the income of affiliates, and I think selling digital products is the best way to generate a decent income online.

Some of us don't know that there are quite a few people making 6-digit income through Google Adsense alone!
Power Bloggers - Top 21

So, who are these geniuses, these star bloggers who have made fabulous profits through blogging? What are their names, how do they make their money and how much do they earn? Let's take a look (not out of envy, but out of education, to be like them)!

                                                      Neil Patel      

Neil Patel is one of the most successful bloggers on the internet, earning over $ 2 million annually easily, and his wealth is estimated to be several million.

    Why is he successful

Neill's road to success in blogging has been long and arduous and it can be frustrating for us to know that others have also had to work hard, suffer, and put in the grueling effort that we also have to do.

 Neil was born in the UK but moved to the US when he was two years old with his family and then began burning and selling CDs in high school when he was 15.

Since then, Neil has started writing blog posts to give bloggers guidance on how to start a business and on all things digital marketing.

    What we can learn from Neil Patel

Do not hesitate to work hard (set your goal and learn how to achieve it, then implement what you learned the goal will be achieved ...... nothing is impossible as long as someone has achieved it before us) and even falling or taking some blows on our way to achieve the dream does not mean failure and abandoning the dream. He earned a million dollars and lost it after investing in a web hosting company called "Vision", then he rose again and worked his way into the millions again.


Brian Dean

Brian Dean is one of 7 bloggers, making over $ 100,000 a month and a millionaire on the back of his blogging earnings.

    Why is it successful (secret and how to earn it from the Internet)

Brian used a very specific path towards building a Backlinko site and massive following through blogging. His technique is to write very few long blog posts (most of which are over 10,000 words and are rich in content.

Brian calls this the 'Skyscraper method' where she writes these long entries but is incredibly informative.

His knowledge and focus on providing free information and evidence in order to build trust has proven that it pays off, brings in visitors and brings profit. 

What we can learn from Brian Dean

Brian has proven that quality is better than quantity! By providing valuable information to your readers and followers, as well as building trust is a great way to work for online sales.

Create and Go

Alex and Lauren of Create and Go make about $ 120k a month (check the top of their site for their most recent income) and are a married couple based in the US.

Createandgo makes money from commission sales like Convertkit, Bluehost, and Teachable courses.

    Why are they successful?

While one may be indifferent or interested in people who are confused about how to blog, how to be a successful blogger, and how to write a blog professionally, you want to live your experience on your own and not want to learn from others.

But I advise you to learn from those who failed, then they did it again and in the end they succeeded, in order to save yourself time and effort.
Blogging with Pinterest as their target search engine was what Alex and Lauren focused on building a massive following online.

    What we can learn

If you follow Alex and Lauren's story closely, you will discover that they spent 4 or 5 months working for about 14 hours, while building their site and preparing their courses for followers (a free course idea given at the beginning but complementing the course in exchange for a genius idea).

You will need to put in hours and effort early if you want to make it big as a blogger, but once you reach a certain peak you can free up all the time you need for personal tasks.

Twins Mommy

How to make money online

Elna Cain is the owner of Twins Mommy, and as the name suggests, she is a mom of twins and she manages to combine that to make a good living from the internet.
She started out as an online writer and then started teaching what she learned through on her flagship site,

    Why is it successful?

What Eileen does is so clever in that she has really dig a deep niche for herself by focusing heavily on networking with other moms, especially through her Pinterest account.
Ellen's real strength lies in her personality and communication skills. The yen is helpful and responsive, spares no effort or advice, and this is the secret of its success.

    What we can learn

To succeed in an online field, it could be by understanding the power of social media as well as the art of communicating with others, which is what Elain did.

Melissa Griffin is one of the most successful blogging on the internet. She started more than 10 years ago and achieved huge following by explaining blogging. Melissa earns more than $ 100,000 a month!

    Why is she successful?

Melyssa was a teacher, so she has great ability and presentation experience, and this is evident in her YouTube videos and live lessons.

    What we can learn

The thing that Neil Patel also touched on, which we can also learn from Melissa, is that having experience in a specific field is invaluable before running your own online business and trying to make money blogging.
Melyssa has several years of teaching experience that has clearly mastered the skills of online presentation.
Likewise, Patel spent several years working for startups, gaining valuable experience that ultimately helped shape his online business.

 Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn earns over $ 200,000 a month (yes, believe it!) And he is the founder of . His income comes from his training courses as well as affiliates like Convertkit (a tool many bloggers use as recurring income from companies via affiliate sales).

    Why is it successful

Pat Flynn, like Melissa, is one of the first superhero bloggers who offers his own courses and also earns a large portion of his money through affiliate income. He also explained what he knew about earning through commission sales through his YouTube channel and his Facebook page, which made him a great income.

    What we can learn

Like Pat, you can get started without selling your products or services. You can start by focusing on selling other people's products for a small commission and building your business from there. Affiliate income can be a great way to fund your business from nothing.

 Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Understanding a blogging site cents

How to make money online

Michael's Making Sense of Cents website provides her in more than $ 100,000 a month in income. Bluehost has been one of their largest affiliate income streams over the years.

Michelle's specialty is making money and managing money, so she is also best known for her experience working on the road in an RV and her blogging about life in a truck.

    Why is it successful?

Michelle is a blogger in every sense of the word but tends to focus on building a good brand based on her travels and managing her own money.

    What we can learn

If you can appear on your blog as someone who others can relate to and get them to buy on your own journey, then you can build a strong readership just like Michelle.

 Allison Lindstrom

Alison Lindstrom is not one of the highest-earning bloggers but I add it because what you do can get you close to $ 100,000 a month and it's a great example of what ambition can do with its owner.
Michelle earns $ 10,000 a month and that's still a very decent income for most of us!
You may become a premium blogger in the future but many of us will find our way instead to the "comfortable blogger" income level.

    Why is it successful?

Alison has a good, lovable on-screen personality who keeps her lessons simple and easy to understand.

    What we can learn from Alison

Youtube platform was important to Alison's growth. Using video is a very effective way to build followers and a brand.
People can get in touch with you a lot more if they can see you and put a name on a face, that makes branding a lot easier.


 Brian Clark

Brian runs, a site he has been running for more than 12 years and has evolved into an online blogging site for online writing.
Brian now earns over $ 2 million a month (yes, 2 million).

    Why is it successful

Brian picked a niche (writing) and started it early and has built a huge fan base with high quality content on his own site, and application of what he preaches.


 Michael Arrington

 Michael Arrington is an American blogger, born on March 13, 1970 in Huntington, one of the cities of Orange County in

Michael Arrington is an American blogger, born on March 13, 1970 in Huntington Beach, California, one of the cities in Orange County in the United States.

Michael is the founder of, and like Brian Clark, he was one of the first bloggers to gain a foothold in the online world. Michael now earns nearly £ 2 million a month from Tech, Startups and Venture Capital Financing.
Established Institutions:, Edgeio, Achex, TechCrunch Inc., .ca

    Why is it successful

Great content and an early start.

    What we can learn

Make sure to find your niche and become an expert in one field. You can develop expertise as you blog and as you learn and build a business around your growth.

Write in the comments whoever you have heard of or would like to be like