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الأحد، 26 أبريل 2020

‎ Pig Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

Pig Dream Meaning and Interpretations – DREAMLAND

‎ Pig Dream Meaning and Interpretations

To see the explanation, watch the video

Some dreams came to us from following us on my DREAMLANDYouTube channel
 These are some responses and our interpretation of some visions, which we did not respond to, the response is within the channel (sorry, there are responses that only appear in the comments inside the channel) Subscribe to the channel to receive all new

 Boutrayh Môuad
Boutrayh Môuad1 year ago
Glory be to Allah, one of my bad friends
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 Secret star ali
Secret star ali1 year ago
Good acceleration, God willing
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 Mary the Virgin
Maryam Al-Batool 7 months ago
I saw, as a dream, I took a pig from my knee, and it was the size of a mouse, but it is a pig, knowing that I complain to the mother.
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 Free pens
Free Pens 5 months ago
May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. I dreamed that I chased a gray piglet, cooked its skull, and ate one bite of it, and it got tasted. And from her bitterness, I wanted a godly man and she died from a dream while I was terrified
 Nekaa Layachi Pitchi Bibich
Nekaa Layachi Pitchi Bibich1 year ago
God bless you and reward you well
I had previously seen some pigs chase after me and I ran away, thank God I found the explanation.
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 Umm Shaimaa Aisha
Umm Shaimaa Aisha 11 months ago
I dreamed that I would marry my father, give me pork, cooked pigs, small skewers, but I
She refused. I did not eat it
 Please explain
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 Bel Gadi Iman
Bel Gadi Iman1 year ago
I saw in a dream that my sister's face is a pig's face and I want to slaughter her because she was the one who asked for this, please explain please
 Amine Elmarjani
Amine Elmarjani1 year ago
I saw my friend slaughtering a pig, and I cut it from all flesh
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 Laghdaf Hamad
Laghdaf Hamad11 months ago
I dreamed that my family’s refrigerator had a pig’s head brown and my mother told me to eat it while I refused and in the frozen pig’s brain it also says eat it and I refuse
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 General of Iraq
General of Iraq 3 weeks ago
God is all Haji, but his money is forbidden and eat money is forbidden
 Salma Mohamed
Salma Mohamed3 months ago
I saw that I was eating raw pork and had blood but I did not take my mind and when I took my mind I spelled it and threw it on the ground
 sika sika
sika sika1 year ago
God knows
 Abdella Amazigh
Abdella Amazigh1 year ago
The basket

If I dreamed that I had found many pigs near our house, I took a stick and attacked them with sticks and escape, and one pig, black in color, went to another side, and I followed him. To me, a dream came to an end, please answer me, please, that a 32-year-old is single
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 zoya kaddaş
zoya kaddaş2 weeks ago
Peace be upon you, I dreamed that I had a visit at my uncle’s house to my husband, and they attended a dinner in which meat was smell. I felt vomit. I asked them, “Had meat.” She said sheep meat. I looked well with a dish. I said this is pork. This is forbidden meat, but its look is very disgusting
Mido # MEDDO1 month ago
I saw three large pigs, Kalash, so he went up in his car and went out from the garden of Kalash Sweet, and attacked the car, but my brother Yamme was aiding in the dream, and he wanted to shoot the gun and wanted to throw them homeless.
 Aicha Badache
Aicha Badache1 month ago
What is the interpretation of those who said in a dream that the pig attacked and injured him from his foot? And Allah reward you
 Bayan Jom3a
Bayan Jom3a7 months ago
I dreamed that I was in my car empty and from the top I saw two pigs for one side of the uncle, one of them is pink and is locked in a cage and the second is black and is locked in a bowl so the black jumps on me was by my mother and I was not terrified even though we are Muslims and committed to thank God the dream is long but it is a simple glimpse
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 God's refuge
God’s refuge 8 months ago
Peace be upon you, my 10-year-old girl dreamed of 3 pigs running around her head and being one bitten, could you explain?
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 Maryam mod
Maryam7 months ago
I saw a swine in which I was looking at him directly, and when I tried and resisted, he came quickly and some of my legs came up. Please explain what he did.
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 soso Dendane
soso Dendane1 month ago
I dreamed of pigs at home
 Sousou Sousou
Sousou Sousou3 months ago
Please help me, my pants. A dream. I want a dream. I was the forest, and suddenly something moved, and when it moved, when I saw that it was a wild boar, it looked at me. Suddenly, he came running away.
 Islam Islam
Islam Islam4 weeks ago
I see my husband attends a pig's head and instructs me to cook it because the pig's head is halal. I refused and stole it and cut it and gave it to the dogs. I said it is forbidden for these hands to know it. My husband is pious and praying. Please reply.
And what entered the debt
 El Harahsheh
El Harahsheh9 months ago
How do you hear someone who died and whose bodies were eaten by pigs?
 Moez Gemni
Moez Gemni1 month ago
I dreamed that I would lift a blanket or something, and if I had a small head of a red or pink pig, but it had teeth and teeth like a dog, he was trying to breastfeed from my left breast, voraciously, even though I am a man, and I am not a woman. Like the intestine outward, I put it back in the palm of my right hand, and no longer existed, but my left breast condom became flat.
 Nada Nada
Nada Nada10 months ago
I dreamed that I sold a pig. And that money I earned was given to people who had died. Please explain
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 Plant Hope Ahmed1999
Plant Hope Ahmed19991 year ago
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 Assaf Hussain
Assaf Hussain 1 year ago
 Algeriano Dz
Algeriano Dz7 months ago
I saw in a dream that I was hitting a small pig. Please reply soon
 Nouri Ilham
Nouri Ilham6 years ago
O Allah, blessings and peace upon Muhammad and his family and companions
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 Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 4 months ago
Peace be upon you, Sheikh, I dreamed that my sister and I were attacked by pigs and ate my son in a dream
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 Alhandars Alandards
Al-Arandas Al-Arandas 3 years ago
God knows how much I love you in God, Sheikh Waseem. You and Sheikh Mishari, may God reward you with good for everything you have given to Muslims.
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 Alhandars Alandards
Al-Arandas Al-Arandas 3 years ago
By the way, do not forget us of your supplications
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 sara Omar
sara Omar4 years ago
I want the number of Sheikh Waseem Youssef
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 bts 지민
bts 지민 3 years ago
Ok, normal decorations
 Doaaez98 01154103688
Doaaez98 011541036884 years ago
I want to explain a dream and I did not know how to communicate to the Sheikh
 Love Al
Love Al2 years ago
I saw in my dream my family slaughtered a pig
 bts 지민
bts 지민 3 years ago
I want an answer
 Alhandars Alandards
Al-Arandas Al-Arandas 3 years ago
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings. As for yet, I saw a vision that I and some of my younger brothers stood, and it was not clear to me except one of them from my brothers, I mean, and I was the coldest knife of the elderly people. Then I went to the pig and slaughtered it, then it ran and rushed to the beast of beasts. Of course, in fact, we were raising her with cows in Al-Jaddah # Then he revolted in the barn and began to flatten the walls and the door. He forbade the pig and ate it. I said, “The evidence is the least of the Qur’an. I don’t know what.” The verse of the Generous says exactly what I said, we will see and go away from me, and the vision and peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God.
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 Turkish Asadi
Turki Al-Asadi 2 months ago
The Seal of Prophets says do not pray upon him, Petra, Sheikh, do you know what the Petra prayer is? Answer me, Mufti
 Walid Ayari
Walid Ayari4 weeks ago
I dreamed that I had killed a pig
 MemoOty BnT MohamMeD ,,
MemoOty BnT MohamMeD ,, 9 years ago
He was very sweet Mashary Alafasy
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 radwan attar seo stars
radwan attar SEO Stars 2 years ago
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 sahar sahar
sahar sahar2 years ago
Peace be upon you, O our sheikh, I am a married woman, I saw many pigs walking in a dream
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 Michael 25XX25
Michael 25XX251 year ago
Interpretation of dreams is a narcissistic hobby
Each explains his dreams, dreams and his people based on the common meanings within society.
 Zlatan Ibra
Zlatan Ibra2 years ago
I dreamed that a pig attacked me to bite me or tweak it to leave, but I fought it ... did anyone have an explanation?
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 Alhandars Alandards
Al-Arandas Al-Arandas 3 years ago
I would like to mention that I am a Syrian, I now live in Istanbul, Turkey, and I went out from Syria for the two years.
 Rabi Kartaoui
Rabi Kartaoui3 years ago
I always dream of testing always


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